Top 5 Long Distance Relationship Gift Ideas To Show Her You Care

By Top5 Staff September 29, 2017 View all posts (76)

A long distance relationship can be challenging, but showing your significant other how much you care is one way to keep your bond strong. Surprise texts, emails and phone calls can go a long way to helping you feel close despite the distance between you. Another option is to send unexpected gifts of love while you are apart. We’ve put together a list of the Top 5 best gifts to send to your sweetheart throughout the year.

1.) Mixtape USB Drive

Long Distance Relationship Gifts

Who says you can’t make a mixtape anymore? With the Original MASHTAPE, you can create a list of songs to make her heart swoon. The throwback cassette look brings a vintage 1980s vibe to your gift, while the USB drive technology lets you load up to 2,000 songs. Of course, you can also add videos or photos too. This version features a romantic design, making it perfect for Valentine’s Day, an anniversary, or any reason to declare your love for your long distance relationship honey.