Mom Sees Detail On Kid’s Drawing, Breaks Down Bedroom Wall


Getting Answers

Samantha was stunned when she finally realized what was going on. After months of confusion, it appeared that answers were finally on the way.

She was riveted by her small girl’s response to what she had done and had to fight back seething emotions. Tears streamed down her face as she heard and glanced at the hole in the wall behind Lucy.

Miracle Baby

The Mirror

Lucy Roark’s birth was a miracle. She was born prematurely at 28 weeks and weighed a mere 2 lbs. It was clear that Lucy had a long recovery ahead of her and had to stay in the hospital for months.

When Lucy could finally go home, there was an instant connection between her and her father, Andy Roark. Lucy had overcome many challenges in her few months of existence, but sadly, they did not end there.

Not A Word

The Cut

Lucy showed a keen interest in creating art, and her mother and father could not be prouder. She frequently drew pictures showcasing her joyful family.

However, her parents were concerned about how quiet she was for her age. Her parents were worried because she was three years old and had never said a word.


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Lucy and Andy had an inseparable bond, which made Samantha feel jealous. The fact that her features were so dissimilar to theirs didn’t help matters.

Samantha managed to keep her feelings of jealousy at bay. It was challenging to be envious of such a precious bond! Samantha knew that when Lucy would finally talk, it would all be thanks to her father.


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Lucy’s closeness with Andy was practically telepathic, and he always immediately knew what she needed—even when she didn’t say anything.

As their bond had become genuinely entrenched, they were blissfully ignorant to the fact that the family’s most challenging setback was still to come.

Duty Calls

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Everything began the moment Andy was deployed on his first term. He was a marine, and he had no choice in the matter.

Lucy was heartbroken at the prospect of not seeing her best friend for a year. Three months into his tour, Andy was declared missing in action. The family was torn.


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Everybody missed Andy, but not as much as Lucy. She missed her father more and more as the days passed and isolated herself once more.

With her father missing, she could not have video calls with him anymore and turned to her drawings again. Lucy had been so close to speaking only a few months before, but she was suddenly muter than she had ever been.

Tossing And Turning

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Samantha attempted every form of professional to help her daughter talk again, putting her sadness aside to be there for Lucy now more than ever.

To make matters worse, Lucy spent every evening having nightmares, and she was severely sleep-deprived. During this terrible time, Lucy found solace in her drawings; however, Samatha noticed something off with them.

What Did It Mean?

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Samantha was becoming increasingly disturbed by Lucy’s artwork. They seemed to include ominous figures and scary sights constantly.

Samantha got fascinated with deciphering the meaning of it all. She pleaded with Lucy to speak up and tell her everything. Lucy could do nothing but murmur and point to the wall over her bed.

Getting Answers

The Courier Mail

Samantha later examined the drywall more closely and discovered a small hole in it. Her dissatisfaction with the mystery sketches, as well as her grief over Andy’s disappearance, overtook her.

She took out a hammer and drilled a larger hole. When Lucy heard the noise, she dashed inside. She started smiling unexpectedly when she saw the damaged wall.

Another Miracle

Pleated Jeans

Samantha was bewildered. After breaking the wall, she thought Lucy would be angry or afraid—anything but happy. The child raced out of the room and came back with her drawings of the hole in the wall.

Pointing from the drawings to the wall, Lucy spoke for the first time in her life. She said just one word, “dada.”

The Hole In The Wall

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Samantha was overcome by emotion when she heard her child speak. Lucy never stopped smiling, and more words came tumbling out.

Although hard to understand, Lucy was confused and saddened by what Lucy said. Lucy explained that when she slept, in her dreams, she spoke to her dad through the hole in the wall every night.

It Got Stranger

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Over the next week, Samantha devoted all her attention to helping Lucy speak more. The child’s voice was like music to her ears, and she was speaking more clearly each day.

In Lucy’s dreams, she was a baby again and Andy held her. She was convinced that he would return home and said she would help him do it.

The Last Miracle

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Another week passed, and Samantha was still engrossed by her daughter’s voice each day. Now unafraid of the strange drawings, to Lucy’s delight, Samantha displayed them proudly on the wall.

One afternoon, the phone rang, and for the second time in her life, Samantha was filled with joy to hear a person’s voice. This time, it was Andy’s.

She Guided Him

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He was in terrible shape from exhaustion and malnutrition but alive. He had become separated from his unit and lost during a mission.

Andy survived weeks alone by focusing on Lucy. He promised himself that if he heard her voice, it would guide him home. No one knows if they ever really spoke. Either way, they were finally together again.