Top 5 BBQ Meals You Have To Try This Summer

There is always one thing to look forward to each year in the summer time, and that is the food. Especially barbecue foods. Sure, you’ll see bikini girls or shirtless guys. However, we all know the food is going to be a bigger favorite than that next summer mistake of yours. BBQ has been a staple of the summer time, despite being a year-round food.

Due to this, parties, cookouts, and simple get-togethers happen all year long. BBQ is always a big deal at these things. However, the most important thing you need may not be just the food itself. The most important thing is how it tastes. The best parties have good food, not just food itself.

Everyone makes the mistake of thinking they can just throw stuff on the grill and call it real. We at Top 5 want to save you the embarrassment of not having good food this summer, so we added five great recipes. Just us when we say you’ll need to try these great BBQ recipes this summer.

5.) Marinated BBQ Ribs And Baked Beans

bbq BBQ Ribs And Baked Beans

It is almost impossible to go through a summer period and not have BBQ ribs or baked beans. They are offered at every cookout, regardless of where you go it seems. While various restaurants will offer this meal, many of them have special ways they prepare their meats. You can do the same thing at home. The best option is to find a sauce you’re a big fan of, or create your own. Most people would use a created sauce, which could be anything really.

Things like wine, mixed with a few spices that you enjoy could be excellent to have them soak in while you put them in the fridge to thaw out. Let them stay in there for a day in that, then smoke them, something along the lines of about 2 to 3 hours. Simply add baked beans as a fun addition as a side. We would recommend adding similar spices to the baked beans that you added to the ribs to let the meal flow well.