Unprofessional Things Doctors Have Told Patients


Awkward Situations

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for doctors to forget that they are dealing with human beings and not machines. Sometimes, these unprofessional doctor’s visits can result in awkward and humiliating experiences for patients.

Today we will be looking at a list of unprofessional and inappropriate things doctors have said to patients. None of these people could ever have expected this kind of treatment from their doctors. These stories will leave you speechless.



When I was 8 years old, I was at the dentist for a cleaning. He mentioned that I had a frenulum under my tongue, a small, unneeded extra piece of tissue that attaches the tongue to the bottom of the mouth.

He said that he could remove it. His reasoning was that my future girlfriends would appreciate it if I had a more mobile tongue. Again, I was 8 years old.

Brain Scan


My mom had some symptoms that resulted in a scan of her brain. It looked like she might have a tumor or water on the brain or something. When giving her the results, the doctor said, ‘Maybe this is God’s way of saying it’s time.’

My mom, who was in her 50s, went absolutely off on them. She told them that God had nothing to do with this. Turned out she was fine. The symptoms were related to something else, and the ambiguous scan results could have been machine or human error.



I took my mom to see a neurologist, as her physician suspected that she had Parkinson’s. After waiting almost an hour, the neuro came into the room, took a look, and told us she had Parkinson’s.

Then told us to watch some YouTube videos describing what Parkinson’s was and then left the room. The whole encounter was under a minute.


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After an appendectomy, I had a follow-up. Instead of inspecting the incisions on the table like normal, the doctor examined the incision area.

He said, ‘Everything looks perfect…, especially that bottom one,’ then winked at me. The bottom one was dangerously close to my pants. It turned out the top two were infected.

STD Screening


I came in for an STD screening after a one-night stand. I didn’t have any disease, and after the test, the doctor said, ‘If you were this worried about having an STD, I’d stop having fun with so many people.’

It was only one person. One night. I got one STD check, and I got shamed by my doctor.

Painful UTI


I went to the doctor with a very painful UTI. The doctor said if I wore a skirt as short as I did in these temperatures, there’s no wonder my ‘lady area is suffering from a cold.’ She said I needed to go home, change, and wrap a blanket around myself to warm it up.

She reluctantly agreed to do a test, which showed a lot of protein. After much debate, she gave me some antibiotics and the most judgmental look as I walked out.

University Gynecologist


I went to a university gynecologist when I was 19 because I was experiencing discomfort and I had a rash. It was awful, and I was in pain.

He asked when was the last time I had intercourse, and when I told him it was a few days before the appointment, he said with disgust, ‘Euuhh, your boyfriend doesn’t mind that?’


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A doctor once examined me for an intimate area irritation. He sent away samples for tests. While waiting a few days for the results to come back, he told me I had herpes. I had been with my wife for 10 years at that point.

Imagine the next few days where my wife and I go off on each other for giving the other one herpes. Imagine the strain that puts on marriage with all the implications and accusations. It turned out I had a bladder infection.

Babying Her

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The pediatrician looked at our toddler, standing with a swayback posture. Then without considering anything else, they turned to my wife and said, ‘She stands like that because you baby her too much.’

That was only our first clue that the doctor was a moron. We changed doctors right after that appointment and never regretted it.

No Surgery For You

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During a consultation, a doctor told me he refused to consider surgery because he has the same condition as me, and he just exercises to deal with the condition. He then proceeded to actually tell me I didn’t need to pursue physical wellness as I looked OK, ‘Especially compared to the average person from your town, you know?’ with a wink.

You have me leave work to drive an hour to refuse to help me out and then insult my hometown. I disputed the $300 consultation bill because there was no service given, and they dropped it.

Shave Your Head

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The doctor told me if I wanted to pursue treatment and get a spot on the ward, I’d need to shave all my hair off. It’s nothing that the treatment had nothing to do with my head. She had no bedside manner and was rude to the other medical professionals.

I told the nurse I was having doubts about agreeing to stay on the ward, but she convinced me to give it a try. The first thing the doctor greeted me with that first day was, ‘Hi, remember me? I’m that doctor you hate.’ What kind of a way is that to talk to someone sick and mentally distressed?

Changing Surgeons

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I was looking for a surgeon for my gallstone operation, and the doctor asked what meds I was on. I mentioned my antidepressants, and he started saying I didn’t need to take them and that I just needed to pray.

I was mad and quickly replied, ‘I guess I’ll just pray my gallstones away too then.’ Needless to say, I went with a different surgeon.

Doctor-Patient Confidentiality


I went to see the family doctor over a minor thing. I was already an adult and didn’t tell my parents because they freaked out about anything medical-related.

My mother went to see him a few weeks later, and he told her I’d been to see him. I was so angry I almost went back to give him a piece of my mind.

Weight Loss


I went in for a simple check-in with my family doctor. He commented on how I’d lost weight, but when I told him I started going to a gym, he told me not to try to build muscle because it would just turn to fat someday anyway. I was in awe.

I changed doctors the next day.