Top 5 Budget Halloween Costumes

Want a good costume but don't want to break the bank? Fear not, we've got a list of the best budget Halloween costumes to rock this year!

Halloween is the one time of year where you can become anything you want to be — at least for the day. Whether you are making a splash at the Halloween party, entering a costume contest, or just putting together an ensemble to enjoy trick or treating festivities, there are many popular costumes to choose from. If you want to dress up for this Halloween season without breaking the bank, check out these Top 5 budget Halloween costumes.

5.) Superhero

Many superhero movies have become blockbuster hits and attract both children and adults alike. If you are looking for a favorite trend with a limited budget, a superhero costume may just be the choice for you. You can get many full costumes, such as Wonder Woman or Batman, for a low price. If you are a do-it-yourselfer you can pick up the iconic pieces you will need to complete your superhero ensembles such as wonder woman’s lassocapesmasks, or toolbelts.

4.) Pirate

Whether you are going full on Pirates of the Caribbean or simply are looking for the run of the mill scallywag costume, dressing as a pirate this Halloween can be done easily and most importantly without breaking your budget. Get the full look of one of your favorite pirates online, or you can put together the look yourself. All you need is a dress shirt, baggy pants, a hat, a scarf to wrap around your waist and of course an eye patch. You can always top off your look with a unique stuffed parrothook hand, or pirate sword. If you have an old blouse or dress shirt, popping a few buttons off can do the trick for your top.

3.) Animal

A popular quick costume for both adults and children — dressing up as your favorite furry friend — can also be done for a fantastic price. Some of the easiest and most popular animals that you will see skulking around this Halloween are kitties, mice, bunnies, monkeys, and dogs. While you can find full suit costumes, you can make your own by starting with a bodysuit or shirt and pant set the color of the animal you have chosen. Then you need to add the most important components which are the ears and tails. This is a great costume to put together for last minute parties.

2.) Witch

If you are looking for a popular budget costume, it is always a good choice to throw back to a favorite. While many Halloween goers opt for the traditional wart-faced classic, there are many new witch costume options that give the classic character a modern upgrade. When putting your outfit together make sure to include the iconic pieces that make any witch a witch, including their hat, dress, and broom.

1.) Zombie

The zombie is the favorite costume for those who like to get creative with hand me downs and some well thought out accessories. While many may think of the traditional slow walking zombie, decaying and on the hunt for brains, you can pretty much zombify almost any type of costume. Some of the more popular zombie creations include zombie brides, zombie rockers, zombie school girl, and even zombie doctors. You can opt to buy a complete outfit or find some old clothes or costume that you don’t mind tattering up. Just be such to add some fake blood and the traditional pale zombie makeup. For an accessory to the classic zombie, you can also add to the ensemble by carrying fake brains for a snack.