Top 5 Smart Watches On The Market Right Now

If you are like most, your smartphone is the tool with which you organize your life. It has your calendar, contacts and it’s your way to access social media and keep up-to-date on what’s going on in the world. Smart watches allow you to bring this connectivity usually found only on your smartphone to your person and take it anywhere and everywhere. There are so many models to choose from, though, that selecting the one that will work for you can be difficult. The following are five smart watches you will be proud to own. Each of them has all the technical features you could want as well as the stylistic characteristics that will make you proud to wear them.

1.) LG LGW110 G Watch R

This beautiful watch by LG is the first of its kind that features a full circle plastic OLED display. The acronym stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode. It basically means this LG watch face will be super easy to see from any angle, thanks to the fact that this technology will reduce the glare that often causes viewing problems in many settings. It has a built in heart rate monitor, and fitness integration and is compatible with most Android devices 4.3 or greater and works with “Ok, Google” with Android Wear. It also has a weather alert feature that lets you know the temperature and turn-by-turn navigation. Unfortunately, this watch doesn’t work with Apple products. Buy yours on Amazon.

2.) Fossil Q Marshal Digital Display Touchscreen

This particular watch is designed with men in mind. However, Fossil has many options when it comes to their smart watches, with many styles for women. They are pretty much all awesome. This specific model has built-in activity tracking that keeps up with your steps and calories burned. The built-in microphone and speaker allow you to use your voice alone to stay connected via the Bluetooth capabilities and Android Wear. This watch is compatible with the iPhone 5 and up as well as Android devices 4.3 up and up and iOS 8 and up. You can even enjoy your music thanks to the fact that this watch works with Apple Music, iTunes, GooglePlay, Soundcloud, Pandora and Spotify. Buy yours at Amazon.

3.) ASUS ZenWatch 3 Smart Watch

This luxurious watch doesn’t look like a fitness watch. Instead, it looks like a piece of jewelry you would be proud to wear to work or in any setting. It is compatible with Android, and iOS. It has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities and excellent battery life and boasts an industry leading charge time of only 15 minutes to get the watch to 60% charge. It offers the latest in Android OS-Smart Gesture controls, which means you can scroll through apps and pages. You can also hear voice messages, notifications and conduct calls thanks to the watch’s speaker. Buy yours at Amazon.

4.) Samsung Gear S3 Frontier

This Samsung smart watch has a little bit of everything to offer. It has an always-on watch face and allows you to access notifications and apps via a steel bezel that you can rotate. You can call, text or get notifications right from your phone thanks to Bluetooth connectivity. You can also make payments from the convenience of your phone via Samsung Pay and get directions via the GPS feature. It is compatible with Android OS 4.4 and greater, iPhone 5 and greater and iOS 9.0 and greater. Buy yours at Amazon.

5.) Apple Watch Series 2

When it comes to smart watches on the market right now, it doesn’t get better than this watch. Its modern, sleek and stylish with all the bells and whistles you can image, and you some you can’t. It also works equally well for both men and women. Thanks to the fact that it’s made by Apple, it’s tech focused, first and foremost. It offers thousands of apps, a stand-alone GPS and Apple Pay, an app dock, ask Siri, phone notifications, and customizable watch faces. It is also waterproof and comes with a wide variety of band options. The only negative element the watch has is the fact that it only works with Apple iPhones. However, it is the go-to smart watch if you want to connect to an Apple smartphone. After all, only an Apple product could work as seamlessly with another apple product. Buy yours at Amazon.



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