This Projector Screen Gives You An Incredible Viewing Experience At An Affordable Price

The WEMAX 100-Inch Ultra Short ALR Screen uses high-tech materials to reduce the impact of ambient light.

If you fantasize about having your own home theater with an epic 100-inch screen, now is the time to turn that fantasy into a reality. Thanks to ultra-short throw projectors, the latest evolution of entertainment projection devices, you no longer need a large and very dark space to produce a cinema-quality viewing experience. You can have a big-screen experience right in ambient light with the projector situated just inches from the wall. And that means just about any room can be a home theater.

However, if you’re considering taking your movies, sports, or gaming to the next level, it’s important to remember that even the best projector money can buy is only as good as the screen you’re using. And with ultra-short throw projectors, the screen is even more important.

If you’re thinking of buying an ultra-short throw projector, or you’ve already got one, but your screen isn’t up to snuff, then you need to take a look at the WEMAX 100-Inch Ultra Short ALR Screen. It’s specifically designed to reduce ambient light and enhance contrast with UST projectors.

Why The Screen Matters


Image via Wemax

If you’re going to invest in an ultra-short throw projector, the last thing you want to do is point it at a traditional projector screen. To get the most out of an ultra-short, you need a screen specifically designed to enhance this technology.

With older generations of projectors, you could get by with cheap projector screens or even just blank white walls. It didn’t really matter if the surface was uneven or textured because the gradient of the projection surface was probably still smaller than the projector’s pixels. However, today’s projectors have many more pixels, meaning you need a finer texture to maximize sharpness, clarity, color, brightness, and dynamics.

Quality screens are even more important for ultra-short throw projectors. Because they are designed for rooms with ambient light, it’s essential to use a screen that reduces ambient light’s effects while maximizing color absorbancy.

That brings us to the WEMAX 100-Inch Ultra Short ALR Screen.

Ambient Light Rejecting Technology


Image via Wemax

The WEMAX 100-Inch Ultra Short ALR Screen is a fixed frame designed for ultra-short throw projectors. What makes it unique is that it’s made using ambient light-rejecting (ALR) materials that reject 90 percent of ambient light, improving color saturation and contrast up to 100 times over a traditional matte white screen. That means you get a more vivid picture, with more accurate colors and enhanced contrast for outstanding blacks.

Another advantage of this screen’s ALR technology is an enhanced viewing angle. With a traditional projector in a traditional home theater, you have to be in front of the screen to see the picture clearly. However, with a UST projector and the WEMAX 100-Inch Ultra Short ALR Screen, you get a massive 170-degree viewing angle. That makes it much better suited for use in the living room, not to mention the conference room or sports bar.

The WEMAX 100-Inch Ultra Short ALR Screen measures 100 inches diagonal, 49 inches high, and 87 inches across for a classic 16:9 viewing ratio. It features a sleek and minimalist frame made from premium aluminum that provides permanent tension, so the screen never ripples or bends while in use, distorting your image.

Experience Unbelievable HD


Image via Wemax

The WEMAX 100-Inch Ultra Short ALR Screen is made from durable materials that are easy to clean and maintain. However, it can still produce incredible 4K and 8K HD images that will blow your TV out of the water.

If you’ve always dreamed about having a home theater and want to go with an ultra-short throw projector, the WEMAX 100-Inch Ultra Short ALR Screen is an absolute must. And now, you get an additional 45 percent off the regular price using the coupon code BF4FF. So don’t wait. Click here to order yours today.