Top 5 Ways to Save on Electric Using Solar Power

Solar powered products are the future to get any electricity. Check out these solar-powered products that will save you money in the long run!

The rumors are true. You really can buy anything online. Take solar powered products ranging from full-scale solar panels and light bulbs shining with UV ray power. You can find both of these online and have them delivered in a day or two. Now nothing can prevent you from saving money on electricity when choosing to go solar. To jumpstart your solar power transition, here is five of the best ways to save money with solar powered products.

Solar Power Starter Kit

Get off the grid with solar power using a starter kit that includes everything you need to power up your cabin, boat, trailer or RV. Take the Renogy Solar Starter Kit featuring 100 watt, 12 volt mono crystalline solar cells. This solar kit costs less than $200 and comes with most of what you need to get started using solar power, including a solar panel and controller. You will need to buy a solar chargeable battery separately.

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Solar Power Inverter Battery

Next on your list you’ll want to pick up a solar panel-chargeable battery pack. The 100 watt portable generator by Paxcess is also a power inverter and battery pack that runs on solar power. It is an ideal match for the 100 watt Renogy Solar Starter Kit. You charge up the battery using solar energy from your solar panel. This energy is converted so you can access it via USB, 12V or AC outlets. In other words, with this battery converter pack you can run your lights, watch TV, work on your laptop, and charge your smartphone.

It comes with various adapters including a car adapter, cigarette lighter adapter, and wall adapter. However, to directly charge up the battery from a solar panel you’ll need to pick up a MC4 connector solar panel adapter. By the way, this portable generator/battery only weights 3.3 pounds, which is perfect for use in a trailer, boat, or RV where you want to minimize weight.

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Solar Power AA Batteries

Why stop at a car battery-sized solar converter? After all, you need AA batteries, too. This is where the Tenergy AA NiCd solar power batteries come into play. These rechargeable batteries are perfect for any AA battery need including cameras, handheld video games, and smoke detectors.

However the real use is for solar lights, such as deck lighting or outdoor solar light stakes. When you use these AA rechargeable batteries in solar powered devices, the batteries recharge using the solar energy. You can use these rechargeable batteries for up to two years before you have to replace them.

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Solar Power Phone Charger

If you need solar power on the go, then a portable solar panel is a top pick. Rather than choosing one of those solar panel charger blocks that fit in your pocket, opt for something more useful. The RAVPower Solar Charger is a waterproof solar panel that folds up to the size of a notebook at 9.41 x 6.3 x 0.2 inches folded. It also has four practical hooks so you can mount your solar panel in any direction best suited for the sun’s rays.

Unfold your solar panel charger and capture solar energy with a 16 watt charger that weights less than one pound. The charger has a transition efficiency of up to 23.5 percent. To access all of that stored energy the solar charger features two USB charging ports, along with iSmart technology that optimizes how much energy is provided for whatever handheld device you charge.

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Solar Power Light Bulb

Along with batteries, light bulbs are one of the most costly and eco-destructive you will need for your everyday life. Thankfully solar power has been harnessed to help you out. Check out the LightMe Portable Solar LED Bulb Light. This light bulb comes with its own photovoltaic solar panel that captures solar energy for powering up the bulb. It features a 3.7 volt lithium battery that provides up to five hours of light energy.

The light bulb serves as a portable lamp that can be used anywhere. While the light bulb is not waterproof, uses include emergencies and blackouts, as well as indoor and camp lighting. As for the amount of light it produces, expect something similar to a 15 watt conventional bulb.

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Thanks to the advancements of solar technology you don’t have to get a second job just to go solar. Best of all, you can start saving money, while you help the environment by reducing your electric energy consumption.