40 Undeniably Cute Vet Encounters


Comfort From A Furry Friend

Many pet owners will agree that they seek out their furry friends after a hard day at work for some comfort. But they also call to them when things are going well, ensuring they include them in the festivities as they would for any other family member.

They care for them like anyone else they care about, meaning they sometimes find themselves taking their pets to the vet. These vets thought these were the cutest encounters and couldn’t keep themselves from taking a picture.

Smaller Is Cuter

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Making something smaller instantly makes it cuter. The same can be said for this small-sized horse. This tiny pony is the sweetest and coolest pet out there! However, it’s safe to say that having a pet like this comes with responsibilities like taking it to the vet.

This owner had taken their tiny pony in for a visit to the excitement of the vet, who couldn’t resist taking a picture. They caught this adorable moment of it napping before it went in for the checkup.

A Display Of Gratitude 

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If you are considering becoming a veterinarian, you must remember that working well with animals is essential. Animals are easy to show love, but you must be willing to reciprocate and form a connection with them.

This vet seems to have a knack for it and is soaking up the moment with this cute puppy who had just finished his checkup. This makes for a photo that will forever warm our hearts.

A Litter Of Maine Coons

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I think it is safe to say that a whole litter of cute kittens is better than one. This vet must have found it challenging to get anything down with these adorable faces looking up at them. We can’t blame them for taking a second to snap a photo of the cute bunch.

What makes the photo even cuter is how all six of these Maine Coon kittens are looking up at the same thing. What do you think held their attention?

Too Cute To Handle

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Vets must have their hands full with managing all of these pets daily. As willing as they were to help an injured animal, it wasn’t easy on their hearts. And they often dreaded having to send adorable animals back home, wishing they could keep them for a bit longer.

This pup was kind enough to stay around long enough and pose so the vet could take a photo to remember that adorable face. What the vet writes in the photo description is true – there is too much cuteness to handle!

Finding A New Home

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Plenty of animals become strays on a daily basis, and many humans take it upon themselves to help them. They understood that these strays deserved better and would spend their own money to help take care of them.

But as willing as these individuals are to help, they sometimes don’t have the means to provide them with a new home. A woman who had found a stray had brought this adorable cat in, and the vet thought it was the perfect opportunity to make it their pet.


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We all grow up learning that once we reach a certain level in our lives, we must start working for what we have. Some of us cleaned the house and helped with dishes, while others helped in the garden. This cat was not an exception, but he did make for a cuter experience.

This vet has given their new assistant some responsibilities but couldn’t help snapping a photo to capture how cute it looked in its new attire.

Mood Boosters!

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We all know that watching cat videos will instantly lift our mood, and you are lucky if you have a cat of your own. However, having access to five must mean that you have a lifetime supply of happiness.

We suspect vets seek out the job purely for having access to these cute and cuddly kittens. They have the privilege of finding a cat whenever they have a rough day and need one to cuddle.

Smiling Like Everything’s Alright

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Many seek herbal medicine as a safer alternative to something you could get from the local drug store and are more than happy to ingest it. However, the same cannot be said about animals getting it into their system. Unsurprisingly, this worried owner rushed their adorable Chihuahua to the vet.

The pup seemed to be doing just fine, considering the big smile on its face, but it was best to get an expert’s opinion. This vet was also pleased by having the chance to take one of the cutest photos!

Hilariously Similar

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Having to go to the doctor is not something many people smile about, even after they have been given good news. They still had to take time out of their day to be there. This picture proves that pets don’t experience their checkups as we do.

This vet is more than happy to help this cat out, but this cat can’t hold its smile back, either! Don’t their smiles look hilariously similar?


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Vets face the persistent problem of trying to get a puppy to keep still and pay attention. Considering their abundance of energy, this is no easy feat. This vet found themselves marveling at how well-behaved this pup seemed to be!

This pup’s adorable large ears, big brown eyes, and cute face are enough to turn anyone to mush. It would take little to no convincing to take this little guy home.

A Different Sort Of Patient 

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On rare occasions, veterinarians have some unusual animals coming in for assistance. They range from hedgehogs to squirrels, but other unexpected animals come in as their patients – one of them being a lion cub.

This photo captures this rare and adorable photo of this cute little lion cub playing with his toy rope. This vet must have been over the moon to get a picture like this, however, was most likely relieved not to have to work with a fully grown lion…


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It is not uncommon for people to find lost or injured animals while out in nature. Luckily, many of them know to take them to the nearest vet if they discover the animal has been injured.

This is most likely the reason behind this fox’s vet visit. You might think this fox looks unrealistic, and this vet will agree with you there. However, this very real fox has been captured in a photo making for a fantastic picture.

Time To Recharge

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Working at a vet office requires long hours and lots of hard work. It is a demanding career, and it wouldn’t be surprising if a veterinarian or two were caught snuggled up somewhere, having a snooze. But it wasn’t just them who found coming to the vet tiring – the pets did too!

This Pomeranian had a tough time keeping its energy levels up after the vet had finished the checkup. It had found a comfortable sport afterward and fallen asleep while waiting for its owners.

An Adorable Outfit

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Many who have pets of their own know how much fun it can be to dress their pets up in exciting little outfits. They become even cuter with them on or, if owners are after that sort of thing, become funny depending on their outfit. This owner had gone for a cuter look when dressing their baby goat.

This vet was in awe of her coworker’s baby goat and was more than happy to have it brought in for a checkup. No one in their right mind would miss an opportunity like this to take such an adorable photo.

Patience Is a Virtue You Know!

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There are many animals that, when taken to the vet, absolutely lose their minds. They begin to pace and are not comfortable in the cages that they have to stay in before or after a procedure.

So, when you find a very gentlemanly cat that has plenty of patience like this one, you have to snap a photo of them. How cute is this little guy?!

Look at Me!

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Most calico kittens are female. We’re sure there’s a reason, but we have no idea, so the fact that this vet was able to take a picture of a male calico is not only adorable — but also pretty unique.

This adorable little furball is a one-of-a-kind kitten, and that makes him extra special on top of being so darn cute.

I Will Have My Revenge

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There are a lot of people that are either dog people or cat people. One of the reasons people choose dogs over cats might be because cats seem to have a little bit more attitude than dogs do.

This vet got the chance to actually take a picture of a perfect example — just look at that face. Though patient, you know somewhere in their mind, this cute little furball is planning their revenge.

Let’s Take a Nap

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There’s nothing scarier for anyone than going in for surgery. But, when you can’t share your concerns with the doctor because you speak two different languages, that makes it even scarier.

Still, this veterinary clinic has a special way of taking care of their pups and other animals after surgery. Not only does the vet get a little sleep, but the dog gets some cuddles, which always makes recovery easier.

I’m Here for You

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Sometimes we just need a little reassurance and so do our pets. So, after a complex surgery, having the doctor curl up next to you to give you a little love has got to be comforting. Plus, it gives the other vet techs the opportunity to take pictures like this.

How adorable is this, and why is this not this guy’s dating profile picture? We are sure he’d get tons of messages if it were!

Howl at the Moon

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There are a lot of majestic creatures that live in the wild. Some of them have tragically been hunted to near extinction, and others have found a way to survive. This little wolf pup is proof of this.

How cute and calm is this little guy?! This vet is so lucky to be able to handle such a beautiful animal. Doesn’t that face just make you want to cuddle up with him?


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Though you may not get a chance to see them very often, trust us when we say that beavers are super cute animals. Sure — they can be very territorial, and we are sure even vicious occasionally, but their little faces just make you want to kiss them.

Don’t believe us? Take a look at this little guy who seems to be saying hello and smiling big for the camera.

Do You Smell Something?

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Skunks get a bad rep when it comes to being a pet. Most people only consider the fact that when in danger or scared, they release a little bit of an odor that can’t be gotten rid of. That doesn’t mean they can’t make excellent pets, though.

This loving little skunk is all about this vet. We bet the vet is glad that he got a picture of this so that he could show people that there’s no need to fear the skunk.

Time Out!

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Sometimes just like in every other situation, extreme measures have to be taken. There are some pets that have sharp teeth and, when afraid, lash out and bite. So, it appears that this vet had dealt with something like this before and created a unique way to handle it.

This little lizard seems to have gotten a little violent and has been put in a lizard timeout. By doing this, the vet can take this cute image and be able to ensure the X-rays are correctly handled.

This Is Not Cool

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There are just some puppies that have a face that can melt your heart. Whether that’s with joy or with sadness is dependent on the situation. For this little puppy, looking into those eyes makes us sad to the point that we just want to cuddle up to him.

Though we’re sure that this vet is taking good care of the pup, it’s clear that this little fella isn’t happy about being there. We hope that his human gives him a treat after all is said and done.


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Just like humans, every pet has a personality. Sometimes they are serious, and other times they are affectionate, and occasionally you get one that’s a little goofy. Clearly, this dog falls in that category.

But, so does the vet tech apparently, as it seems that this woman is trying to imitate this hilarious face that the dog has. This definitely makes for an Instagrammable moment! It seems to us that this visit to the vet is going pretty well, or is it?

You Have a Little Something Right There

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There are many different sizes of dogs in the world. And each one has a lot of love to give, but when the dog is as tall as you are, that love can be a lot. This pup is clearly happy about his experience at the vet’s office and is trying to show his appreciation.

Either that or she has some food on her face that he’s trying to clean up. Either way, this picture is super adorable!

Hold Me

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Sometimes when you go to the doctor or — in this case — a vet, you just need someone to give you a little reassurance that everything is going to be OK. One of the best ways to do that is to give that person, or animal, a good hug.

That’s exactly what this vet is doing for this cat, and though they still look a little scared, we bet they aren’t as fearful as they used to be.

Get Him!

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What do you do when you’re a vet that has to deal with a whole litter of Great Danes? These hyperactive pups all want attention, and this vet has figured out how to make sure that happens. We’re not sure this is safe, but it’s definitely cute.

By backing up against the wall, he made sure they could only approach from one direction and then began the loving.

That’s a Good One

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Dogs and humans have a special bond, and though there are many that think that dogs don’t have a sense of humor, they would be wrong. All they would have to do is take a look at this picture to see that clearly, something got this pit bull laughing.

It’s a pretty epic and adorable picture and just makes us wonder what exactly started the laughing fit for both the vet and the pup.

How Do I Look?

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It’s hard when you can’t be there when someone you love is going under the knife. That’s why when looking for a vet, finding one that really understands this is crucial. Clearly, this pet owner found a good vet.

Though it’s probably scary for her to be thinking about her cat going into surgery, this picture is not only cute but should give her a little bit of security, knowing that her pet is well cared for.

This Is My Good Side

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Though the personality may change from cat to cat, each one has its own unique one. Sometimes they are goofy and other times, like this beautiful gentleman, they are a little regal. But even still, they are cute.

This little guy got a trip around the vet office, and at the end, he wanted to pose for everyone to take his picture so they could remember him.

Shhh, I’m Trying to Nap

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Just like with humans, when a pet is under stress and anxiety, it can be very exhausting. So, when they are done with their vet visits, sometimes they just need to take a little nap. This guy seems to have found a comfortable spot to do just that.

Luckily for the vet, they found him lying in this cute position and quickly reacted by whipping their phone out and taking a snapshot so they could look at this adorable picture later.

Freaky Friday

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Being a vet sometimes can be pretty strenuous and taxing on the nerves. So, that means that sometimes you just have to let go and have a little fun. It appears that this vet tech completely understands that idea.

Having a little photoshoot in a freaky Friday motif may just be the thing to lighten up the mood, and it also made this adorable picture possible.


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There are a lot of tasks that need to be done, and sometimes you need both hands to complete them when you work in a veterinary clinic. So, what do you do when you have a patient who is a little clingy?

If you’re this vet, you pick a pocket and set them in it. The bonus is eventually, someone will snap a picture of all the cuteness.

Handfuls of Joy

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What do you do when you have a ton of adorable kittens who just won’t leave you alone? Can you try to carry them around and find places for them to hang out? Will you get your job done?

Of course, you don’t want to put them away in the kennel because how much fun would that be? Just look at this person who has handfuls of joy. It’s clear that this is the way to go.

This Is Wild

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It isn’t only the vets that get the opportunity to play with some pretty amazing animals. Even the office staff has time to get in on the cuteness and cuddles, even from the most unexpected types of pets.

This young receptionist must have felt like she was living out her childhood dreams of being in The Lion King when she got to play with this adorable little cub.

Just a Tiger!

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Can you imagine being told to be careful because a tiger cub was lounging around the corner? Of course, we’re sure that this little guy isn’t really dangerous, but it would definitely make for an interesting day to have him lounging around the office.

However, this adorable little tiger cub seems to like the camera because it’s almost as if he’s posing for it. The cat is probably pretty happy that nowadays, everybody carries the camera in their pockets.

Hopping Adorable

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How many professions give you the opportunity to hold a handful of cuteness like this in your hand? There are not many, so we’re sure that this vet feels pretty lucky and loves their job. We know we would.

We wonder what type of bunny this is because it’s seriously so cute and so fluffy. We are sure that this image, if put on her Instagram feed, racked in millions of likes almost instantaneously.

Look at That Face!

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Puppies are just naturally cute. But, there are certain breeds of puppies that are even cuter, like this little wrinkled face guy. Who wouldn’t want to cuddle up with this adorable little bulldog, especially when you find out his name is Norman.

We can understand completely why this person loves their job. Not only do they get to help animals, but they also get to take adorable pictures with them as well.

Oh, Dear!

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Wildlife is gorgeous when you get to see it in its natural habitat. But, when you get to see it up close and personal, it’s a whole other experience. This vet got to do that with this adorable deer.

Now, she has a one-of-a-kind memory of this picture that not everyone has, which is a beautiful thing. We wish we could be so lucky and have this amazing experience!

Excuse Me!

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Puppies are not known for their patience, but this little guy seems to have it in spades! Either that or, like his owner says, he has a little crush on the doctor — which we can all understand as they do see each other regularly.

We just hope he’s sitting far enough from the door to let her back in without any issues. Even still, this little guy sure is adorable.

I Got Your Back

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You have a little ball of adorableness on your shoulder. This little kitten seems to have found her spot and is not willing to give it up no matter what. So, that makes this vet tech job a little more difficult, but she found a way to handle it.

This adorable picture shows that they put the kitten on watch duty, and the cute furball is taking it pretty seriously.

Give Me a Kiss

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Dogs love to show their gratitude and affection in a whole slew of different ways. One of these is, of course, by giving you big slobbery kisses. This dog seems to be pretty grateful to this vet for what he does for him.

Or maybe the vet is just trying to distract the pup so they can get all the tests done for their checkup. Either way, it makes for one adorable picture.

How May I Help You?

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It seems like you have to compete with more and more people for jobs these days. You know it’s bad when you lose your job to a person that can’t even speak. But then again, when they are this cute, we might understand the decision.

It seems that this vet has chosen to bring their pet to work, and the adorable golden retriever has found their new calling.

Sinking Suspicions

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Sometimes animals, just like humans, look to find a place they feel safe when in a stressful situation. One of the places many feel the most anxious is, of course, at the doctor. These cats seem to be looking for that safe place right now.

Unfortunately, they found their place, and it was the same one. It might not be the most comfortable for them, but it definitely makes for an adorable picture for the vet.

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead are entirely coincidental