Can’t Believe We Have Never Used This Correctly


Right Under Our Noses

There are items we use every day.

But after some brilliant insight from very clever minds, we learn that the way we’ve been using some things is all wrong – right down to how we eat cookies to how we drink soda.

The Other End


While us humans have been peeling our bananas from the stem-end, the monkeys had it right all along.

Peel your bananas from the other end. That way, you won’t squish the nub. Also, as you get to the end, you’ll have something you can hang onto.

Pot Handles


Putting a wooden spoon across a boiling pot will stop it from bubbling and overflowing – but that’s not the useful hack we found out.

The hole in the end of your pots isn’t only useful for hanging, it’s the perfect thing to hold the spoon instead of making a mess on the counter

Cleaning Your Blender


It doesn’t matter how great the blender design is, it will always be a pain to clean around all those nook and crannies. But, it turns out there was an easier way all along.

After emptying and rinsing the blender, add warm water and a couple drips of liquid soap. Then, hit the high setting and watch things get squeaky-clean.

Take Out Containers

YouTube/5 Minute Crafts

You’ve seen them in movies. You’ve had them at home.

And while they are great for delivery purposes, getting to the bottom with those chopsticks is quite tricky. But did you know you can unfold them and it makes a handy-dandy plate? Oh yes!

Milk Dunking


Who doesn’t love dunking Oreos in a nice, cold glass of milk?

But when it makes our fingers messy, or, worst of all, breaks off and falls to the bottom of the glass, we want to cry. One Instagram user pointed out that all you need is a fork. Just stick it through the white center and you’re good to go.

Dental Floss

Public Domain

Ever try cutting a soft cake or cheese? The knife just ends up smooshing it into a clump.

Instead, grab a piece of dental floss and pull it around the roll (or whatever) and pull the ends together. It will cut through things like butter!


Public Domain

This one has been floating around for a while, but it’s always good to reminder younger generations!

Instead of plopping a huge pile of your leftover on the plate and hitting high on the microwave, create a hole in the middle. This way, it heats evenly and a lot faster.


Public Domain

Odious breath? Pop a Tic Tac.

But instead of dumping a pile into your palm, and then trying to shove in the excess, just use the little indent on the lid. It’s actually meant to grab and hold onto a single mint. So useful!

Shopping Carts


Yeah, we put stuff in the basket and underneath, but if you see the ones with little piece of metal in the shape of an upside-down U?

Those are actually meant to hang bags off of, so you don’t have to pile things up when you’re heading to your car (and won’t crush anything). Keep in mind though, that not all carts have this.

Foiled Again

Public Domain

Don’t you hate when you pull out a length of aluminum foil just to have the entire thing pop out and roll across the floor?

Next time, look at the ends of the box. There should be puncture marks. When you push them in, the paper pops into the roll ends. It holds things in place while still letting you pull out as much as you want.

Poppin’ Straws


Some of us don’t care if our straws try to escape our soda cans.

But if you do, just spin the tab around and slip the straw through the hole. It will hold things in place. Bonus points if you use your own reusable straw!

Lids To The Rescue


If you find yourself with a pudding or fruit cup (or whatever) but no spoon – no worries!

Just take the lid off and sculpt it into a spoon-like shape. It’s enough to let you nom nom nom on your snack. You can also do this with any cardboard inserts within plastic lids (like ice cream).

The Wrong Plunger

Wikimedia Commons

If you look in any bathroom, you’ll probably see a red-ish plunger with a flat end.

But actually, this is for the sink! The plunger for a toilet has a more bulbous shape with a thinner section at the end – perfect for pushing down into the bottom of the toilet.

Easier Flossing


Wrapping your dental floss around your fingers like a chump? No worries, the rest of us do that too.

But it turns out we’re all wrong. Simply it ends together to form a loop. It makes it easier on your fingers while still being able to reach those nooks and crannies around the teeth.