Ways an Air Purifier Makes Your Home Cleaner and Healthier

Looking for an air purifier to improve your home's air quality? Find out what ways an air purifier makes your home clean from pet dander to bad odors!

Are you worried about the air quality in your home? Clean air can contribute to your health, wellbeing, and overall quality of living. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to regulate it, like by using an air purifier. There are several ways an air purifier makes your home cleaner and healthier.

Several factors contribute to the quality of air in your home, and most of them are out of your control. It can fluctuate depending on the season, the number of people living in it, pets and the overall cleanliness.

An air purifier is a perfect addition to your home environment if you struggle with air quality. An air purifier is a machine that has several filters that cleanse the air of mold spores, dust mites, allergens, and other pesky airborne germs. If you have a home with any of these issues, then an air purifier is the best way to go.

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Here are the ways an air purifier makes your home clean.

5.) Gets Rid of Mold Spores

Perhaps one of the top reasons people are interested in an air purifier is to help with a mold problem.

Let’s break down exactly why an air purifier can help you get rid of mold. First things first, know that air purifiers will not completely get rid of mold. This is a common myth about air purifiers. Instead, an air purifier gets rid of mold spores in the air.

If you have a mold problem somewhere in your home, the first order of business is to get rid of the fungus. Depending on the level of severity, this could be as simple as cleaning it with mold remover or as complicated as hiring a professional. Air purifiers come in handy when you want to prevent the spread of mold by killing mold spores.

What Is a Mold Spore? 

Mold spores are the microscopic particles that exist naturally in nature. When they find the perfect environment to grow, they attach themselves to surfaces. This tends to be in areas that are damp, dark, and enclosed. Once it attaches to a surface, it continues to grow and thrive if not removed. The mold in your home will continue to release mold spores in the air.

The issue with toxic mold spores flying around your home is that it can pose huge health threats. Mold spores are so small that they are inhaled easily. Prolonged exposure to mold can harm both adults and especially children. If you have respiratory issues, exposure is even more of a serious problem.

Investing in an air purifier for mold can help rid the air of the mold spores and prevent them from spreading further. To make sure your air purifier is removing all of the mold spores, make sure you choose one that has a True HEPA filter.

The HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter works with particles that are much smaller than mold spores. It removes about 99.99997% of them. Other filters won’t be able to fully convert the air particles and make the air in your home as clean as possible.

4.) Removes Allergens and Airborne Germs


You may be the cleanest person ever. You may dust multiple times a week and deep clean your home weekly. Unfortunately, allergens can still be flying around your home, causing a fit of allergic reactions. Air purifiers can help rid of the air of allergens that are typical in any home, clean or not.

Technically speaking, inside air is even more polluted than outside air because of the way it usually gets trapped. This especially applies to you if you have a home with poor ventilation and in a humid climate. Allergens like dust mites, pollen, and chemicals thrive in areas where there isn’t enough air flow. Furthermore, you’ll need to get rid of the air pollution that comes from daily living.

Airborne Germs

Allergens aren’t the only thing that is harmful and flying around your home. There are tons of airborne germs and viruses that are floating around that can’t be seen. If you keep finding yourself catching colds or other illnesses, it may be a good idea to invest in an air purifier. Airborne germs and allergens can be trapped in your bedrooms, bathrooms, and many other areas of the home.

Just like with mold spores, an air purifier will only remove the allergens and airborne germs in the air if it has a true HEPA filter. In addition to the HEPA filter, look for an air purifier with a 4-step filtration system. The minimum number of filters you should look for is between three and four, which usually include:

  • Prefilter
  • True HEPA filter
  • UV light or Ionizing filter- responsible for germs and viruses
  • Activated carbon filter

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3.) Takes Care of Pet Dander

As much as our furry friends bring joy and enrichment in our homes, we have to admit that they can also leave behind stinky odor, fur, and dander.

Pet dander is one of the biggest causes of allergy symptoms in the home, and it’s also one of the hardest to get rid of. It’s difficult to enjoy a relaxing evening with your dogs or cats when you’re in a fit of sneezes and watery eyes. Eliminating pet dander is one of the ways an air purifier makes your home clean.

Another great reason to get rid of pet dander is that you never know when you’ll have a guest who has an allergy or asthma. People who struggle with respiratory issues will have a difficult time breathing in your home.

In addition to that, you could develop an allergy if you don’t regularly rid the air of it.

What Is Pet Dander?

You probably already have a weekly pet hair cleaning routine, but air purifiers get rid of what you can’t see.

Pet dander is pet dandruff. It’s tiny skin flakes that your furry friend sheds from time to time. The problem with dander is that it is almost invisible to the eye, and even some of the best handheld vacuum cleaners can’t get rid of it. A quality air purifier can help get rid of the larger sized pet dander in the air over time.

Note: Pet owners are strongly encouraged to change or clean their air purifier filters out more frequently than those others. Pet hair and dander can build up in the filters. If there is too much, it won’t work properly.

2.) Improves the Smell of the Air

Nobody likes a stinky home. Unfortunately, many things contribute to it. Smoking, pets, mold infestations, food smells, you name it. There’s only so much an air freshener can do, and no one is comfortable in a stuffy, smelly home.

First things first, identify the root cause of the bad odors in your home. Is it from a moldy room? Do you live with or near smokers? If you can control the source of the bad smell, it is important to tackle that issue first. Next, you can invest in an air purifier to help you zap those smelly air particles in your home.

To start breathing fresher, cleaner air, make sure you get an air purifier with an activated carbon filter. This filter is the one responsible for odor control. It kills the odors by absorbing the chemical that makes the odor. The AC filter works hand in hand with the True HEPA filter to get rid of the chemicals that cause the nasty smells in your home.

If you live in a home with a persistent smell problem, such as cigarette smoke, a proper air purifier will significantly improve your breathing quality. This, coupled with regular cleaning, will ensure a healthier home.

1.) Lets You Know When There’s a Problem

The best way that an air purifier improves the air quality in your home is by letting you know when there’s an issue. Most of the time, it is extremely difficult to tell if your home is healthy or not. Many of the harmful chemicals or allergens are either odorless, undetectable, or microscopic. You also may not have any visible mold problems in your home.

Some air purifiers have an air quality indicator, which lets you know of any changes to your home’s air. More specifically, it can detect mold spores, allergens, and other germs and automatically turn itself on.

These types of smart air purifiers are helpful because they do the job for you. They especially come in handy during seasonal changes, where there are more or less pollutants flying around.

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top 5 ways an air purifier makes your home cleaner and healthier