Top 5 Ideas for Music During Your Shower

If you love to sing to music in the shower, you’ll love our ideas. Here are the top ideas to add music to your morning or nighttime routine in the shower.

If you love to kick off the morning by singing along to your favorite high energy play lists or listening to the antics of local drive-time DJs, these top 5 ideas for adding music to your shower are the way to go! Singing in the shower takes on new meaning when there is back-up available from Bluetooth speakers connected to your devices or the jamming tunes of your favorite radio stations. There is just something about music in the morning that starts the day off right! With all of the different options available out there we have taken a look and done the research on the best waterproof radios and speakers. Take a look at the products below and find out more about the top 5 wet music systems currently available on the market:

  • The Conair SR10 is popular and affordable. This basic radio model has a great hook that slips right over most sized shower heads, and the on/off button is separate from the volume control which makes navigating this device a snap even with slippery digits. This radio gets great reception and you don’t have to turn it up too loud to hear it over the water. All in all, it is a great way to make showers more fun.

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  • If you are looking for something with a bit more oomph, there are plenty of options available. And the Hydro-Beat Illumination IPX7 is another thing entirely. It looks like this is the direction that new shower speakers are going to take and the IPX7 is our favorite of the bunch. This Bluetooth enabled speaker also has an FM radio and, get this, LED mood lighting! The IPX7 is fully rechargeable with no batteries required, with an 8-hour playback from a single charge. The suction cup adheres to any smooth surface which makes the IPX7 perfect for the shower as well as the pool!

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  • SoundBot has combined everything you could possibly need to sing and dance during your shower…and take calls too! Their SB510HD is a Bluetooth enabled mini waterproof speaker that also serves as a hands-free speaker phone with a mic built in. The speaker can provide 6 hours of playback with a full charge and as connectivity reaches up to 10 meters you have some options on where to put it. Now, whether you think it’s a good idea to join your next conference call when sudsing up, we find the option to answer quick calls much more preferable than dripping water all over the bathroom running for the phone.

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  • The Sangean America AM/FM digital radio is battery powered and offers an LED clock as well as a timer to ensure that you don’t get caught up in the music and run behind schedule! This shower radio comes with wall mounts and its reception is crystal clear with good sound quality. The Sangean is pricier than some of the other shower radios available and the difference is in the quality of the music. The novelty of shower music will eventually wear off, (well, we actually hope not!) and the sound quality of the radio will remain important. For those interested in superior beats, it is worth it to spend a little more for an elevated aural experience that manufacturers such as Sangean and Sony provide.

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  •  Serious music fans that need to be able to hear the bass and the treble as they lather up should check out Sony’s ICFS79W. This splash proof AM/FM radio delivers the high sound quality that Sony is known for with the added bonus of 20 preset stations and a Weather Band in case of an emergency situation. While the ICFS79W does not offer disco lights, this straightforward option does deliver great sound. Sony is one of the leaders in top sound systems and their shower option does not disappoint.

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These top 5 music systems will definitely elevate your shower experience with some killer tunes! Whether you want to listen to the radio or stream your favorite playlists, these top 5 will all help you bring your A game to singing in the shower.