50 Stunning and Unique Wedding Backdrop Ideas

Need wedding backdrop inspiration for your special day? We've curated a list of our favorite ideas you can put together youself (or ask the florist)!

Every bride-to-be wants their wedding day to be just perfect. You may have been waiting for this day since you were a young girl, biding your time until one day Prince Charming comes along. This will be one of the most memorable days of your life. Every element needs to breathe charm and elegance, from the music you walk down the aisle to, to the location you choose to say your vows, to the stunning wedding dress that fits you perfectly, to the wedding backdrop.

This is where you’ll finally say “I do” and it’s going to stay in you and your guests’ memories for years to come. We’ve collected 50 of the most stunning wedding backdrop images from weddings around the world. These are sure to give you some inspiration for yours and just think of the photos!

1.) Rustic Elegance

wedding backdrop

Take some pallets and stack them to use as a rustic backdrop and add your wedding flowers to accent. To spruce it up, you can paint the pallets.

These pallets are usually found at hardware stores and warehouses and they’ll give them to you for free!

2.) Revived Antiquity

wedding backdrop screen

Visit an antique shop and find some old doors. Add a bit of paint and gold trim as well as your favorite flowers to wow your guests. You’ll need to get a few bits of hardware in order to screw them together and stand up.

This would work perfectly with old dressing screens as well, those already are connected and some have beautiful patterns on them.

3.) Perfectly Framedwedding backdrop frame

Take an old mirror and remove the mirror. Next, take some beaded strings to hang where the mirror used to be. Wrap roses around the frame for a classy touch.

These types of mirrors can easily be found at thrift stores. You could try to get the same effect with stacking large picture frames.

4.) Naturally Accessorized

wedding backdrop

Grab a clothes rack, a translucent curtain and branches from your favorite tree. BAM, the perfect wedding backdrop.

Using tulle that you can get from a fabric store will work too. These come in many different colors.

5.) Native Geometry 

wedding backdrop

This teepee structure is simple to create and will wow your guests. Grab some wooden planks and glue them to a piece of wood. After sanding, paint it in your favorite color. Flowers and feathers will give it extra flair.

Might want to add some nails to secure, just in case.

6.) French Allure

wedding backdrop

This arch employs two french doors to go from single to married life. Attach a boa of flowers at the top to beautify.

You might consider renting french doors from a shop as an alternative, these can be harder to find!

7.) Initial Impressions

wedding backdrop

Simple but elegant. Take a piece of plywood and paint it whatever color you’d like. Create cutouts of your initials to spray paint onto the wood. Fake flowers accent one of the corners and two chairs with love pillows will make for some excellent photos.

Of course flowers don’t have to be fake, you can get real one intead and get creative on placement!

8.)  Roman Indulgencewedding backdrop

What may look like a complicated structure is actually very simple. Take some translucent curtains and hang them over a four-post canopy. Then hold them snug to the poles with a bouquet of flowers.

This one is definitely from the help of your florist or rental company.

9.) Candlelit Canopywedding backdrop

Scented candles, wooden tables and your initial frame this arch. Let the curtains drape open as a window to your future.

You could use a photo stand for the backdrop here and easily hide with the curtans the legs.

10.) Colorful Contrastwedding backdrop

Two simple door frames painted white will stand out in contrast to the natural setting – so will including pink and red roses.

Literally unlock your new life standing in front of here with your love!

11.) DIY Design

wedding backdrop

For the builders out there. Take some wooden slates and nail them together in a webbed fashion. At the center, fashion your initials out of the same wood.

Accent with flowers and you really how a wow wedding backdrop!

12.) Floral Cascadewedding backdrop

Take an old dresser and paint it your favorite color. Next take some stencil stickers to give it some style. Grab some cotton to hang from the top to make it appear that clouds are raining flowers.

You could also use wallpaper for the inside here and get colors that match your wedding theme.

13.) Stairway To Heaven

wedding backdrop

Two ladders connected by a beam is a simple, yet effective way to create a beautiful arch. Line the steps with vases and candles and drape a curtain over the connecting beam.

Wooden ladders old and new can be dressed up!

14.) Dreamweaver

wedding backdrop

Create your own dream catchers or buy some from your local store. Find a branch in the woods and hang them from the top.

Maybe for your bridal shower it’ll be an activity for all the women and when the backdrop is setup they’ll feel like they helped be apart of your special day.

15.) Purely Natural

wedding backdrop

This teepee is super-easy to re-create. Take six long sticks and bind them in the center. Cover them in flowers and the ground with petals.

A rug to accent the middle is perfect for whatever you wedding theme is.


16.) Lean on Mewedding backdrop

Find an antique picture frame and chair. Once the backing is removed, hang one leg over the back and rest the frame on a tree.

It just fits perfect with this wood wedding theme.

17.) Happily Ever After

wedding backdrop

Artists alert!

For those that want a fairy tale ending. Take several pieces of plywood and paint one of them black for the cover. Keep adding smaller pieces to create pages for the book. Use the same black paint to write your love story.

18.) A Whimsical Affair

wedding backdrop

At the reception, carry your same theme over to the head table by adding initials, flowers and fairy lights.

You can use at the ceremony location first and bring over to the couples table for the reception. Double duty!

19.) Branch Out

wedding backdrop

Use rustic french doors with windows open up to take you down the aisle. Hang branches along the top and frame it with potted flowers.

Looks so beautiful on the grass with a view of the water for a cliff wedding.

20.) Forest Frenzy

wedding backdrop

Simple and elegant. Bring the beauty outside.

Take a bed frame lattice and tie the corners with flowers and branches. What other ideas can you add?

21.) Intimate Invitationwedding backdrop

Crisscross two single curtains to form an X. Hang a crystal chandelier above for the ultimate in elegance.

You can find all materials at rental shops.

22.) Romantic Vineyard

wedding backdrop

Create geometric shapes to encase white candles. Hang them from the frame and also place some on the ground. Vines help accent this archway.

Spray paint the metal with your wedding colors for extra accents.

23.) Song Circlewedding backdrop

Take lyrics from your favorite love song. Circle it with a ring and have lit candles surrounding it.

Wood cut out can be found on etsy, get a custom one just for you!

24.) The Shape of You

wedding backdrop

Create a series of triangles out of wood. One of the strongest shapes, just like your love.

Succulents would be a good choice to decorate here.

25.) Sweet Meets Bold

wedding backdrop

Hang fairy lights behind translucent curtains. Drape a single one in the middle for a contrasting effect.

Curtain in the middle can be a pattern or you can even write words on it with fabric paint.

26.) Picture Perfectwedding backdrop

Hang a bunch of empty picture frames from a tree. This is perfect for a photo booth for you and your guests! Use the same flowers you used in your bouquet.

Get really creative here with the amount of frames used and color combinations.

27.) Enchanted Forest 

wedding backdrop

Light up your favorite tree by adding fairy lights. This will create a mystical vibe that will allow you to continue until the sun goes down.

Add some color with colored lights!

28.) Glitter Up

wedding backdrop

Easy setup!

Grab a few pieces of your favorite fabrics. Cut them into long strips and tie them to a string. Simple, easy and gorgeous.

29.) Back To Nature

wedding backdrop

Wooden pallets stacked on top of each other make a solid foundation. Weave flowers around the slats and lay petals on the ground to give it an earthy feel.

Love the different colored boards here for an added rustic feel.

30.) Paper Bag Princess

wedding backdrop

Two burlap sacks and four wooden pallets are all you need to re-create this Paper Bag Princess-esque archway. Stack two on each side and drape the burlap sack over top.

For an added personalization, with the leftover material cut out squares and write the letters of your name on each square. Tie them from end to end.

31.) Tropical Life


These trees were amped up by adding extra mandarin oranges. Just cut five-inch lengths of wire, poke them through the fruit, and wrap the ends around a branch to secure. For added depth, dab on a coat of light ultramarine blue, then add a deeper cobalt shade.

Could do with lemons as well!

32.) Birch Wood


Set small and large unscented white candles (in glass cylinders, as many venues don’t allow open flames) on trimmed birch branches. Pave your way with white felt, and place candles on thick slices of birch.

This creates such an intimate scene that can be done indoors or outdoors.

33.) Sunshine Nautical 


Drape a striped cloth over a rope, and secure it with fabric tape to turn whitewashed dowels into a billowing backdrop. Fold a flag over each chair, and hang matching banners along the aisle.

A few possibilities here with how you drape the fabric and patterns you use.

34.) Balloon Extravaganza  


This is a budget-friendly way to make your wedding more festive and fun. Grab your wedding colors and tie in ferns.

Get a group together to fill up before the wedding for extra fun!

35.) Rustic Picture Branches


Find sticks lying around and prop picture frames up to make a cozy and rustic feel for a fall wedding.

This backdrop will be perfect for an indoor wedding.

36.) Mystic Forrest 


Cut out triangles from white pieces of paper to give the allusion of being in a fairy forest. Maybe put the pieces of paper into a heart shape?

Putting fake (or real) flowers with your wedding colors will make a simple piece of pop!

37.) At Bay


A body of water will always be beautiful. Find comfort in this scenery with simple accessories and a big blue ocean.

Wood cut outs are beautiful and customizable, we like finding them on etsy.

38.) Ombre Color


An ombre drape over a wooden stand can make your backdrop go from boring to fancy in a matter of seconds. Put candles around the area to make the scene more romantic.

Make sure the candles don’t get too close to the fabric or add a glass vase around them for safety!

39.) Green Land 


Find flowers that match your theme. Place wooden boxes to interest candles, lanterns, and vases to make the scene pop.

Wooden crates can often be found at thrift shop, start collecting them now!

40.) When One Door Opens 


Find your fantasy wedding behind these closed doors. Use flowers and a banner to make two see-through doors and a plain door more lively.

Antique shops are usually best to find these type of rustic doors.

41.) Butterfly Heart


Cut out butterflies and place them in a heart shape. Using this piece on top of rocks can brighten up the area.

At your bridal shower it’s a great group activity to cut them out.

42.) Spring Garden


Want more flowers on your special day? Create a flower tower in planter boxes for a spring like look.

So many possibilities with types of flowers and colors. This can double for a photo booth backdrop too!

43.) Bicycle Trees


Why didn’t I think of this first??

Hang old bicycles in a tree with accessories that will match your wedding colors and themes. This will create a classic, yet modern look for all your photos.

44.) Old-Style 


Add your pick of plants to an arch-shaped mantle in front of a gazebo to set the scene for a classic wedding look.

Ask your florist about this beautiful wedding backdrop.

45.) Fairy Princess Land


Add a mixture of balloons, fake fruit, and flowers on a round mantle of the color of your choice.

This makes a big statement for an entrance or exit!

46.) Flower Pots


Plant lovers!!

Find your favorite flower pots and plants and put it together in one scene. This is a budget-friendly way to show off your green thumb.

47.) Cotton Curtain

wedding-backdrops-47This customizable cotton curtain can be simple, yet dramatic way to personalize your event.

Use fabric paint and create or buy stencils and get creative!

48.) Roses ropes


Secured with tiny t-pins from the crafts store, the flowers can bring a fragrance to your background.

Or of course you can use fake flowers to last longer.

49.) Wonderland Bushes


Placing hedges and urns together can make your wedding look like a wonderland.

Your florist or rental company might already have these available to rent.

50.) Lace-y Wonderland


Oversize canvas printed with this lovely lace pattern is a classic choice for the forefront.

Aren’t these wedding backdrop images to die for? Have you already starting thinking about what yours will look like? Which one was your favorite? We hope you enjoyed this post! May your wedding be the most beautiful one yet!