Top 5 Historical Events on March 28

The Historical events on March 28 include: 1979's Three Mile Island nuclear accident, the 1898 landmark citizenship case United States v. Wong Kim Ark, and more

March 28 is the date of some very important historical events that have had an effect on things like nuclear safety, citizenship rights, government changes, geographical identity, and sports teams. The following are important events that happened on March 28:

1. Accident at Three Mile Island (1979)

The Unit 2 reactor at the Three Mile Island plant near Middletown, Pennsylvania, partially melted down on March 28, 1979. It was the worst commercial nuclear accident in the United States. Concerns about the safety of nuclear power grew after the event, which led to changes in how the nuclear business is regulated and how it works.

2. U.S. Supreme Court Rules in United States v. Wong Kim Ark (1898):

According to the Citizenship Clause of the 14th Amendment, people born in the United States to Chinese immigrants are American citizens. The Supreme Court found 6-2 in favor of Wong Kim Ark. Birthright citizenship was upheld in this important ruling, which changed the way the country thinks about citizenship and civil rights.

3. Francisco Franco Captures Madrid (Date not specified):

During the Spanish Civil War, Francisco Franco led the Nationalists and took over Madrid. This was a major step toward overthrowing the democratic Spanish government. Franco’s win led to his long rule as dictator, which had huge effects on Spain’s politics, society, and culture for many years.

4. Constantinople Renamed Istanbul (1930):

Constantinople was officially renamed Istanbul on March 28, 1930. This was the last step in Turkey’s change from the Ottoman Empire to the current Turkish Republic. The nationalist changes made by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk were emphasized by this change, which also created a new neutral identity.

5. Baltimore Colts Move to Indianapolis (1984):

The Baltimore Colts football team moved to Indianapolis on March 28, 1984, in a controversial and secret move. People all over the world talked about team loyalty, city identity, and how professional sports leagues work as businesses after the move happened suddenly.

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