Top 5 Best Summer Makeup Tips for you

We have a beauty routine that is lower maintenance for you this summer. Summer makeup means a natural, younger and lighter looking face.
Top 5 best summer makeup tips for you. It’s starting to get hotter outside and most of us ladies would like to wear less makeup. We have a summer makeup beauty routine that is lower maintenance for you. Less makeup means a natural, younger and lighter looking face. You don’t need a lot of makeup on this summer, just the right kind.

5.) Summer Makeup Bronzer


Number one summer makeup tip is to stay out of the sun and protect your precious skin! Get a faux glow with a good bronzer. Less is more while applying your bronzer. Match the bronzer to a shade that is just a few shades darker than your skin tone. While applying it, lightly put it on any place where the sun would naturally hit your face –  nose, cheeks and forehead.

4.) Golden Lips

Golden lips
Gold tones is where it is at for your summer makeup tip. Swap out the normal pink or red lipstick with something that has a gold tone to it. It will reflect the light and give your lips a summery sheen. If you can, look for a lip color that has SPF in it. Lastly, make sure that your lips stay hydrated. They summer can damage your skin and even burn your lips which is no fun!

3.) Color in your Summer Makeup

 Electric Blue eyes

Have fun with your colors this summer. There are no wrong colors this season as long as you are loving it. Include in your summer makeup tip, electric blues, bright corals, golds, greens and even oranges! Some stores are even making summer palettes! Go ahead and brush it over your entire eyelid to show off your summer eyes.

2.) Moisturize and Use SPF

best sunscreen for your skin type
Make a habit of just waking up and putting on that sunscreen to your face. There is no hiding from the sun in the summer. It is very important to protect your skin from the sun. Always make sure that your makeup contains SPF. Wash your face in the morning and pat dry. Apply a tinted moisturizer with SPF of at least 15. Most days, a little tinted sunscreen and a little mascara is all that you need for your summer makeup.

1.) Lighter is Better

create great winter makeup looks by applying blush to cheeks
Remember to keep it light and natural this summer with a kick of color. A tinted moisturizer instead of foundation, golden lipgloss, some bronzer and a colored eye shadow. Focus on bringing out your natural healthy glow.