Screenshots Of Creepy Messages People Sent


Strange Messages

We’ve decided to put together some screenshots of some of the strangest, weirdest and creepiest messages people have received. It’s rather shocking to see what some of these people have to go through when they look at their PMs.

Rather want to see it with your own eyes? Scroll down and see the messages for yourself. There will be laughter, perhaps some tears, and you’ll probably what to change all your accounts from public to private. But we hope you’ll enjoy these gems as much as we did.

The Messages About The Dress Code

Public Domain

When people are invited to events, they like to go in prepared, and that sometimes means knowing whether or not there’s a dress code so they can dress accordingly.

However, this guy clearly didn’t get the memo. We don’t think he suggested wearing a tux because he was asking his crush to some formal get-together. Though that might be the stuff movies are made of- he clearly has something far less casual in mind.

Hackers Trying To Take Advantage

Public Domain

When hackers make contact with people online, it’s usually because they have the power to do so. That’s mainly due to the suspicion that they have unauthorized access to your data. Or at least that’s what they believe.

However, when this particular hacker tried to play that trick on his not-so-unsuspecting victim, the ball wasn’t in his court. The person who was at the receiving end of these threats did a spectacular job of putting the hacker in their place and disarming them of any tricks they had up their sleeves in the process.

That Was Unexpected

Public Domain

We often tend to give this new generation of texters a hard time, and it’s mainly because of their own actions. Don’t they understand that they irritate us with their stories of avocado toast or their continuous post-workout selfies? But there are often genuine reasons for our dislike. One of those reasons is how quickly they can escalate things.

Take this poor fool, for example. The girl made it clear that she wasn’t interested from the get-go. But this guy kept pushing instead of getting the point and leaving her alone. Can you believe that he wants to drop dating, which was never an option, and go straight to marriage? He definitely needs to learn how to read between the lines, but reading the actual line would work too.

No Denying His Admiration

Public Domain

There are so many cute and innocent stories of secret admirers leaving gifts in kids’ lockers at school, but in reality, those stories are not as rosy as they seem. Sweet scene, wasn’t it? But to get you back down to earth, let’s look at the more typical scenario of the secret or not-so-secret admirer.

You order some stuff like furniture online, and it gets delivered shortly after. Then the delivery guy breaches his contract with the company by stealing your contact details and sends you a not-so-smooth text. We would’ve lost all respect for this guy if it weren’t for his second message. Let’s hope he asks for forgiveness while he’s there.

Central Heating

Public Domain

Feelings can be such confusing little things, but finding out if those feelings are mutual can be an epic battle. It’s like predicting the weather; sometimes it’s hot other times it’s not.

Even though it was cold outside, this guy was obviously hot for this girl. But her response was cold as ice. It was literally cold outside, but her texts were more than just chilled. Thank goodness she had central heating. But we think this guy is going to need some ointment after that burn.

Sweet Nothings

Public Domain

We’re sure you’ve heard of the phrase “whispering sweet nothings in his/her ear.” It basically means that one person is quietly flattering another. However, things have changed in these modern times filled with smartphones. People hardly talk anymore these days, and this guy drove that point home.

In an era where we all hide behind our smartphones, there are a lot of cliches and creepy compliments being tossed around, as Sebastian here has shown the world. But whoever is trying to impress their crush with sweet words should definitely not be taking advice from this guy.

Skipped A Month

Public Domain

Every month that we pass through is sure to have some certainties. We have the excitement of receiving our paychecks, the sorrow of receiving our bills, and on occasion, there’s even a birthday or two to look forward to.

But some people like this one also receive a text from a creep on Instagram on a monthly basis, and we don’t think they’re too happy about that. But then again, what better time is there for a great comeback? And we must say this person definitely didn’t disappoint.

Spicing Things Up

Public Domain

Roleplaying can be a great way for a couple to spice up that boring day-to-day routine. But this discussion is obviously not going in the steamy direction the person planned for. So let’s look at a few tips that could turn the discussion in their favor.

The first tip would be for the sender; those asterisks aren’t just overkill, they’re creepy. As for the receiver- who is clearly obsessed with kitchens- stop being so picky and see the bigger picture of your partner trying to seduce you. The whole kitchen thing is just annoying, 

Two Versions Of English

Public Domain

At times when the two people in a couple have different mother languages, communication issues or miscommunication can arise. It’s understandable and even solvable once they explain what they mean. But these two are having two different conversations while speaking exactly the same language.

One party is trying to start up a naughty conversation while the other is talking about her dog. We don’t know if she really didn’t understand him or if she was just fooling with him, but we’re glad she responded the way she did. Such things are definitely not meant for text.

The Creepy Babysitter

Public Domain

Babysitters are supposed to protect and take care of kids, especially while the parents are out. But it looks as if sometimes the kids need protection from the babysitter. Don’t believe us? Just check out this text history.

Not only is this ex-babysitter super inappropriate for crossing those lines and trying his luck, but he’s also fueled with such outsized anger. Someone get this man his meds before he lands up in cuffs!

Nations Apart

Public Domain

What’s really great about technology today is that we’re able to communicate with people from all over the world, so distance doesn’t have to mean the end when it comes to relationships.

However, while these people might be physically far apart from each other, they’re also on very different pages in their understanding of one another. While the one is trying to be frisky, the other is providing a short history class on Armenia. Ha!

She’s An Asset

Public Domain

The love a parent has for their child is unconditional. No matter the cost of raising a child, most consider it a priceless gift. Emphasis on most. Because then there are the odd outliers who think getting a baby is as simple as going into a store to make a purchase.

That’s exactly how this woman’s text came across. It’s one thing to stalk someone and ask where they bought their dress or if they’re selling a furniture piece but it’s a whole different story when they ask you to buy your child…

Keep Lying To Yourself

Public Domain

The only thing more annoying than a creep trying their luck with you is when they act as if they weren’t once they’ve been rejected. Like, come on and own up to the fact that she’s just not that into you.

Then this toolbag had the nerve to tell his crush “keep dreaming.” Well, we’ve got some words for him ― quit lying to yourself that you’re a smooth operator and educate yourself on how to talk to a girl. That’s all for now!

Accidents Happen

Public Domain

Sometimes, when we least expect it, things come down the pike that makes us feel bad about ourselves. For example, forgetting your friend’s birthday. But luckily nowadays we have Facebook’s algorithm to help us with that one.

Speaking of accidents, though, this person here was trying to diss this girl and instead gave her the ultimate compliment. Ouch! It must hurt to live with that mistake. Better luck next time, champ!

Send Pics

Public Domain

This text exchange should be the spokesperson for our creepy PMs narrative. Why you may ask? Well, because it encompasses so much but in just a few lines. For starters, this guy was saying one thing but meaning another *cough cough* typical, right?

Then, instead of just ghosting him, this girl decided to give him a taste of his own medicine. She sent him the body pic that he so desired but it wasn’t hers. Truthfully, we don’t know what that is. An alien? An armadillo? Maybe an anteater? Guess we’ll never know.


Public Domain

If you take it upon yourself to harass others online by sending inappropriate photos, then you bet your bottom dollar there are going to be some repercussions.

Such was the case for this person here who got hit with a violation report. Good luck trying to worm your way out of this one, you little incompetent (beep). Payback is on its way to right your wrongs and bite you in the derriere.

A Beautiful Throuple

Public Domain

This message chain left a smirk on our faces. It’s always funny when someone gets rejected in such a savage way. While we’re sure the recipient of the rejection isn’t laughing, we’re making up for him.

Could the one-half of the “beautiful couple” have let him down easier? For sure, but then chances are it wouldn’t have been worthy of a screenshot. One man’s pain is another man’s enjoyment — what a sick, twisted world, right folks?

Double The Fun

Public Domain

How many of you have heard the saying, “Double the chins equals double the fun?” Don’t worry if you’re scratching your heads at this, we just made it up now. That chin-friendly selfie inspired us!

We love this girl so much for having such a good sense of humor. If somebody asked us for inappropriate pictures, we’d probably hit them with the middle finger but now we’ve learned a better comeback — the art of the double chin.

Stranger Danger

Public Domain

Now we’ve heard and seen it all. This laguna beach stranger takes the cake for the creepiest text so far. There are so many layers of creep to this, we don’t even know where to begin but bear with us while we try.

Firstly, just because she smiled at him doesn’t mean she’s crushing on him. Secondly, the fact that he remembered and wrote down her number (which wasn’t intended for him) is the real kicker. But then, he had the audacity to think that this message would land, which is where our minds explode.

Definitely Not Dr. Phil

Public Domain

When we hear the name Phil, we always associate it with the famous and loved Dr. Phil. So, while there are plenty of other Phils out there, we can’t help but expect them to be all warm and merry.

Well, until now. Because this Phil is not only creepy but also oddly domineering for a stranger. What gives him the right to talk to a woman like that? We officially don’t like Phils anymore!

Too Far

Public Domain

Boys will go to pretty far lengths to get what they want, especially when it comes to girls and dating. But faking an illness that doesn’t even exist is just too far for us to comprehend. Also, who does this guy think he’s fooling?

We just hope that the girl was being sarcastic with her responses and didn’t actually believe the nonsense he was selling. Whatever happened to candle-lit dinners and love letters? No, now it’s all about nudes and ego.

Platform To Platform

Public Domain

To all those overly eager youngsters out there, we have a little piece of advice for you — if someone is not interested in you after you try your luck, then that’s final.

So, if your interaction, or more accurately, lack of interaction, took place on one social media platform, there’s no point in jumping to another. You just look desperate and creepy, which aren’t exactly attractive character traits that others look for.

Don’t Pet Me

Public Domain

You can pet a dog, a cat, and maybe a monkey (if it’s trained and living in the zoo), but you certainly shouldn’t pet a person. So, the fact that this weirdo thought it would be a cool thing to say when he was first getting to know this girl online is just beyond us.

These types of people need to get off their phones and muster up the courage to have real-life interactions. And of course, without the petting.

A Casual Marriage

Public Domain

We know about casual relationships. While they’re not our favorite idea, we do know of a few. But a casual marriage is something we can’t seem to understand.

We know we shouldn’t be judgy until we’ve walked in the shoes of casual partners but we have to draw the line somewhere. We’ve chosen to draw it right on this married man who thinks it’s perfectly okay to text and hit on the married delivery woman.

All Talk, No Action

Public Domain

Nowadays, we don’t get very excited about advertising. It’s like dangling a carrot in someone’s face. What we mean by this is, unless you’re giving us the carrot, we’re not that interested.

It’s okay if you’re still lost because of our analogy. Basically, we want to see action, not talk. After all, talk is cheap, and so is this guy’s game. Don’t tell me you can be funny when you can, just show me!

Recruiters These Days

Public Domain

Back in the day, you were recruited for ‘traditional’ jobs such as modeling or acting but as times have changed, so has the recruitment process. Now, you could be scouted to be somebody’s sugar baby…

It’s okay if you’re not familiar with the term, we’ll break it down for you – this refers to someone who is monetarily endorsed by an older man or woman for certain favors. The nature of these favors can vary and chances are they’re unprofessional. Yikes!

Take The Hint

Public Domain

Sometimes in real life, it’s not always so easy to read the room and know whether someone is or isn’t into you. But via texts, it’s all in the fine print for you to see.

Sometimes in real life, it’s not always so easy to read the room and know whether someone is or isn’t into you. But via texts, it’s all in the fine print for you to see.

Different Game Preferences

Public Domain

Sweet little Izzy thought this guy was asking her about her favorite online games, but unfortunately, he had a different kind of roleplay in mind. While she enjoys playing the Tieflings Race for Dungeons and Dragons, the other one is into more inappropriate games.

If only Izzy had caught onto that faster, she could have avoided this awkward interaction altogether! But, then again, we wouldn’t get to experience the enjoyment of reading such a miscommunication. This is one for the books!

You’re Canceled

Public Domain

Nowadays, with the internet, cancel culture is a real thing, and for those of you familiar with this modern form of ostracism, we’ll explain. Basically, it happens when a person is condemned and thrown out of a social or professional circle based on something unforgivable that they have said or done.

In this scenario, this guy’s chances were over before the initial date because of an inappropriate question in which he asked. Like, come on, dude, have some class!

The Cancelation Continues

Public Domain

We decided to provide you all with part two of this text exchange because the dude was so out of whack. Not only would he not take no for an answer, but he would continue to badger the girl while she was at work.

Then, to make matters worse, he tried to make a joke to repair the damage. Based on his texts thus far, we can all assume how that went down. Let’s just say this Wednesday date will never come to fruition!

Just Stop

Public Domain

Sometimes, unfortunately, if you put yourself out there, you’re going to run into some seedy characters. This can happen quite regularly in the online dating world. If this happens to you, don’t stress!

Simply block the person before they can get his next sentence out. If someone spoke to us the way this guy spoke to this girl, we’d have him reported and off the site faster than you can spell loser — which by the way is exactly what he is!

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.