Top 5 Drink Necessities For Your Next Tailgate

Football season is in full swing and that means so is tailgating season. Impress your crew at the next game with these handy drink necessities.

Football season would not be the same without tailgating. Tailgating is a way of life for football fans. The pre-game tradition of enjoying food and drink with fellow tailgaters is almost as important as the game itself.

It is not uncommon to see extensive tailgating spreads in parking lots outside the stadium on game days. Some of the tailgaters have setups that put most people’s indoor entertainment rooms to shame. What is common is to see the same tailgaters settle for generic beer. Why settle for lukewarm beer when you go all out on game day? Make your tailgating party awesome with spiked drinks and craft beers.

To make fancy tailgating drinks, you’ll need the right supplies. Having the proper supplies on hand will make it easy to whip up tasty game day drinks. Here are the Top five drink necessities for your next tailgate.

5. Fun Drinking Glasses

Red solo cups, fun drinking devises and the good ole’ mason jars are all great for tailgating. They key is not to go cheap and focus on the fun, because no one wants to waste their margarita or bloody mary.

The Original Mason Tumbler Mug is an excellent choice for tailgating. It is ideal for serving cold drinks, as it is insulated. It comes with a stainless lid, holds up to 20 ounces and the smoothie-sized straw is perfect for blended drinks.  But why drink slowly, when you can drink like a real fan through a chugging mug or a drinking helmet.

4. Blender

You might not equate blended drinks with tailgating, but they are great for pre-game parties. Step up your game day by making delicious blended margaritas and mimosas. Keep your frozen drinks cold on game day with the Insulated Cold Pitcher. It holds 2 liters, which is about ten 8-ounce frozen drinks.

A cord free blender is another must-have for making frozen or blended drinks.  The Outdoors Vortex Blender can handle just about any ingredient you want to throw in. The stainless steel blades rotate exceptionally fast to deliver a smooth, evenly blended drink and all the power lives in your arm.  If you do not want to do any work we recommend the Tailgate Blender which plugs into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter.

Here are our top blender products.

3. Collapsible Cooler

With all of the gear you need for tailgating, space is probably a premium. Coolers are an essential, though. They come in handy for carrying ice, dishes and more. However, cramming a fully-loaded cooler into an already packed vehicle is a challenge. A collapsible cooler is a perfect solution. They fold completely flat for transport, so you can bring along a couple and fill them up when you get to your setup spot.

The Ultra Compact Cooler Smart Cart is perfect for tailgating as you can pack it full of libations and quickly pull it along to your parking spot. When you are done with it, just fold it up and throw it in your vehicle. It holds 36 cans plus ice and has zipper pockets on the front for extra storage. Best of all, when tailgating season is over you can use the Compact Cooler Smart Cart for outings to the beach or summer picnics.

2. Serving Tables and Accessories

Do not forget to bring a few serving tables.  Depending on how extensive your tailgate is the more space you will need to access that tailgate beverage.

We really like the Sorbus White Inflatable Serving Bar is a great way to keep your drinks cold. The great thing about this serving bar is that you can also use it as a buffet station. You merely inflate the cooling station, add ice and spread out your salads, snacks and drinks. It is large enough to fit several serving bowls and bottles. When the tailgate is over, just pull the drain plug to empty any water. Then, roll up the serving bar and store in a drawer until the next game.

1. Portable Bar

If you are serious about tailgating, then a portable bar is a must-have accessory. Forget about serving drinks from your tailgate, impress your guests and other tailgaters with a complete bar that you can set up in minutes.

The portable bar is a portable, lightweight bar that is perfect for tailgating. It takes less than one minute to set up and includes everything that you need to mix and serve drinks. There are several handy organizers to keep your flatware, bottles and cups nearby as you prepare drinks. The built-in cooler garage will accommodate most standard coolers. The Interior shelf is perfect for storing snacks and plastic dishware. It even comes with a portable carrying case, making it easy to fold up and carry back to your vehicle after the party is over.

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