Top 10 Best Oscar Winning Films Everyone Should See

Hollywood is the most popular area in the world where films are made. Every year, hundreds of films are produced and brought to the cinemas worldwide for people to watch and enjoy. Of course, all of these movies belong to different categories and genres of movie making. For example, we have comedies, romantic, dramas and action.

There are a large number of actors and actresses that make these movies successful and worth watching, some of which have become multi-millionaires due to their success in the industry. Due to everyone’s love of film decades ago, award systems were made to honor the best of the best each year. These award givers critically analyze the movies produced in a current year and rank them as best in different categories. One such category is the Best Picture award. Below we are providing a list of the top 10 Best Picture movie winners that everyone should see and enjoy:

1. The Godfather

films the godfather

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The top of the list includes The Godfather. It is considered to be one of Hollywood’s greatest masterpieces of all time. The theme of the movie is based on crime and family drama that is intense and an epic. The movie was the first creation of the famous producer, director Francis Ford Coppola and gained him world fame and appreciation. However, he had already won awards for other films, such as the Academy Award for best original screenplay for Patton.

The film was received with high critical acclaim, leading to many wondering what else Francis had up his sleeve. He would not disappoint, and would continue the Godfather series. The story of the original movie revolves around the life of an Italian crime lord and entangles the various aspects of his character and relationships a with large number of family members. The aspect of the film truly was that you needed to always keep your family close, for if you did you would always be protected. If someone else messed with a member of the family or hurt them, the family would take care of it.

At the heart of this film is the key thing of life, relationships and love. While obviously this was built on the back of the mob and crime, there was more at play and that was why people loved it. It won the best picture award because of the amazing things it brought out like this.