14 Valentine’s Day Bouquets That Will Never Die

Have you ever thought about sending an artificial flower bouquet to your loved one on Valentine's Day? Check out these beautiful Valentine's Day bouquets.

Valentines Day is celebrated in most counties across the globe. It is a day to celebrate love and friendship, and a day to remind your loved ones how much they mean to you and how grateful you are that they are in your life. Many choose to use this day to gift their beloved with such things as chocolates, champagne and flowers or even take their better half on a romantic holiday. Valentine’s Day bouquets are one of the most popular Valentine’s gifts ideas.

Flowers symbolize love, marriage, romance and fertility, so no wonder they are the go-to Valentine’s Day gift for that someone special in your life. However, have you ever thought about sending artificial Valentine’s Day bouquets to your loved ones this Valentine’s Day?

Why Send Artificial Valentine’s Day Bouquets?

Flowers bring happiness, and they make people smile. Sending a bouquet of flowers brings joy to the receiver, and flowers enhance and add color to space or home. Artificial flowers are as beautiful and vibrant as the real thing, and artificial flowers last longer. While real flowers are a delight to receive, eventually they will wither and die. An artificial flower bouquet is everlasting and will bring beauty that will last beyond Valentines Day.

If you are clueless when it comes to flower bouquets, it’s ok. We’ve put together 14 of the best long-lasting artificial Valentines Day bouquets to give to your beloved this Valentine’s Day.

14.) Best Valentine’s Bouquet for That Special Friend in Your Life

mini tulip real touch tulip artificial


Mini Tulip Real Touch Artificial Tulip

A bouquet of tulips not only make a wonderful Valentine’s Day gift for a partner but are an ideal bouquet to send a friend. For a friend, it is recommended to get the tulips in yellow as this color symbolizes friendship.

Amazon Customer Review: “These are absolutely gorgeous! Upon opening, I immediately went back and ordered 3 more boxes. I seriously could not be happier. I ordered all white and had also ordered white ones from another seller on Amazon. These were more realistic from top to bottom. Even the stem and leaves are the perfect shade of green-not fake and bright green. My only complaint is that they don’t offer more colors (peach, soft purple, bright pink).”

– Spreadkindness

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13.) Best Valentine’s Bouquet for the Wild at Heart

for the wild flower lover


Artificial Flower Bush, Dahlia, Morning Glory, Faux Ranunculus, Garden Wildflower Mix

This wildflower bouquet is an ideal Valentine’s Day gift candidate for that special someone that’s not a fan of the traditional red roses.

Amazon Customer Review: “These flowers are absolutely beautiful! I like them so much, I ordered a second bouquet. One thing to note is that they are not individual stems, but are molded together. They are bendable and you can clip them with wire cutters to make the arrangement look fuller. I highly recommend this bouquet.”


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12.) Best Valentine’s Bouquet to Bring Some Sunshine

cute arrangement of sunflowers


 Artificial Flowers Silk Sunflowers

Sunflowers are bright and beautiful and are a great flower bouquet to give your beloved. The bold yellow tones of the sunflower petals are uplifting and cheerful, they are sure to bring some sunshine to anyone’s day.

Amazon Customer Review: “These sunflowers were too cute to pass down I had to get them. They look and feel real, they didn’t have a foul smell to them and were packaged well. They haven’t fallen apart and they feel of good quality and made my decor so much brighter. I really like them.”

– Babzs83

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11.) Best Valentine’s Bouquet for the Color Fanatic

for the color lover


2 Dozen 24 Mixed Color Bouquet of Wooden Rose Buds Artificial Flowers

This vibrant and colorful wooden bouquet of roses is an excellent choice for that special someone who loves a pop of color.

Amazon Customer Review: “These things are great. I got them as a gift for my wife and she really likes them. I have had them on the table and guests have always asked where I got them at. Everyone likes them. They will last forever and the colors are perfect. Good to keep in a vase, or take them out and place them around the house. Good quality, some people couldn’t tell they were fake!”

– Matt McC

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10.) Best Valentine’s Bouquet for the Romantic

artificial peony silk flowers


Artificial Peony Silk Flowers Valentine’s Day Bouquets

A truly captivating and pretty floral arrangement that has been made with the romantic sole in mind.

Amazon Customer Review: “This is absolutely a beautiful bouquet of flower. The color looks exactly like in the picture. It’s lightweight, elegant, true to nature and suitable for decoration in the living room. It’s not too big, not too small. Everything looks just like in the sample photo.”

– Thanhnguyen1712

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9.) Best Valentine’s Bouquet for Your True Love

decorative silk fake artificial poppy flowers


Decorative Silk Fake Artificial Poppy Flowers

Gift a stunning bouquet of poppies to your true love this Valentines Day. Poppies are bright red in color, passionate and a fantastic floral representation of love.

Amazon Customer Review: “Very pretty. Some of the flower petals are still folded over from shipping, but I think I’ll just leave them for now since the arrangement still looks good to me. I like the latex material used for the petals very much, and even the stems look very realistic. I purchased 20 of the red and 10 of the orange and mixed them together.”

– Tangerine

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8.) Best Valentine’s Bouquet for the Regal

calla lily


20 Pieces Calla Lily Latex Real Touch Bouquet

This Calla lily bouquet has an air of royalty about them. Make your loved one feel special and regal by gifting them this darling 20 piece bouquet for Valentine’s Day.

Amazon Customer Review: “I have to say that these are ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL! The texture gives them such a life-like appearance! Not only the flowers look real, but the stems are just the right color, length, and shape to look just as real! Look just as good, if not better, than the photo in the ad. Arrived just wrapped in bubble wrap and then a plastic bag and were shoved into my mailbox. They looked all mashed at first and I was so disappointed, but they got their shape back very easily and I dropped them in a vase where they look just lovely!”

– C & S Gibson

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7.) Best Valentine’s Bouquet for the Traditionalist

artificial silk roses


10 Pieces Artificial Rose Silk Flower Blossom

Roses are red, violets are blue, this is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift idea for you.

The traditional bouquet of red roses is most associated with Valentines Day. If you are unsure what to get your better half this Valentine’s Day, opt for a bouquet of red roses. You can’t go wrong!

Amazon Customer Review:

“I was dubious that these could really look “real”, but the price was great, so I gave it a shot…and I was more than pleasantly surprised…these roses look REAL! And not just from a distance…even close up, I was impressed and friends say they were real even after trying to sniff them!”

– NS

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6.) Best Valentine’s Bouquet for the Quirky

30 stems dried natural craspedia flowers


30 Stems Dried Natural Craspedia Flowers

A floral bouquet of dried natural Craspedia flowers or billy button balls as they are also known as a quirky and fun alternative to the traditional Valentine’s Flower Bouquet.

Amazon Customer Review: “These are beautiful! 30 pcs goes a lot further than I thought, so it was plenty! Adds so much character to an otherwise dull dresser or desk.”

– J Dawn

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5.) Best Valentine’s Bouquet for the Nostalgic

21 heads artificial silk fake flowers leaf rose


21 Heads Artificial Silk Fake Flowers Leaf Rose

Mix and match these gorgeous silk flower bouquets to create a unique Valentine’s gift that will be admired for years to come.

Amazon Customer Review: “I knew when I purchased these flowers they would be small, which is exactly what I wanted, I wanted small flowers and the purple coffee color was exactly the color I was looking for. I purchased a total of five packs to achieve the look I show here. (Each pack has two bouquets in it). At first upon opening the Amazon package you may feel disappointment because the unopened bouquets don’t look like much until you open the package and spread open the flowers, do they come to life.”

– tfanci

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4.) Best Valentine’s Bouquet for the Bold and Beautiful

natural dry mini flower arrangements


Natural Dry Mini Flower Arrangements

Gift your colorful significant other these bright, colorful and fun mini dried flower arrangements and you’ll certainly make an impact.

Amazon Customer Review: “Was looking for some flower decor for my room. I figured fresh flowers won’t work since my room does not get much sunlight. My friend told me of these well preserved dried flowers so I went ahead and purchased the pink one without expecting much. Surprisingly, the bouquet was very neatly arranged and beautiful. It definitely helped lighten up my depressing room.”

– Ahrim

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3.) Best Valentine’s Bouquet for the Rustic

8 bundle artificial flower purple lavender v


8 Bundle Artificial Flower Purple Lavender Bouquet

These charming artificial purple lavender buds look real and make a great alternative to dried flowers.

Amazon Customer Review: “they really look like real lavender! The leaves even look kind of fuzzy like fresh lavender is. This product worked perfectly for my needs and had very fast shipping. The fake lavender also was not squished when shipped which is something that I was actually expecting. Again I am very, very happy with my purchase of this product!”

– KonekoMotome

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2.) Best Valentine’s Bouquet for the Lover of Pretty

artificial silk beautiful hydrangea


Artificial Silk Beautiful Hydrangea Flower Bouquet

These beautiful silk Hydrangea flower bouquets are super pretty and will make an ideal Valentine’s gift. Pair this pretty flower bouquet with a box of chocolates and a handwritten card to make your betrothed feel extra special.

Amazon Customer Review: “I’m always leery of buying artificial flowers because they can look TOO fake…these are not and they are AMAZING They have very nice stems (not the silly plastic looking ones) and the flowers are beautiful… Highly recommend this product!”

– Kirsten Harris

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1.) Best Valentine’s Bouquet for the Vintage Lover

elegant camellia, artificial fake silk plastic floral


Elegant Camellia, Artificial Fake Silk Plastic Floral Flowers Bouquet

This bouquet of artificial Camellia flowers will be a splendid addition to a vintage lover’s collection.

Amazon Customer Review: “It’s hard to keep flowers alive in cold weather area so I bought this amazing artificial flowers and it actually looks pretty real, the flowers have soft color and well made, it’s really light up the home atmosphere. The stem is flexible and can band to fit in a different vase or make it as a wreath. Good packaging as well, I really like it, highly recommend.”

– Octavia

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14 valentine’s day bouquets that will never die