10 Unique Gifts Under $25 That Anyone Would Love

There's a lot of pressure when it comes to buying gifts for people. Stand out with these unique gifts that won't break the bank from tech gadgets, home goods and stylish trinkets.

Gift giving can be intimidating because so many factors go into getting something perfect that’s also unique. One of the biggest gift fails is buying something that they won’t use, something too cliché or something that they already have. Instead of going the traditional route and gifting something tacky or cliché opt for some of these thoughtful, unique gifts ideas that won’t break the bank.

All of these gifts are under $25, so you won’t go into debt trying to find something for whoever you’re looking for. On top of that, you’ll give them something that they may never have thought about, that’s useful and will put a smile on their face.

These are the most budget-friendly unique gifts for anyone who is difficult to shop for:


10.) Black Bento Box

unique gifts bento box
  • BPA plastic free
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe
  • $19.98

Give the gift of a stylish lunch with this chic Bento Box that’ll keep your food and snacks looking good. This is the perfect gift for the adult that is a meal planner or the organized student who is always on the go. The bento box is divided into three different sections and comes with two boxes. You can put fresh veggies and fruits in one and put food to heat up in the other since the boxes are microwaveable.


9.) Smart Towel

unique gift ideas smart towel
  • Available in blue, gray and green
  • Made from Xinjiang cotton
  • $24.98

At first glance, these set of towels may seem like a cliché gift idea that you would give as a housewarming gift. But there’s a catch, these Smart Towels are packed with high tech technology that’ll let you know when it’s time to wash them.

Towels, like many other bathroom items carry tons of bacteria and germs and sometimes its difficult to know when to clean them. With the smart towel you can know exactly when you need to toss them into the washing machine because the blue strips turn red. That’s right, the towels detect impurities using natural plant extract. This is the perfect gift for your tech-savvy friends who need a good housewarming present.


8.) Urban Candle Collection

unique gifts candles
  • Available in 8 fragrances
  • 8 oz. and 12 oz. styles available
  • $22.99

We all have those friends who are obsessed with candles and can never have too much. If that’s the case, give them a gift that you know they will love, a lovely addition to their ever-growing candle collection. The Urban Candles set is made of a gorgeous concrete and gold combination, giving the home a trendy metropolitan touch.

The set comes with five concrete jungle inspired candles in an array of cool shapes. Choose from 8 inviting fragrances like Amber and Smoke, Tobacco and Patchouli and a Salted Grapefruit. The best part about these candles is that the vessels are reusable, so you can use it for storage space once it’s done.


 7.) Bartending Glasses Set of 4

unique gifts bartending
  • 4 glasses with 4 recipes on each side
  • 8 oz of liquid
  • $21

This one is for your bartending, mixology enthusiasts or your friends who love to throw a great party. The novelty shot glasses have classic drink recipes and measurements on them so you can become a master bartender in no time. A set of four of these shot glasses will get you 16 unique drink recipes.

Throw a cocktail party and impress your friends with making some Salty Dogs, Mojitos or delicious Bloody Mary’s.


6.) Chestnut Bluetooth Mini Speaker

unique gifts chestnut
  • 5 hours of nonstop
  • $19.98

Everyone needs a pair of bluetooth speakers, or two. These bluetooth speakers are fun sized and a cute concept at the same time. The chestnut-shaped speakers are made of a stylish wood design and can easily clip on to your bag or anywhere you want.

The speakers are hi-fi sound and bite-sized so its perfect for travel or a day out in the park. You can also answer phone calls with its built-in microphone. This gift is a perfect budget gift for kids or young adults who love tech gadgets.


5.) EcoCube

unique gifts wood planters

Gifting plants can be tricky because not everyone has a green thumb, and there’s nothing worse than gifting someone a plant that is going to end up dying. For a unique gift idea that is also useful, buy your person a Ecocube, or a pre-seeded organic wood planter.

Ecocubes let you experience all of the satisfaction of growing your own plants, and you have an array of plants and flowers to choose from. Gift them a sunflower, forget me not, and even grow your own trees. If the gift recipient is more into cooking with homemade spices, gift them delicious basil, mint or chills. The uniqueness of growing your own herbs will definitely set your gift apart from the rest. The seeds come in a sleek wooden box, so it serves as decoration as well. All around, this gift is great for anyone, green thumb or not.


4.) The Carry On Cocktail Kit

unique gifts cocktail kit

The Carry On Cocktail Kit is the gift you didn’t know you needed. For all of your friends who are frequent flyers or even have a vacation coming up, this gift will for sure put a smile on their face. The Carry On Cocktail Kit is the perfect travel gift because everyone who loves a good cocktail can enjoy making their very own craft drink.

Choose from the Gin & tonic kit, the Old-fashioned, The Champagne Cocktail and even a Bloody Mary, depending on their favorite libation. The kits include all of these ingredients you need to make a delicious in-flight pick me up for two, including the glass, stirrer, coaster and a recipe card. Never drink a bland cocktail again because each kit comes with craft-made syrup to accompany your liquor of choice.


3.) Aroma Therapy Essential Oil Diffuser

unique gifts diffuser

Give the ultimate gift of a relaxing atmosphere with this Aroma Therapy Essential Oil Diffuser. Most oil diffusers go for at least $40, so this one’s a steal. Essential Oil Diffusers transform your room into a zen-ed out, soothing atmosphere while diffusing the amazing scents of essential oils.

Choose from a few, calming colors and pair with a few essential oils and you’ve got a unique gift package of something that your person is sure to love. Whether they have a high-stress job and need to relieve stress, live in an area with dry air, or are self-care junkies, the essential oil diffuser is a budget-friendly yet thoughtful gift.

2.) Stainless Steel Coffee Mugs

Unique gifts stainless steel mugs

Coffee mugs are a classic budget-friendly gift idea, but these stainless steel coffee mugs definitely stand out from the rest of the generic ceramic mugs out there. Gifting these cool coffee mugs would be the perfect gift for anyone who loves coffee, tea or something aesthetically pleasing to drink out of.

These mugs are the perfect cross between rustic and sleek and give off Instagram flat-lay vibes. Choose between a rose gold, gold or black, or get all three colors for the perfect pack. This gift would be perfect for anyone who loves a good hot drink, loves rustic camping vibes or cute things.


1.) Nut Find 3 Smart Tracker

unique gifts smart tracker

If there is anything that is a universal feeling, its the panic of losing your keys. We’ve all been through the annoyance of having to overturn the house looking for the tiniest, yet most important things. With the Smart Tracker, you’ll never have to experience the frustration of losing your keys, remote or wallet again.

The Smart Tracker is a sleekly-designed bluetooth tracking device that has an LED light that makes it easy to find and an app that makes it easy to organize multiple items. The great thing about Smart Tracker is that it’s useful, under $25 and is great for anyone. You may even end up getting one of these unique gifts for yourself!

unique gifts