15 Ways to Look Better In Photos: Up Your Instagram Game

Being photogenic is more than just having a good face. Follow our tips on how to look better in photos to improve your instagram game.

We’ve all had that moment where we don’t feel photogenic and can’t take a good photo to save our lives. In the age of social media, knowing how to take a good photo is essential. We all strive to achieve that picture of perfection, but where do you even begin to look better in photos?

Being photogenic is more than just having a good face. If you know the tricks of the trade, you can pull off a great photo that friends will be envious of. Want to know how to always look better in photos? Look no further.

We’ve put together 15 tips that will help you look great in your next profile pic and up your Instagram game.

15. Don’t Cross Your Arms

man wearing a bow tie with his arms crossed

Crossing your arms looks unnatural and awkward. The position of the arms and shoulders when they are crossed give no real definition to your figure.

Instead, place your arms down by your sides, slightly apart. This pose will give the impression of a more slender neck, and your body outline will be more defined.

14. Put Your Tongue Behind Your Teeth

put your tongue behind your teeth to look better in photos

Sometimes it’s easy to go overboard with a huge, over-the-top grin, which can sometimes look a bit too forced and unnatural.

To avoid this, place your tongue behind your teeth when you smile to rein in those pearly whites.

13. Say Thursday Instead of Cheese

put on your best smile

We’ve all been told somewhere down the line to say “cheese” when getting our photos taken. However, this word will create a fake-looking smile.

If you want to look better in photos, say the word “Thursday”. It will make your face look more relaxed and natural instead of giving you a cheesy grin.

12. Take Seated Photos From a Higher Angle

woman sitting on a rooftop with skyline in the background

Angle is everything when it comes to taking a good photo. If you are seated, it may feel easier and more convenient to take the photo straight on at the same level.

However, if you take the photo from above, your face and jawline will become more defined.

11. Tilt Your Head Toward the Camera

woman in a hat tilting her head towards the camera

You should always have your neck visible in photos. Don’t tilt your head forward. This will make your stare appear to be heavy and slightly intimidating.

By tilting your head toward the camera and putting your chin up, you’ll create a more welcoming photo. It may feel like an unnatural pose, but it will give the appearance of a slimmer neck.

10. Imitate Touching to Look Better in Photos

woman touching face to look better in photos

Touching your face will draw attention away from the rest of your features and make your face look smaller. By imitating a touch rather than touching your face, it will look more elegant and highlight the elements of your face.

Never touch your face or head during a photoshoot. Practice the art of imitating toughing certain spots on your body without ever making any contact. This makes for a better photo.

9. Sit Up Straight

woman sitting on a bench with beautiful posture

Posture is essential when posing for a pic. To help you look better in photos, be aware of your position and how you sit and stand. Slouching while sitting or standing visually shortens your neck and body. It will even appear to add a few inches onto your waistline, and nobody wants that!

To combat this, straighten your spine by bending your back and drawing your shoulders closer together. To make your body outline more defined while sitting down, don’t lean back on the chair. Sit slightly forward with your body half turned toward the camera.

8. Don’t Show Your Elbows

woman showing elbows

Not showing your elbows is essential when trying to look better in photos. An elbow that is pointed straight towards the camera looks shortened, and let’s admit it, it’s an unnatural pose.

If your arms are in the photo, move your elbows to the side and have your hands in plain sight.

7. Play With Angles

woman slightly turning away from the camera to take a better photo

The trick to looking better in photos is finding the right angle. For example, if you look straight on with your legs facing the camera, it will make your body look box-like and undefined. The wrong angle can make your arms and legs look shorter and your body look bulky.

Try turning slightly away from the camera at more of an angle. If you are sitting, place one leg slightly above the other to give the impression of elongated slimmer legs.

Not all angles work for everyone, so play around by taking some shots from different angles until you find what works best for you.

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6. Create Visual Lines

girl posing to look better in a photo

It’s often hard to work out what to do with your arms when getting your photo taken. If you keep your hands too lose, it can look unnatural, If you cross your arms, it can look awkward.

For a more photogenic pose, create elegant visual lines by using your arms. Move your arms away from your body to create straight lines and angles that will complement your body and highlight your natural figure.

5. Use Both Straight and Curvy Lines

use curved and create straight lines with your arms to take a better photo

The combination of both straight and curved lines used together will help you look good in photos.

By highlighting the natural curves of your body against the straight lines of your arms, you’ll create a more elegant and visually appealing photo.

4. Emphasize Your Face

woman with fingers under her chin

If you want to take a good photo, emphasize your face by using your hands to highlight your best feature.

Don’t clench your first and lean your head on top of it because this can look too forced. Instead, gently extend your fingers under your chin without actually touching it to draw attention toward your face.

3. Avoid Baggy Clothes

woman in baggy clothes not good in photos

Baggy clothes don’t flatter the body at all and make it hard to discern. Avoid baggy clothes because they will make your body seem wider than it is.

To give your body a more defined look, place your hands on your hips. Put one hand placed slightly above the other and keep both wrists are visible.

2. Find the Sunset

sunset photo

Dusk is one of the best times for an outdoor picture. The lighting is flattering, and the sun casts less of a downward shadow.

The sunset usually lights up the area under your eye and it helps you look younger.

1. Apply a Pop of Lipstick Color

women with lipstick in photo

If you want a photo to stand out more, try and find a lipstick color that will make your face POP.

Having a bold lipstick will bring attention to your facial features.

Practice makes perfect, so keep at trying different poses to find what works for you. Before you know it you’ll be a pro when it comes to getting your photo taken. Your travel photography will look amazing and your selfies will be on point!

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13 ways to look better in photos