These 5 Viral Food Artists are Making the Coolest Food Art

You’ve probably come across plenty of mouth watering food photos while scrolling through your Instagram feed. But these five viral artists are taking food to a whole new level. Did your parents ever tell you to stop playing with your food when you were young? Food artists like Leslie Kirchhoff have somehow managed to make lucrative careers out of doing exactly that!

What exactly does Leslie Kirchhoff do? She makes fancy ice for a living. Frozen food art, avocado ribbons, tie dye pasta, a bouquet of cookies. Food art is trending and the Instagram stars belowhave gone viral.

Here are five of the best food artists making their food look almost too good to eat:

1.) Ice Artist: Disco Cubes

Leslie Kirchhoff  designs Disco Cubes otherwise known as frozen art. She’s also a Dj and fashion photographer and she’s been successful in all three of her careers. Leslie recently spun at the Louis Vuitton store opening in Chicago and her fashion and portrait photography have been featured on and The Coveteur. It’s her designer ice cubes that are her real claim to fame though, according to The New York Times.

Viral Food Artists Disco Cubes Leslie Kerhoff

The New York Times

Leslie freezes herbs, peppers, spices, and edible flowers into beautiful ices cubes and charges clients $14 a cube! Who’s buying her ice cubes? She typical creates custom ice cubes for private parties and events. She’s made beautiful cubes for Martha Stuart, Glossier, Girlboss, The Coveteur, and curates custom drinks at the hip Silverlake restaurant Botanica.

Best Viral Food Artists Disco Cubes Rose Icecubes

The New York Times

This ice queen is also launching an online store where she plans to sell vintage ice buckets and glassware. Leslie is proof that you can be successful while literally playing with your food. Don’t give up on your day dreams or side hustles!