Top 5 Things You Need in Your Car

If you spend a lot of time in your car, you are aware that it is so easy to get your car messy and dirty. Often people who drive a lot have food trash, work supplies and lots of papers and books. If they like listening to music, they have CDs. And if you are a parent, your car is even harder to keep clean and tidy. Kids bring messes wherever they go. Then there are some things that make road trips so much easier. Spending long hours in the car means there are few stops to clean the car out or to get food and drink. Therefore, this list is a compilation of the top 5 things you should have in your car to make your cleanup and general lifestyle easier.

1. Car Trunk Organizer

For those who consistently carry a lot of smaller items with them in the car daily, this Car Trunk Organizer is a terrific add-on. The organizer is lightweight and easy to clean due to its waterproof fabric. You can use it to store groceries for a bumpy ride home. You can also organize items you carry with you in the car regularly so they stay together and clean. When you don’t need it, this organizer folds flat. So you can keep it in your trunk all the time for immediate use. It has a lot of smaller pockets and compartments to separate items and make them easy to find. It is quite durable and will stay in place for your belongings.

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2. Car Seat Protector

Adding Car Seat Protectors to your car’s interior is a wise decision, especially if you often eat in your car or have children who do. Car Seat Protectors can protect any seat in the car or you can get enough to cover all of your seats. Primary seats to cover are the driver and front passenger seats because they are generally the most used, however back seats that have children in them regularly can use covers too. Kids may eat in the car and drop things below their seat. You can also put a seat protector under an infant/toddler car seat to keep dirt away from the actual car seat material. The protectors can be removed at any time for cleaning or vacuuming. If you have children who like to participate in sports, Car Seat Protectors can keep mud and grime from their clothing off of your car. The protectors also protect against animal hair and make vacuuming the car much easier.

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3. Smartphone Car Mount

Smartphones have become more than just phones for most people. They are like mini-computers and you can check email, research online, chat, or check your calendar from just one device. Taking them with you when you travel is a must, however it is not safe to have your attention off the road nor your hands occupied with your phone. To avoid these safety issues, you can mount your smartphone on your dashboard with a Smartphone Car Mount. Since you can see the phone and the windshield at the same time, you are in no more danger than looking at your car radio or touch screen. If you don’t want to use it as a driver, it can also be a good way to let your kids use your phone while you are driving without having to hold it themselves.

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4. Waterproof Car Garbage Bag

It’s a lot easier keeping your car clean if you have a built-in garbage bag. This trash bag can be mounted on the back of a seat making it accessible to anyone in the car. It is waterproof so it won’t leak, and can store all of your trash until you unload it at your next stop. You can easily remove it from the car and wash it until you need it again for your next trip. This Waterproof Car Garbage Bag can be folded up and stored easily in your car or home. If you travel a lot, get two of them and trade them off. One will be clean whenever you need it.

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5. Seat Back Organizer and iPad Mini Holder

Family trips are a lot of fun, but sometimes the journey there isn’t. If you have kids in the car, they are constantly wondering “Are we there yet?” This Seat Back Organizer and iPad Mini Holder is a perfect solution to family travel boredom. Attach this to the back of your seat and store the iPad Mini, books, snacks, umbrella and tissues. Everything the kids need to keep them busy is at their fingertips. It is neatly stored and takes up very little room in your car. If you need these items in your hotel room later in the day, you can remove the entire organizer and hang it up in the room.

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