Travel Medical Insurance: Parasites and Diseases You May Encounter While Traveling

Sadly, sometimes travel isn't all fun and adventure. Follow these steps to protect yourself against dangerous medical risks before and during travel, and find out how travel medical insurance can help you.

Stay vigilant against infectious diseases while traveling abroad. Specific parasites and diseases vary by region. Avoid vacation interruptions from illness with proper precautions. Travel medical insurance offers valuable protection.

Practice prevention to minimize sickness during travel. Enjoy your trip without worrying about health issues. Pair with a comprehensive travel insurance plan for added peace of mind.

What Travel Medical Insurance Covers

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Travel insurance typically covers emergency medical expenses. Research country-specific risks for effective infection prevention.

If illness occurs, your policy ensures care. Upon enrollment, receive local medical service information for added security.

Country-Specific Health Risks

Always research health risks for your travel destinations. The CDC offers valuable information on health risks and required vaccinations. Travel notices and concern levels are posted for each country.

Beware of parasites causing illness through water and food. Diseases range from traveler’s diarrhea to yellow fever. Stay informed about common infectious diseases to avoid while traveling.

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  • Yellow fever, a mosquito-borne virus, is prevalent in South America and Africa. Vaccination provides lifelong protection.
  • Malaria, from infected mosquito bites, requires prescription medication before, during, and after high-risk area travel.
  • Zika virus, dangerous for pregnant women, spreads through mosquitoes. CDC lists affected Caribbean, African, and Central American countries.
  • Typhoid fever, spread by contaminated food and water, necessitates vaccination before visiting high-risk areas like Africa, Latin America, and Southeast Asia.


  • Giardia, in contaminated food and water, thrives in poor sanitation areas, causing abdominal and digestive pain.
  • Crypto, a microscopic parasite from animals, causes diarrhea in humans when ingested, often through unfiltered water.

Vaccinations are available for many diseases. If exposed while traveling, contact your travel medical insurance provider for assistance.

How to Practice Safety Precautions While Traveling

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Stay prepared for health risks through education, precaution, and insurance. Follow safety precautions to reduce infection chances:

  1. Get vaccinated for diseases
  2. Wash hands thoroughly
  3. Avoid undercooked meat and unwashed produce
  4. Don’t drink tap water or use ice from tap water
  5. Be cautious with street food
  6. Choose swimming locations wisely
  7. Don’t wash food with contaminated water

Adhere to these general guidelines and region-specific advice for a healthy and enjoyable travel experience.