Wedding Photo Fails That Are Impossible To Forget

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Wedding Planning Process

Wedding planning can take months, if not years. Couples go over every small detail to make sure their big day is perfect. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to have everything under control at all times, no matter how much time and energy we put in planning our wedding.

Still don’t believe us? Just take a look at the photos below! They sure will make those who had an awkward moment at their wedding feel much better!

On The Floor

Twitter/Abbey Stumpf

For example, this bride was hoping this photo would be nothing more than a funny memory from her big day. But who would have known that one of her bridesmaids would find herself on the ground just at the right moment?

Let’s hope that she didn’t injure herself in the fall and continued to celebrate with the rest of the guests. Maybe next time, she should let one of the best men hold her.

Get Me Out Of Here


We all know that feeling when something we see literally makes us sick. It could very well be seeing couples kissing next to us when we couldn’t be more single and alone.

That was the case for this poor woman, who looks like she is about to throw up as this couple shares a beautiful moment. Okay, maybe she’s not single and alone, but she’s definitely not having a good time, that’s for sure!

No, Thank You!


Oh, the ring bearers and flower girls! They’re always full of joy and the favorite part of the wedding for many people. What can be more adorable than watching kids smiling and having a good time? Except for this little man.

He looks like he really doesn’t want to be there and watch adults kiss. And we don’t blame him. Who wants to see icky kissing, especially when you’re barely seven years old? No one!

There’s a Bull Next To Us


Here we have a beautiful wedding photo that turned into a nightmare for everyone present at the photoshoot. Sure, having a wedding photoshoot in the wild might seem like a great idea at first: magical sunsets, nature, fresh air, and of, course, wildlife!

“Darling, I’d do anything to protect you. Wait, there’s a bull behind us…” I wonder what happened right after this photo was taken…Hopefully nothing too bad.

Private Dancers

Twitter/jimmy fallon

One of the relatives of this lucky couple hired exotic private dancers for their carefully planned reception. Not everyone is happy about this intrusion, though. The girl next to the bride looks like she regrets coming to the wedding after all.

At least the groom is enjoying the dance of half-naked men around him. Could he be the one who hired the dancers for the wedding ceremony? Probably! He looks like he is having way too much fun for it to be a surprise!

Say Goodbye To The Cake

Volha Vitoria

This couple decided to do something different on their big day. Instead of celebrating with their friends and family, like all the other couples usually do, for some reason, they decided it would be more fun to toss their wedding cake on the floor.

We’re talking about a huge wedding cake with delicious macarons on it. The mortified expression on the bride’s face says it all. The groom, on the other hand, looks more excited than sad.

Spot The Clown


Once you’ve seen him, it’s impossible to take your eyes off him. This looks like a typical wedding photo until you notice a clown-looking figure hiding in the tree. Seriously, what is going on there?

Are the guests aware that someone is hiding behind them? Did they invite this person to join the photo shoot, or did he just appear out of nowhere at the right moment? So many questions, so little answers…

Why Not Stand Here?

A Practical Wedding

Some people get very creative with choosing the location of their photoshoot: rooftops, beaches, forests. We’ve seen it all, or have we? This couple, in particular, decided to opt for a public location.

Maybe a little too public considering they are literally standing in the middle of a crosswalk somewhere in a busy city like New York. They don’t seem to be bothered by dozens of people walking next to them either.

Cats Don’t Care


No, cats don’t care about your romantic moment with your significant other. While the groom and bride were having a moment followed by a photoshoot, this cat decided to ruin it.

Now we have a close-up shot of a cat’s bum and the soon-to-be husband and wife in the background. I’m not sure how the couple must have felt after discovering this photobomb, but it sure will be a funny memory to look back on.

Not What They Were Expecting

Wise Geek

This couple came up with a romantic photoshoot idea, but the photographer they had picked to capture this precious moment had a warped sense of humor.

Instead of having the bride sit on the horse and positioning the groom next to her, he decided to capture them from behind as they walk. As a result, we have a bride with a horse’s legs and her partner, who appears shorter than he should have been. Good one!

Here You Go!

This could have been the typical groomsmen and bridesmaids’ photoshoot, but the guy on the left clearly had other plans. The best man suddenly turns into the worst man by demonstrating how much he actually disliked that bridesmaid.

He chose the perfect moment to reveal his feelings by punching her in the head with his leg. Though we must admit, this guy is quite flexible! Let’s hope he landed on the ground safely, and the girl didn’t suffer any injuries.

Quick Break



Weddings are exhausting, we know, but this groom could have at least excused himself from the table and take a nap in his room instead of the bride’s shoulder.

On the other hand, she looks much more alive and doesn’t seem to notice that her future husband is actually resting on her shoulder in front of all the guests. Blame it on the alcohol, right? This will be a fun wedding memory look back on.

Poor Grandma



Want to know why everyone in this photo looks so shocked? Well, that’s because the grandma fell over as they were taking this picture. Yes, it had to happen during the photoshoot, and the photographer captured this moment for all eternity.

What a nice memory to have on your wedding day, right? Let’s hope that the grandma didn’t have any serious injuries after landing on the ground. Poor grandma…

Saving The Child

Boredom Therapy

Let’s take a moment and appreciate this guy. He managed to save the flower girl from falling while keeping his eyes on the camera the whole time. He must be really good at multitasking.

How did he realize that the girl behind him was falling, though? That’s some talent right there. Now, this couple will have a funny memory to look back on, thanks to this groom’s heroic skills.

Never Work With Children and Animals

Honest To Paws


“Never work with children or animals, “Comedian and actor W.C. Fields once said. And he is not wrong about that. Despite being adorable and funny, kids and animals are unpredictable. You simply never know what to expect from them.

Children can laugh and then start crying when we least expect them to, and animals can bite…your wedding dress! This couple should have definitely taken his advice. Now, was the dog hungry or it didn’t like the idea of her getting married? Tough question.

A Strange Photoshoot via Scubby

Not sure what’s going on here. Was this another creative idea for a wedding photoshoot, or did this broom and bride use the public toilet because they just couldn’t hold it anymore? Photoshoots can be exhausting, so maybe they just needed a quick break.

The worst part is that the groom seems to be holding the bride’s heels, which means she is standing barefoot in the toilet cabin. Not the best thing to do in public places, but at least she looks happy.


Honest To Paws


It’s quite hard to tell which one of these guys looks happiest in this shot. Is it the bride and groom who are obviously in love or the guy in red speedos behind them? He definitely saw the photobombing opportunity and decided to join in.

Who wouldn’t like to have a photobomb like this on their big day? This couple surely had a good laugh after!

A Pair of Pearls


What a lovely couple! We mean, what a beautiful pair of pears. Just kidding, we mean couple. Definitely the couple. I only have one question: what are these pears for?

Did the bride not wear her wedding dress on her big day, so they had to cover her goods with a couple of pears? Or was this some kind of an inside joke? Who knows…but you don’t see something like this very often, if ever.




What is even happening in this picture? Are they about to fall down, or is it a wedding fight? Who knows…Judging from the fact that they are next to the water, this could either mean that they almost fell down or they are attempting to push someone.

Either way, something is definitely not going as planned. Look at the bridesmaid who grabbed the bride’s gown to save herself. She doesn’t want to go down alone.

You’ve Got The Wrong Girl


There’s one fact that all wedding photographers should be aware of: you should never insist on taking photos of the bridesmaid instead of the bride, no matter how attractive, cute, funny she might be. This wedding photographer made this mistake when he took this shot.

This bridesmaid, who looks like a model, is smiling and posing for the camera. We can’t blame the photographer for focusing on her, but the bride next to her certainly doesn’t look too happy. Wait until she sees this picture…

Not His Day

Honest To Paws


While this groom and bride are sharing a passionate kiss, the guy in the background is having the worst day of his life. It’s hard to tell whether he is upset about them getting married, feeling ill, or he just simply doesn’t want to be there.

Either way, his facial expression says it all. “Get me out of here as soon as possible.” He is lucky weddings only last a couple of days.

Another Cake Accident


Here we have another photo of a tragic wedding cake accident. Most people would be upset to see their wedding cake being destroyed. After all, it’s something most of the guests forward to, especially children.

Couples spend a lot of time picking the right wedding cake and would hate to see it fall, but not this groom and bride. They look like they aren’t too sad about it for some reason.

Pose On 1,2,3…

Do slez

“Hey guys, you all need to fit in the frame somehow. Go back a bit…more…just a little bit more…Oops. My Bad.” Even the most professional wedding photographers sometimes have a hard time fitting a large group of people in one picture.

Eventually, they just give up and let people do whatever they want to do, just like in this wedding photo. What is the guy on the left up to, though? Is this some type of dance?

Honey, Are You Okay?



“Hey, honey, are you okay? You look a little flushed.” Yeah, it’s impossible not to look flushed when we have a bunch of rose petals in our face. The poor bride probably can’t even see where she is going, but luckily, she has her soon-to-be husband by her side to guide her in the right direction.

Rose petals also smell good, so she can’t complain very much. I wonder how this actually happened, though.

Third Wheel

Historical Post


We have all been there awkwardly sitting next to a couple that just can’t take their hands off each other. There’s nothing worse than being a third wheel, especially when we are single and ready to mingle. “I guess I’ll just sit here and look away and pretend I didn’t notice this heavy make-out session next to me.”

Poor girl. She really doesn’t want to be here, but who would like to? Watching people kiss, especially if the tongue is involved, is rather uncomfortable. She needs to get out of there. FAST!

Too Much Alcohol



Weddings are the perfect time to celebrate, and this is what it looks like when you’ve had too much to drink and get a little enthusiastic. Now, the main question is, what really happened here? Is he having the time of his life or regretting taking so many shots?

It’s hard to tell, but it’s painful to look at this picture, as it appears he might’ve injured his head and neck in the process.

Strange Addition To The Wedding

Boredom Therapy


“Yeah, we really dig each other, so we decided to get married. No big deal.” This could have been a lovely beach wedding, but why on earth is there a tractor in the background?

Did it just randomly drive across the beach while the groom and bride were having one of the most important moments in their lives, or was it there for decoration? Who knows…but it’s not something you see every day.

Same Wedding Dress

Boredom Therapy

It’s horrible enough when wedding guests show up wearing the same outfit, but imagine if one of them also wore a wedding dress?  The two women in this photograph are wearing a similar wedding dress, and only one of them is the bride.

So, who is actually getting married? Were they competing for the same man? Are they both getting married to him? I guess we’ll never know.

Horse Decides To Photobomb



By now, we’ve seen all kinds of photobombs at weddings, but this one certainly stands out. Here, we have a horse who decided to blend in with the bride and her bridesmaids.

This is what happens when people decide to do their wedding photoshoot in the country. That horse just really wanted to be part of the wedding, that’s all.

Mom Doesn’t Approve


Parents. They love us unconditionally and want the best for us. And if they think our partners aren’t good for us, they will make sure we know it. This disapproving mom isn’t a fan of either the bride or groom and doesn’t want them to be together.

Though it’s not up to her anymore, they are getting married either way. “Sorry, mom, but you have to accept it!”

A Trio

Historical Post

Sometimes it’s hard to decide who we love more: our partner or our dog. This couple is having that problem. As the bride was about to kiss her soon-to-be husband, the family dog decided to interfere and lick the bride’s face instead.

Now, it looks like all three of them are sharing a passionate kiss while the children are watching them. Not a typical wedding photo, that’s for sure! But hey, dogs need some loving too!

I Can’t Take It Anymore

Historical Post


This boy just couldn’t hold it anymore, so he decided to pee right next to his parents and siblings. Luckily, no one was paying attention to him at that moment, so he got some privacy. Well, when we say no one, we don’t mean the wedding photographer.

This guy pays attention to everything that’s going on during weddings and makes sure to capture everything on camera. Sorry, little man!

Saving Some Money



Weddings are expensive. There’s no doubt about that. In order to bring the costs down, some couples decide to share the venue with another event. Because, why not?

The more, the merrier! As the groom and bride were exchanging vows in a beautiful location by the beach, dozens of soldiers ran by the water behind them. Whoever fell down was left behind. Fun!




Who wouldn’t want to have a wedding shoot at the beach? There’s sun, sea, sand, basically, everything that’s needed for a romantic shoot. This couple said yes to the beach photoshoot but didn’t think about the strong wind on that day.

The next thing they know, the bride is on the ground in her wedding dress. Yeah, it happens…at least it’s summer, and they both seem to be having fun!

Not Her Day

DrSon Dakika


Here we have another wind situation. The poor bride is fighting for her life as the wind practically takes away her umbrella. The look on her face makes us wonder if anything actually went right on her wedding day.

She’s trying her best to keep the umbrella from flying away, but the wind is too strong. The worst of all is that instead of helping the poor bride, the wedding photographer proceeded to take photos of her. Oh well…

I Don’t Want Your Exotic Animals

Antena 3


Honestly, I’m not sure what kind of role reptiles might play at a wedding, and judging by the look on this bride’s face, she doesn’t know either. In fact, she looks concerned and scared and probably wishes the man would take his exotic animals elsewhere.

I mean, who is he anyway? Was he even invited? It’s really hard to tell. Hopefully, the rest of the wedding went smoothly for this couple!

McDonald’s For The Win


Everyone wants to get married somewhere in a fancy location underneath golden arches, but not all can afford it. This couple’s budget didn’t stretch very far, but this didn’t stop them from having a wedding.

They picked McDonald’s as the destination for their wedding and got married right outside the restaurant as people were eating their meals inside. Note how the pastor is standing right behind the large “M” sign. Good work!