The Most Odd Things Spotted on Google Maps

Google Maps has been around for a long time. Sometimes weird things have been spotted on the website. See some of the odd things on Google Maps.

If the old world explorers had snapshots of the earth, what strange sights would they have seen? Google Maps and similar Google applications have let virtual globe trekkers see newly discovered ruins, unusual forms of advertising, and new lands from the comforts of their office chairs. The odd things spotted on Google Maps weren’t possible without the help of satellite imaging, making Big Brother a friend to those who are curious about the planet.

Here are the oddest things spotted on Google Maps.

17.) New Baltimore Hell Town

new baltimore hell town odd things on google maps

If you look over this town in the satellite view, you will see that the pictures look like they are a portal of hell.

Residents have claimed they get freaked out sometimes living there.

16.) Creepy Dolls in Japan

dolls in japan odd things on google maps

There is a small village in Japan that has creepy dolls all over the place.

An older lady in the village makes the dolls. After one person dies, she makes them into a doll! We’re not sure if that is sweet, or creepy. These dolls are one of the oddest things spotted on Google Maps!

15.) Sandy Island

sandy island odd things on google maps

In 2012, an island popped up on Google Maps.

It was called Sandy Island, and it was the size of Manhattan. When scientists went to this area, they did not find a solid ground!

14.) Satan’s Face

satan’s face odd things on google maps

It looks like the face of the Devil is in Georgia.

Some people think this is a natural phenomenon, while others believe it is a sign from the Devil himself.

13.)The Nevada Circle

neveda circle odd things on google maps

In the Nevada Circle, you would notice some mysterious markings.

There seems to be an empty desert around. It’s easier to get away with these types of projects in the middle of nowhere!

12.) Indochinese Border Scale Model

indochinese border scale model odd things on google maps

It seems like the Chinese government constructed a scale model between their country and India.

The model stretches almost two miles long, and there is no real reason for its construction. Interesting!

11.) Trementina Base

trementina base border scale model odd things on google maps

This base was built and created by the Church of Scientology.

The Trementina Base is where L. Ron Hubbard’s (the founder of Scientology) writings are.

10.) South Sudan Hole

south sudan hole odd things on google maps

It’s hard to imagine that a body of land to be this perfectly round. What could it be?

If you believe that is Earth is flat, do you think that feature has something to do with this unusual spot?

9.) White Desert Lines

white desert lines odd things on google maps

Another odd thing spotted on Google Maps is located in China’s desert. There are strange white lines.

People started talking about if this was human-made or not. What do you think?

8.) Human Lips in Sudan

human lips odd things on google maps

If you look at the top, you will see that there are red human lips.

In reality, it is just a hill that formed in Sudan!

7.) A Giant Pink Bunny

a giant pink bunny odd things on google maps

In Italy, a 200-foot stuffed bunny is just chilling outside!

We have a lot of questions, like WHY? Some research tells us that the rabbit is supposed to be an art project!

6.) Welcome to Cleveland

welcome to cleveland odd things on google maps

This message has been on the rooftop of Mark Gubin. It is close to the airport in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and when the plane approaches the airport, people see this!

Passengers on the flight must be confused.

5.) Faces

faces odd things on google maps

When you look down at the earth from the heavens, you’ll see formations that look like faces or at least parts of them. One such form is in Gharb, Darfur.

You’ll see the Badlands Guardian in Walsh, Alberta, Canada. The part of the face that looks like an earbud-type headphone is an oil well and road.

4.) Shipwreck

shipwreck odd things on google maps

If you look off the coast of Port Sudan on Google Maps, you’ll see something that looks long and white in the Red Sea. By zooming in, you’ll find that the white shape is the S.S. Jassim, a Bolivian cargo ferry.

The 265-foot ferry ran aground on the Wingate Reef in 2003 and sunk, making it one of the few shipwrecks that you can see on Google Maps.

3.) Airplane Boneyard

airplane boneyard odd things on google maps

When you check out the Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson, Arizona, on Google Maps, you see an image that looks more like a drawing than a satellite image.

The base is home to a 2,600-acre airplane cemetery nicknamed “the boneyard”. In the boneyard, you’ll find retired military planes from F-14 Tomcats to B-52 Stratofortress stealth bombers.

2.) Blood Lake in Iraq

blood lake odd things on google maps

Between two turquoise-colored lakes just outside Sadr City in Iraq was a crimson body of water in 2009. According to Time magazine, no one knows why the lake was red.

Some speculate that sewage, pollution or a water-treatment facility caused the water to have a macabre hue. Others say that slaughterhouses dumped blood into the water, causing it to turn red temporarily.

1.) UFO Landing Pads

ufo landings odd things on google maps

Some of the sites on the planet look like they’ve had visitors from another world. On Google Maps, you’ll see mysterious triangular shapes in Badgingarra, Western Australia that would form a larger triangle if you drew a line between each one.

In the middle of a formation are a few dots that look like they could be lights. In 2007, UFO researchers said that the Google satellite took a picture of a “triangle UFO,” according to LiveScience.

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