Identical Men With Same Name Wonder If Parents Lied, DNA Test Reveals The Truth

Brady Feigl and Brady Feigl stood looking at each other as they waited for the DNA test results to come in.


Brady Feigl and Brady Feigl stood looking at each other as they waited for the DNA test results to come in. The pair of them looked like the reflection of one person in the mirror. They had never grown up together yet had the same name and looked like twins.

As the results showed up, both their stomachs tensed with nerves. What had both their parent’s been hiding from them all these years?

Brady 1


Brady Feigl (who we’ll call Brady 1 to help with confusion) was born in Dallas, Texas, and had always had a passion for baseball. He was a tall and athletic guy and a straight-A student. His mom always loved to mention how good of a kid he was.

Brady loved his parents and trusted them implicitly. That was until he met Brady and rumors began to swirl.

Brady 2


Brady Feigl was a fun-loving class clown who had played baseball as long as he was able to walk. He grew up in Heuston, Texas. His parents had adopted him as a baby and had been very good to him.

He always wondered about his birth parents and whether or not he had any siblings. Then he met Brady and he knew that somehow they must have been connected.

Meeting Through Baseball


Brady and Brady both kept up baseball throughout their teen years and got into college at the University of Texas in Arlington. Brady 1 majored in political science and Brady 2 majored in accountancy.

Both of their real passions, however, were baseball and they both went on to play for the Texas Rangers in Arlington. When they first met each other, they knew that they had a past connection instantly.

Which Is Which?


Their coach, coach Johnson found the two identical in every way players hilarious at first. Then after a while, the joke became old and he started to finding coaching the matching redheads increasingly confusing.

He would find himself becoming annoyed every time he called on their names and they both replied. One day out of frustration he said “you guys really have to figure out if you’re related or not because you’re both equally as annoying!”. The two men looked at one another and realized that they were far more alike than just their name and appearance. It couldn’t be a coincidence.

Butt Of The Joke


Their teammates loved making jokes about the two identical redheads. They started calling them Fred and George to differentiate them after Ron Weasley’s twin redheaded brothers from Harry Potter. Brady 2 was a joker and the two of them played up to it and found it hilarious.

That was until the jokes started to become serious.

Too Close To Home


As the Fred and George jokes continued with their teammates, the two redheads started to think about the possibility that they may genuinely be related. When a teammate’s joke went too far where he insinuated the two of them shared the same mom, they knew this was starting to go a bit far.

It was at that moment they both knew they had to get to the bottom of this.

Possible Brothers?


The two Brady’s sat down together after their teammate’s cutting jokes and discussed the possibility that they might actually be brothers or even twins. They were, after all, the same height, they both wore glasses and even had a similar sense of humor.

Their only difference was their eye color, Brady 2’s eyes were blue and Brady 1’s were hazel, however, Brady 2 was adopted and Brady 1’s mother had blue eyes. When they were offered an opportunity to see had their parents lied, they jumped at the opportunity.

Help From Their Fans


The two matching players had become fan favorites with the Texas Rangers fans. Their fans were so obsessed with the possibility that the two were related that they set up a Kickstarter to pay for a DNA test.

The Kickstarter reached its target and the players were approached about doing the test. The two men agreed to it and knew that this was the defining moment of their relationship

The Results Are In


Brady and Brady gave saliva samples and their tests were sent away for analysis. They knew that the results would be lifechanging. They had been dogged with rumors of them being twins separated at birth for years.

They were visibly nervous as they read the first results. They couldn’t believe it. Identical men Brady Feigl and Brady Feigl were absolute no relation. However, the results showed them that they did have many similarities.

Detailed Results


When they looked through their ancestry DNA, the two Feigl’s could see that they both had the exact same amount of Germanic ancestry at 53% each. That was most likely where their matching surname came from. Brady 2, however, had more Irish ancestry while Brady 1 had some Italian.

The two players were taken aback by the results but were glad their parents hadn’t lied to them. However, they were still connected in one very important way.

Connected Forever


The two men have become very close friends throughout the years and still have the nicknames, Fred and George, which their coach now used to differentiate them. Their experience of having a DNA test together has bonded them forever.

Despite not actually being blood-related, the redheaded baseball stars still consider each other their brother forever.