Buy These 2018 Trending Holiday Toys Before They Sell Out!

From Hatchimals to Paw Patrol fire trucks, these best-selling holiday toys are selling fast! Read on to find out which toys you should be buying.

Christmas is drawing closer and all talk is on which holiday toys are the hottest pick for the big day. This year is all about interactive pet toys and unboxing. From Hatchimals to Paw Patrol Fire Trucks, these best-selling holiday toys are set to fly off the shelves.

Check out these most in-demand holiday toys that you need to buy before they sell out!

25.) L.O.L. Surprise! Series 3 Collectible Doll

l.o.l. surprise collectible doll inside a ball | holiday toys

L.O.L. Surprise! / Amazon

The unboxing craze is in full throttle and L.O.L Surprise! is on top of the game. Unbox five layers of fun and discover a surprise in each layer. There are 35+ to collect. That’s hours of fun to be had with many layers of surprises.

Aged 6+

$14.08 at Amazon

24.) L.O.L. Surprise Under Wraps Doll

l.o.l. surprise dolls holiday toys with bottle

L.O.L. Surprise! / Amazon

Here’s another of L.O.L. Surprise’s on-demand unboxing creations that every girl in the know has at the top of her holiday list. Unbox each layer and use the spyglass to find secret clues. Solve the clues and uncover the mystery of who is inside.

Aged 6+

$13.88 at Amazon

23.) Fingerlings HUGS Interactive Baby Monkey

the best holiday toys on the market | a purple fingerlings hugs

WowWee / Amazon

We’ve all heard of Fingerlings (if not, where have you been?); now there are Fingerlings Hugs, too! This baby monkey interactive plush is made for those who love a good hug and a bit of a giggle as this monkey toots, laughs and burps.

Lucy from Real Mum Reviews reviewed Fingerlings Hugs. These are her thoughts:

“I love the fact that he is a cuddly, comforting toy as well as being fun and interactive. I predict that these are going to be a big hit with little ones this Christmas, so if you want to avoid disappointment, it may be worth checking them out and stashing them away early for Father Christmas!”

Aged 36 months+

$29.99 at Amazon

22.) Hairdorable Collectible Doll and Accessories

the perfect holiday toys for girls hairdorable doll with accessories

Hairdorable / Amazon

Big hair doesn’t care is the motto of a Hairadorable doll. Each Hairadorable doll comes with 15 stylish surprises to keep that budding hairdresser occupied over the holidays and beyond.

Aged 3+

$38.99 at Amazon

21.)  Hatchibabies Hatching Egg with Interactive Pets

hatchibabies hatching egg with interactive pet baby is one of the hottest holiday toys

Hatchimals / Amazon

This holiday is all about the Hatchimals toys. If you don’t want to give your child a real pet this holiday, why not opt for a Hatchimal? Your children can hatch them, feed them and love them. And HatchiBabies stay babies forever!

Sarah from Run, Jump, Scrap reviewed a HatchiBaby with her daughter:

“For us, BY FAR, the most exciting things were placing the egg down on a flat surface and watching it rock from side to side. This was so cool and made you think it was a real animal, dying to get out.”

Aged 4+

$39.97 at Amazon

20.) Hatchimals CollEGGtible 12-Pack Egg Carton

a 12 pack egg carton by hatchimals makes a great holiday toy for kids

Hatchimals / Amazon

Why have one Hatchimal when you can have 12? This egg-carton contains 10 Hatchimals and 2 swanlings. These super cute translucent creatures will make your child smile and are even more adorable when placed on a light.

Aged 5+

$15.99 at Amazon

19.) Fisher-Price Jurassic World T-Rex Dinosaur

best holiday toys for dinosaur lovers | fisher-price jurassic world t-rex

Fisher-Price / Amazon

I mean, what child doesn’t love a good dinosaur toy? This Jurassic World T-Rex will definitely be a hit and possibly one of the best holiday toys you can give this year. Recreate all the Jurrasic World action in the comfort of your own home. ROAR!

Aged 36 months+

$99 at Amazon

18.) Neon CollEGGtibles Nightglow 12-Pack Carton

holiday toys that glow: these neon hatchimals are cute

Hatchimals / Amazon

You’ve guessed it, it’s another set of Hatchimals! However, these guys glow with full-on neon colorful glory. Carefully rub the egg’s purple heart until it turns pink, press down, crack the shell and meet your adorable little friend!

Aged 5+

$19.99 at Amazon

17.) Beaker Creatures Reactor Super Lab

top-choice holiday toys for the learner scientist | kid experimenting with beakers

Learning Resources

This holiday toy has been made for the inquisitive scientist in the family. For the child who loves to learn, this 15-piece scientific set can be used to create your very own beaker creatures to love and enjoy.

Gadget Girl reviewed the Beaker Creatures Reactor Super Lab for Raising Nerds. This is what she had to say:

“It’s a science toy with reactor balls that dissolve into little collectible animals when you add water. It’s a fun chemistry experiment without the big mess!”

Aged 5+

$24.99 at Amazon

16.) Fingerlings Raptor Interactive Dinosaur

boy with his raptor fingerlings holiday toys

WowWee / Amazon

Fingerlings have moved into dinosaurs! Razor the Untamed Raptor is a finger-sized friend that reacts to sound, motion and touch. Hear your raptor roar, chomp and release gas with just the sound of your voice or touch of a finger.

Aged 5+

$14.99 at Amazon

15.) Pikachu Power Action Plush

child with one of his favorite holiday toys, pikachu

Pokemon / Amazon

With the new Pokemon movie soon to be released, anything featuring the infamous Pikachu is on the up. This little Pikachu has a light-up tail and cheeks and he even talks when he is shaken. It’s an awesome interactive light-up toy that is also cozy and cuddly.

Aged 3+

$24.99 at Amazon

14.) Fisher-Price Think and Learn Rocktapus

fisher-price releases brilliant holiday toys | this girl is playing with her rocktopus

Fisher-Price / Amazon

The Fisher-Price Learn Rocktapus contains 15 musical instruments with 5 musical styles in one amazing toy. Let your little ones create some music that you both can dance to like no one is watching.

Lauren from Sothern Mommas tried out the Rocktapus; this is what she said:

“This has been by far one of the best things we have gotten for my godchild in I don’t know how long! He was entertained for hours, all while actually learning! What is better than an educational toy?”

Aged 36 months+

$47.88 at Amazon

13.) Paw Patrol My Size Lookout Tower

paw patrol my size lookout tower with vehicle holiday toys

Nickelodeon / Amazon

If your little one is a fan of the Paw Patrol TV show, then this is the toy for them. Standing over 2 1/2 feet tall, this Paw Patrol My Size Lookout Tower has hours of action-packed adventure fun all within one toy. Complete with lights, sounds, elevator and rotation carousel for the vehicles, this lookout tower will be the WOW gift of the holidays.

Aged 36 months+

$69.77 at Amazon

12.) Treasure X Adventure Pack

buying holiday toys | what you get in a treasure x adventure pack

Treasure X / Amazon

As they say, X marks the spot, and this fun and exciting way to dig for treasure will be sure to please your little treasure hunter. Unbox the adventure pack through 10 layers of fun to reveal a collectible treasure hunter figure.

Aged 5+

$8.89 at Amazon

11.) Lost Kitties Multipack

lost kitties multipack box is one of the top holiday toys

Hasbro / Amazon

Each pack contains five lost kitty figures, and children have to guess what is hidden inside. Watch your children’s eyes sparkle with delight as they dig through the colorful clay to find out which lost kitty will be revealed.

Aged 5+

$14.88 at Amazon

10.) Little Tikes Stem Jr. Wonder Lab

holiday toys little tikes stem jr. wonder lab

Little Tikes

Designed for preschoolers, the Little Tikes Stem Jr. Wonder Lab features science, technology, engineering, and math learning all in one. Watch your child learn, create and discover to their heart’s content with 20 fun experiments available.

Mom Lauren of Heart off Deborah reviewed the Little Tikes Stem Jr. Wonder Lab:

“It is a great toy to increase your kid’s curiosity and love for science and mathematics. The experiments make learning about STEM fun and engaging. We were also thrilled with the kid-friendly lab manual. It gives age-appropriate explanations for things like chemical reactions and circuits.”

Aged 24 months+

$97 at Amazon

9.) Barbie DreamHouse

girl playing with her best holiday toy, barbie's dream house

Barbie / Amazon

A veteran in the toy world, Barbie and the DreamHouse have been around for many years. This new 3-foot tall and 4-foot wide impressive house features a working elevator and a pool with a slide. Barbie will want to move in straight away!

Aged 36 months+

$179 at Amazon

8.) Air Hogs

air hogs should be on your holiday toys list

Air Hogs / Amazon

Throw the Air Hogs Supernova in the air; it will fly straight away, and it can be controlled with just your hands, just like magic! The gravity-defying orb can be played with solo or with friends and passed around once you have mastered the skills of orb control.

Aged 8+

$39.99 at Amazon

7.) Harry Potter’s Training Wand

harry potter's training wand in box is one of the holiday toys we all need

Harry Potter / Amazon

Finally, your invitation to Hogwarts has arrived, so you’re going to have to get yourself a wand! This Harry Potter training wand will do just the trick. Read the spell training guide provided to help master 11 different wizarding spells.

Aged 8+

$24.99 at Amazon


6.) Peppa Pig Fair Playset

holiday toys you need: peppa pig's fair playset

Atley Baker Davis / Entertainment One / Amazon

Peppa Pig lovers unite! This is the ultimate of all the holiday toys for Peppa Pig lovers from around the world. Imaginations will run wild as you watch your child play with Peppa and George in this fun fair play set.

Aged 24 months+

$58.95 at Amazon


5.) Paw Patrol Ultimate Rescue Fire Truck

paw patrol ultimate rescue fire truck is one of the must-have holiday toys of 2018

Paw Patrol / Amazon

The awesome Paw Patrol is back on this list with their ultimate fire truck with flashing lights and sounds. Children will love to come to the rescue at the sign of an emergency. It’s one of the best holiday toys that will be played with again and again.

Aged 3+

$44.44 at Amazon

4.) Orbeez Wowzer Surprise

stuck for ideas for holiday toys? this orbeez wowzer surprise makes a perfect gift

Orbeez / Amazon

A magical pet is hidden away inside an orb. Add water inside to reveal which character has been received. Your children will believe it’s real magic happening before their eyes.

Tabby’s Pantry reviewed the Orbeez Wowzer Surprise:

“I love that when you empty out the water it goes back and you can do it over and over again. You can also take out your new buddy to play and the Orbeez.”

Aged 6+

$5.99 at Amazon

3.) Ryan World Surprise Mystery Egg

Ryan holding his Ryan World Surprise Egg holiday toys

Ryan / Amazon

The talented Ryan has his own YouTune channel, and boy, is it popular: so much so he’s branched out into his own toys. The surprise mystery egg holds goodies such as slime and putty, a limited edition squishy, a plush, a light-and-sound vehicle and more.

Aged 3 months+

$82.50 at Amazon

2.) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Epic Lair Playset

boy holding one of his holiday toys a teenage mutant ninja turtle lair playset

Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles / Amazon

The heroes in a half shell are back in business and are making a comeback with this epic lair playset. Watch Splinter and the turtles train and, of course, eat pizza in this giant holiday toy. Cowabunga, dude!

Aged 4+

$109.99 at Amazon

1.) Little Live Scruff-A-Luvs

group of girls playing with their scruff-a-luvs holiday toys

Little Live / Amazon

The Scruff-A-Luv pet has been left unloved and abandoned and needs to be rehomed and rescued. It’s a holiday toy that will bring love and pleasure to anyone. Wash the pet; reveal if it’s a cat, dog or rabbit; dry and groom them and then love the Scruff-A-Luv for life!

Aged 5+

$26.98 at Amazon

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Buy These 25 Trending Holiday Toys Before They Sell Out!