Top 5 Steps to Make Your House Smarter

It's a brave new world of smart gadgets and friendly at-home virtual assistants. It's a lot to navigate (and enjoy!), so here are our best smart home tips to help you do just that.

Embrace the future with smart home tips to enhance convenience and intelligence. With innovations like pre-programmed thermostats, robot vacuums, and voice-activated lights, options are abundant. Start by identifying your priorities and researching compatible products to build your ideal smart home.

Here are our top five smart home tips needed to make your house smarter:

1.) Decide Your Command Preferences

Command Preferences - smart home tips

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A smart home doesn’t require a voice command hub. Many smart appliances have corresponding apps for control via phone or tablet. If voice activation isn’t your preference, simply use the apps to manage your devices.

2.) Get a Voice-Activated Device

Voice-activated devices - smart home tips

Voice-activated home automation has two major competitors: Amazon and Google.

Amazon Echo devices use AI assistant Alexa, compatible with numerous products for lighting, alarms, and more. Check our recommended products list for smart home ideas.

Google Home, introduced in 2016, works with Nest, Philips Hue bulbs, and SmartThings for lighting and temperature control. It excels in directions, local hotspots, and Uber requests. Its compatibility list will continue to expand.

3.) Choose Your Smart Home Products

smart home tips - Smart Products

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Determining which products to make “smart” depends on your lifestyle and preferences. Nest Cam from Google offers 24/7 audio and video recording with easy organization and a two-way mic.

Consider Wi-Fi or Bluetooth-controlled devices based on your usage. Bluetooth is better for on-the-go, while Wi-Fi is suitable for home use.

Smart TVs are another option, offering built-in apps and streaming services, eliminating the need for additional accessories. Just connect to Wi-Fi and download apps.

4.) Download the Correct Smart Home Apps

smart home tips - how to choose your smart home apps

When using voice activation, devices or appliances are controlled through a corresponding application. To set up, download Alexa or Google Home on your phone and sync your AI assistant with your smart devices. Without voice activation, simply download the apps directly to your phone or tablet and start using your smart home products.

Remember that not all smart speakers are compatible with every service. For example, Apple’s HomePod only works with Siri and won’t work for Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa users. Make sure to choose a smart speaker that aligns with the services and devices you plan to use.

5.) Set Parameters

smart home tips: set parameters

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Once you have the products and can control them, it’s time to set all your preferences. For some products, you won’t need to do anything except turn them off and on. However, if you have a thermostat or a home alarm system, then pre-setting alarm schedules or temperatures can prove useful.

By doing this, you can save yourself time and money by optimizing your thermostat to energy-efficient temperatures while you’re at work or asleep. As a bonus, you’ll save on your electric bill too.

In just five steps, you can make your home smarter and more efficient.

Making your house intelligent is easy when you know the right steps to get started. We are passionate about helping people find the best ways to do things and select the right products. If you have any questions about our expert recommendations and insights, then explore more of our website or contact us anytime.