Dog Keeps Sniffing Pipe Sticking Out Of The Ground, Man Follows Them


Not Expected

Matty and Jesse continued, unaware of what was in store for them. Harley’s barks reverberated loudly against the walls. The road ahead was ominous, but they were unfazed.

Matty instantly grasped Jesse’s shoulders as he moved farther into the room. He answered, “I know what this is.” His voice had a worried edge to it, despite his excitement.

A Serious Ambition

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Matty Griezman and his closest mate Jesse Mason were mistrusted when they proclaimed their desire to be “treasure hunters.” The 20-year-olds were not amused.

It was their lifelong dream, and they were determined to prove everyone wrong. To get started, though, they had to traverse a difficult circumstance.

A Succesful Man

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Despite his youth, Matty’s father, Anthony Griezman, was a prominent lawyer in the Oakwood neighborhood of Dayton, Ohio. Matty was well aware that persuading his father would be difficult.

Even though the two had combined their funds, they were still short on cash for travel. When they approached Mr. Griezman, the boys were sweating profusely. It was now up to him to make their plans work.

Like Father Like Son

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Matty had a close relationship with his father. They both shared the same brown hair and eyes, and one might mistake them for identical twins.

Mr. Griezman made it apparent that he wanted his son to follow in his footsteps, and it broke his heart knowing that it would never happen. Matty knew what he needed to do after learning this.

The Plan

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Compared to Matty, Jesse was smaller and not as outspoken. Mr. Griezman frequently told him that he should go and get his haircut; thus, it was a frightening experience to ask him for money.

Jesse ensured that his hair was neat so that it could give the illusion that it was recently cut. Matty intended to reach an agreement with his father. Neither of them had any idea if it would be successful.

An Agreement

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Mr. Griezman’s piercing glare gazed at the two young men through heavy spectacles. They felt like there were children again, explaining that they had broken a window.

Matty’s father wanted him to join the family business more than anything in the world, and Matty used that as an advantage. He told his father that if the business was not successful after a few months, he would pursue a law degree so that he could join his father’s firm.

One Condition

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The pair waited for what felt like ages until Mr. Griezman finally agreed to borrow them some money. The boys were thrilled and eager to begin packing, but Mr. Griezman intervened.

If he gave them the money, he had one requirement. The pair had two months to prove to him that they could make this work. It was their only chance to prove everyone wrong.

Making Things Happen


They gathered everything they needed and prepared for their trip. On a sunny day, they landed in Cologne. In the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia, Teutoburg Forest was their target.

It’s a 3000 square-mile woodland wonderland that’s rumored to be home to rare WWII artifacts. The young men were surprised as soon as they entered the woodland.

Meeting A Friend

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A black dog was seen prancing about by the pair. She was cheerful and obviously lost. Her collar was adorned with a tag with the name “Harley” on it. They brought her with them, as they could not track down her owners.

She proved to be pleasant company with an excellent sense of smell. Finding her would turn out to be far luckier than the men could have dreamed.

She Knew The Woods Well


Harley appeared to be well-versed in the woods. She was soon bouncing ahead of the pack. Her sense of smell detected something, and she guided the men further into the forest.

Harley started barking ahead after a while. Matt and Jesse were on their way to find her when they came upon something unexpected. A strange collection of pipes protruded from the earth.

They Could Not Believe Their Eyes

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As the men studied the pipes, they realized these were connected to something underground. Their excitement was palpable now.

Following the pipes, they found a staircase that seemed to lead to some kind of underground cellar. They were beyond excited now as they realized it was clearly some kind of hidden chamber.

It Was Scary


Following Harley, the men headed down the stairs and entered the structure. It was damp and massive, The smell overwhelming. Harley’s echoing barks ahead, the murky darkness becoming unnerving;

Unpacking solar torches, when there was finally some light, Matt checked his research and jumped up in excitement. “This is a Second World War bunker,” he exclaimed with glee.

A Dream Come True

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The strange pipes connected to some kind of ventilation system. Decades of overgrowth up top had kept them hidden all along.

The recent frigid temperatures probably killed the bushy areas to reveal them. It suddenly dawned on them. They were the first people to see this place since the second world war.

The Treasure

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Exploring the rooms, they found an unused mortar shell. Above ground, Jesse used his metal detector, which indicated a solid presence in the ground.

Digging around in the corresponding area below, they made the discovery of a lifetime. It seems the soldiers based here all those years ago had hidden historical artifacts inside the bunker’s walls.

A New Career

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They found more World War II relics and other historical artifacts (likely confiscated by the German army). They donated some items and sold the rest to pay back Mr. Griezman before investing in better equipment.

Their ambitions realized the best friends had no plans to ever change careers again. Never finding Harley’s owners, they decided to adopt the treasure-sniffing pooch too.