Top 5 Tips On Carving A Pumpkin Like A Pro

Wanna impress your neighbors with the best Jack-O'-Lantern in town? Follow these pumpkin carving tips and you'll be a pro in no time!

With Halloween just around the corner, it’s time to get out those pumpkins and carve some good old-fashioned jack-o’-lanterns. Pumpkin carving is not only a great way to add some Halloween decor to your doorstep, but they’re also a great way to unleash some creativity and have some fun. If you want to be carving like a pro this October, follow our Top 5 tips.

5. Select a Pumpkin With a Thicker Stem

Pumpkins come in all shapes and sizes and can grow tall, short, thin or round. They can also have a variety of wall thickness. Since nature knows how to grow a pumpkin best, pumpkins that have thicker and more durable walls will have to attach by a thicker stem to be able to support thier weight. A pumpkin with thick walls is a lot easier to penetrate with carving tools and can sustain more cutting. They also will often hold up longer so all your hard work won’t go to waste.

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4. Consider a Different Shaped Pumpkin

At the pumpkin patch, most carvers are drawn to the perfectly full and round pumpkin that is the iconic figure of Halloween itself. It’s not surprising, humans are often attracted to symmetrical and well-shaped items, which is why fruit is selected to be put in a supermarket. If it is a pleasant shape, a buyer is more likely to purchase it.

The best thing to do is have a design in your head before heading to pick out your pumpkin. An odd shape pumpkin may be the better choice for your design and the aim you are going for.

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3. Clean Your Pumpkin Out Thoroughly Before Carving

This is the reason you will want to have a pumpkin with thick walls. To help your pumpkin last longer, you will need to scrap out everything on the inside to reduce the amount of rot, which can ruin the structural integrity of your pumpkin and lead to a collapse. You will want to use a large pumpkin cutting knife to create a large enough hole in the top, so you will be able to scrape the walls down thin and remove all of the string. Consider purchasing a pumpkin gutter, as these are often equipped with teeth to get the job done faster.

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2. Draw Out Your Carving in Advance

Having a plan of attack is the best way to have your pumpkin turn out like you anticipated. Draw out your design prior to carving so you can work out the details and make sure the image is what you want it to be. You can put your drawing on light tracing paper and use a marking tool to create some guidelines on your pumpkin. This will also help you choose the best side of the pumpkin to carve.

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1. Have a Variety of Carving Tools at Your Disposal

One of the most important tips to be able to carve your pumpkin is that you will need to have the right tools. While the small packages of carving tools can be great when having younger children carve or for quick pumpkin decorations, more complex designs will require the use of different tools. You will want to purchase some cutters in varying sizes but opt for the heavier duty ones, as the thinner ones can snap. You will also need a tracing tool if using a printed design and a carving tool to get details on the surface of the pumpkin.

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