Top 10 Most Popular Halloween Candies

When Halloween comes, we indulge our national sweet tooth with some of our most popular Halloween candies, although personal preference plays a role too.

October 31 ranks as the third largest party day in the United States, behind New Year’s Eve and the Super Bowl. The fact that we shell out $1.9 billion for the sweet side of Halloween speaks volumes about our propensity to put confectionery delight above calorie count.

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Here are some of the Top 5  most popular Halloween Candies:

10.) Tootsie Pops

Tootsie pops are one of the most popular hard candy lollipop during the Halloween Season

Medley Hills Farm

In the hard candy lollipop category, this is one of the most popular Halloween candies. The tootsie pop with its hard but sweet exterior and the chocolate filled interior was invented way back in 1931 by R “Luke’ Weisgram.

The original tootsie pop had chocolate on the outside and chocolate on the inside. But now there are varieties of other flavors from strawberry, watermelon, raspberry etc. but the inside of the tootsie pops still remains filled with only chocolate.

The licking exercise before getting to the soft chocolate-filled center involved makes it one of the most popular and favorite hard candy lollipops of Halloween.