2 Days After Reporter Vanishes, Her Family Received A Cryptic Tip About Chick-Fil-A



Around 100,000 persons go missing in the United States each year. Usually, the search and rescue procedures are pretty straightforward for the authorities.

Although at times, the case gets solved with the help of the public. When a Texas woman didn’t arrive home from work, help came from the most unexpected source. The police ran out of leads, but eventually, one clue would be enough to solve the case.

Passionate About Football

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Courtney was a huge fan of football. Just like most of her fellow Texans, the sport was a huge part of her life.

She was a huge supporter of her college football team while studying at Texas A&M University. She would never miss a game and she was always present at their home base. But what would her future bring? Would she still pursue her passion for sports?

Career Choice

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Courtney had always treated sports like they were a big part of her life, but when she began her studies, she started thinking seriously about her future. Would sports play a part in it? Or should it be just a hobby?

She studied journalism and communication and she soon began to look into how to apply her expertise in her career path. She even tried looking for a way to combine her love for sports with her new degree when deciding which job she should apply for. But it wasn’t easy.

Finding Her Way

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After a long period of job searching, Courtney managed to get a job as an intern at the local television station, KPRC Click 2 Houston. Soon afterward, she was hired by the media company Rivals.com.

During her time there, she got more experience in the sports media and managed to score more reporting jobs. Thanks to all that experience, Courtney was hired as the host of Mossy Oak, an outdoor television program. That will mark her real beginning in the world of sports media and also put her on a path that would lead to risky situations.

Going Back


Although she had secured a steady job, her heart still belonged to the world of football. Football was her first love after all.

So her passion for this wonderful sport led her to take reporting jobs for her old college sports team. She began dreaming of reaching fame as a reporter, but she would soon be famous for totally different reasons.

The Beginning


One day in the middle of winter, Courtney attended the tryouts for the Team Texas Elite. Some people had seen her go home in an Uber car right after the event ended.

There were no witnesses of her arrival though. But there were clear signs that she managed to get home safely that day. But when her roommate arrived home later in the evening, Courtney was gone. Her car was gone too. Did she leave somewhere or did something much worse happen?

Worrying Text

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When her roommate got home that evening, she just thought Courtney was out partying or hanging out with some friends. She was a people person and loved going, and her roommate knew that.

But right after midnight, Courtney sent her roommate a text that gave her chills. Courtney had been followed home by a blue truck and because she was worried for her safety she went to the Walgreens place. What could this mean?

No Sign

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As anyone would, her roommate kept asking questions about what happened. What car? Who followed her?

But no matter how many times she tried, Courtney didn’t reply to her texts. She didn’t answer her phone anymore either. Her roommate decided to just wait for a while, maybe she’d be back home soon or reply when she would get a chance. But Courtney’s first text about the blue car would be the last text her friend received from her.

Getting Authorities Involved

Twitter / CourtneyRivals

Courtney’s roommate fell asleep that fateful night waiting for her. But she never made it back. She realized that Courtney’s car was gone too.

As soon as she woke up she reached for her phone and alerted Courtney’s family. They all waited until that afternoon. But when she still didn’t show, they went to the police and filed a missing person report. They didn’t know what else to do.

Asking For Help

YouTube / KHOU 11 News Houston

The police were quick to act and began searching for Courtney. But there were no other signs or clues they could work with besides what her roommate knew. They had no idea what happened. At least not yet.

Because they were desperate to find anything about what happened, they went to the local television station KHOU11 and made a video plea asking people to help in the search for their beloved Courtney. Would this actually work?


Twitter / CourtneyRivals

Since the plea was going out to the general public, Courtney’s father made a show of compassion by letting the possible captor know how they felt. “If somebody has her, we just want to tell them that we love you too,” he said. “And I know Courtney would be praying for you because that’s the way she was.

She cared about other people.” he continued hoping to get them to return her.

No Sign

Twitter / CourtneyRivals

The family hoped the message would help but despite the broadcast, there was still no sign of her whereabouts or information from the public. The longer it took, the more concerned the police and her family became.

It became increasingly unlikely that she would be found safe and sound.


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Despite the obvious challenges, the police searched for answers. They even went back to the places where Courtney had last been seen.

Finally, the Houston PD got a break while combing the area. They found her car outside the Galleria shopping mall.

Empty Car


Finding the car didn’t end the story there though. There was no sign of her despite all her belongings still being in the car.

Her phone was in the car though it had gone flat after her last message. They still had no idea why she would have left it all behind and not returned home.


Facebook / thetab

By this time the entire community knew about Courtney’s disappearance so everyone in the area was on high alert.

Fortunately, someone has observant enough and noticed a young blonde woman who looked a lot like Courtney at a nearby Chick-Fil-A.


YouTube / KHOU 11 News Houston

The customer watched her carefully and realized that something was wrong. The girl was confused and disoriented and seemed to be searching for something.

This all made the customer suspicious and led them to call the police who rushed to the scene immediately.

Second Sighting

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The police were on the scene shortly after the call but by that time the girl was gone. They started to search the area and soon had another stroke of good luck.

A second call came in talking about a disoriented blonde girl they thought might be Courtney along the I-610 interstate.