These 5 Viral Food Artists are Making the Coolest Food Art

Did your parents ever tell you to stop playing with your food? These five viral food artists have made successful careers out of doing exactly that!

You’ve probably come across plenty of mouth-watering food photos while scrolling through your Instagram feed. However, these five viral artists are taking food to a whole new level. Did your parents ever tell you to stop playing with your food when you were young? Well, food artists like Leslie Kirchhoff have somehow managed to make lucrative careers out of doing exactly that!

What exactly does Leslie Kirchhoff do? She makes fancy ice for a living. Frozen food art, avocado ribbons, tie dye pasta, a bouquet of cookies. Food art is trending and the Instagram stars below have gone viral.

Here are five of the best food artists making their food look almost too good to eat:

1.) Ice Artist: Disco Cubes

Les Kirchhoff not only designs Disco Cubes, which are also known as frozen art, but she is also a DJ and fashion photographer. Remarkably, she has found success in all three of her careers. Recently, Leslie spun at the Louis Vuitton store opening in Chicago, and her fashion and portrait photography have been featured on and The Coveteur. However, it is her designer ice cubes that truly propelled her to fame, according to The New York Times.

Viral Food Artists Disco Cubes Leslie Kerhoff

The New York Times

Leslie freezes herbs, peppers, spices, and edible flowers into beautiful ice cubes and charges clients $14 a cube! So, who’s buying her ice cubes? Well, she typically creates custom ice cubes for private parties and events. In fact, she has made beautiful cubes for Martha Stuart, Glossier, Girlboss, The Coveteur. Moreover, she curates custom drinks at the hip Silverlake restaurant Botanica.

Best Viral Food Artists Disco Cubes Rose Icecubes

The New York Times

This ice queen is also launching an online store, where she plans to sell vintage ice buckets and glassware. Moreover, Leslie is proof that you can be successful while literally playing with your food. So, don’t give up on your day dreams or side hustles!

2.) Pasta Artist: Salty Seattle

Linda Nicholson makes plant-dye pasta-art. She calls herself the “pasta ninja” and is turning carbs like ravioli and ragu into impressive works of art. Linda is one of the most well known food artists in both the digital and real world.

Best Viral Food Artists Salty Seattle

Seattle Pi

Her pasta creations have been featured in Saveur, Good House Keeping, Buzzfeed, Elle, BBC, and Business Insider, just to name a few. Additionally, she has made pasta for major celebrities, been featured in several documentaries, and hosts an online pasta show for The Food Network. This viral artist is seriously busy, and she isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

Viral Food Artists Salty Seattle Rainbow Pasta

Salty Seattle

If you live in Seattle you can take a 4 hour intensive crash course in colorful pasta making or book a private session with the master. Otherwise checkout her show on The Food Network and stay tuned for her book release later this year. You can order her book: Pasta, Pretty Please: A Vibrant Approach to Handmade Noodles now.

3.) The Fine Food Artist: Ksenia Penkina

This Vancouver based baker is turning cakes into mesmerizing works of art. Her mirror glazed mouse cakes are her most popular creation and went viral about a year ago. She’s known for her glossy glazes that are usually multi colored and marbled. Each cake is turned into a one of a kind piece despite using the same single pour technique each time.

Best Viral Food Artists Ksenia Penkina


In the case of Ksenia’s cakes you can definitely judge the book by the cover. Her cakes are just as good on the inside. She layers delicious mouse cakes with sponge cake, fruit fillings, chocolate and cream. The entire cake making process takes 3 days.

Best Viral Food Artists Marble Mirrored Cakes

Bored Panda

With close to 300k Instagram followers, Ksenia has become one of the most followed food artists on Instagram. She travels all over the world teaching her cake decorating style. You can also learn how to make her cakes at home with her video master classes she offers on her website.

4.) The Botanical Cookie Artist: Lori Stern

Lori Stern is a private chef and caterer who decorates her cookies and cakes with edible flowers. Her botanical baked goods have the romantic feel of pressed flowers you might keep in a Jane Austin novel. She’s most famous for her short bread cookies that look like a bouquet of pressed wild flowers.

Best Viral Food Artists Lori Stern

Echo Park Craft Fair

She skipped culinary school and taught herself how to cook via youtube tutorials and busting her butt cooking in New York City restaurants. Since moving to California she has planted an edible flower garden where she grows the majority of the botanicals she presses into her cookies. Visit her website.

Best Viral Food Artists Lori Stern Edible Flower Cookies

The Feed Feed


5.) The Avocado Food Artist: Food Deco

Food Deco founder Colette Dyke is known as the avocado sculptor. Her website is dedicated to all things taste. She dishes up delicious recipes, home decor inspiration, table settings, and gift ideas!

Viral Food Artists Colette Dyke Food Deco

Eline Kline

Before joining the culinary world full time Colette worked for a big publishing company in The Netherlands. She started gaining Instagram followers by documenting all the 3 course meals she was making for her and her very luck boyfriend.

Viral Food Artists Food Deco Avocado Roses

Bored Panda

Her ability to carve avocados into the most intricate designs is what’s earned her over 100,000 followers. She regularly transforms avocados into ribbons, rose buds, and more. Along with running her website and working on a new cookbook, Colette also helps restaurants and hotels with menu planning and plating.

These five viral food artists prove that Instagram is an empowering tool for artists. Social media is also enabling more women than ever before to grow and promote their own businesses online. Ever heard of #girlboss? Like a lot of successful companies Sophia Amaruso started her retail business with just her computer, good taste, and a whole lot of social media friends!

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