Top 5 Items to Show Your College Football Pride

Flaunting your college football pride is almost a must especially when your school plays other schools, here are 5 items to show your college football pride

One thing that has not changed since the first college football game the college football pride fans feel at every game.

From the first intercollegiate football game that took place on November 6, 1869, between Princeton University and Rutgers University, the game has changed drastically since its inception both in the way it is played and the way it is observed.

In the early years, fans had to go to the stadium to see their heroes of the gridiron fight it out, while today, fans can watch from the comfort of their home. Of course, the way the game is played is also in constant evolution as technology has provided more ways to keep players safer while they participate in this dangerous sport. Throughout all the changes to the game, remains the college football fan. Just as passionate as in the early years, and in some cases, even more, passionate about the game they love to watch.

If you can relate to these football fans, you will appreciate the following suggestions, which include five types of college football merchandise you can use to show those around you how much you truly love the game and which team you are passionate about. By incorporating them into your home’s décor or on your person or other personal property, you are communicating the importance of your team to everyone around you!

Here are Top 5  Ideas to Show Your College Football Pride:

Favorite Team Flag

Football player running with college football flag

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One way to ensure everyone in your whole neighborhood knows where your allegiance lies is by getting a flag that represents your team.

Coming in different shapes and sizes (although you have few choices with regard to size). For example, you can select a small garden flag that hangs on a metal frame or a larger flag that will hang from a pole, which is sold separately

The team flag is meant to help show support to whichever team you follow or in this case your college.

The flag contains your team’s logo or emblem and printed on it. Your flag could be a miniature sized-one made from polyester with handles with which you can wave, a car flag or a larger which you can fly on a pole at your backyard.

College Flags and Banners Co. has a wide variety of flags to choose from, representing several college teams.

According an article over at, top 10 colleges for licensed merchandise sales

1. Texas
2. Alabama
3. Kentucky
4. Florida
5. Michigan
6. Louisiana State
7. North Carolina
8. Georgia
9. Notre Dame
10. Oklahoma

College Football Themed Room – “The Man Cave”

A college Football Wall Canvas - Themed rooms are one of the best ways to show off your college football pride

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You can decide to customize your sitting room, bedroom or bathroom or even your basement to show your college football pride.

There are so many ways to do this to show off that college football pride. From hanging banners of your team in the room, using a wallpaper having the team’s logo or team photo on it. For the bedrooms, you could have a blanket or pillows also having your teams logo, this way the team you support will always be close to you.

Meanwhile, it’s difficult to share just one specific product for the themed room suggestion. After all, a college football themed room can be a man cave-like room, a bedroom or even a bathroom and each room will be furnished differently.

Thankfully, we’ve found several options for you to choose from to furnish your chosen themed room. Let’s assume that you want to furnish a bathroom. To furnish this room, add a shower curtain or hooks that match your school of choice. You can also incorporate signage into the room, along with adding light switch covers and the like to pull the room together.

Go-to T-Shirt Representing Your Team

The Go-to Tshirt for college football pride


Wanting to represent your college team without having to wear the regular sports team jersey or the varsity team jacket?

The go-to shirt solves this issue.

One way to show off your team spirit is to find a great t-shirt that will become your go-to shirt during the college football season. Image One offers a wide variety of options for men and women, featuring many college teams. It’s ideal to have at least a few shirts that you love. That way you can wear one on Friday, one on game day Saturday and one to wear on Sunday to continue to show your team pride, hopefully after a game day victory. You might even discover a “lucky” shirt that you will want to wear each and every Saturday, lest your favorite team meets an unfortunate outcome should you not.

Full Sized NCAA Football With College Team Logo

A Full Sized NCAA football - This is one item that can definitely show your college football pride for all to see

This is an important item when you want to show off your college football pride

We love a football with the team logo printed, it could serve as a good item in your themed rooms or sit just behind the seats in your car ready for a tailgate party.

Rawlings is now offering a NCAA Signature full-sized football representing all teams in the NCAA. This is the ideal ball for you to take to fan days or games in order to get your favorite players’ autographs. This particular ball even includes a pen made especially for autographs. Imagine how good this ball will look complete with the signature of your favorite college player. All you will need then is a display case and you can add it to your themed room we talked about earlier. This along with a framed jersey of your favorite player will complete any themed room perfectly.

 Auto Tag With College Team Logo

Auto Tag are part of the items to flaunt your college football pride


To ensure everyone on the roadways know what team you root for, consider getting a metal auto tag. Rico makes a wide range of options, representing several college teams. These tags measure 12” by 6” and are embossed for an authentic feel. Your ride will look great when you compliment it with a metal auto tag representing your favorite college team. However, be aware, displaying your team on your car can merit you some unexpected attention on rivalry game week.


The five suggestions listed above will get you headed in the right direction when it comes to college football merchandise. By embracing them you will ensure those around you know just how important your team is to you!

Who is your favorite college football team and your favorite team item you own? Let us know in the comments!