Toddler Teaches Cashier Lesson Most Adults Need To Learn


Toy Aisle

Her young daughter had been in the toy aisle for twenty minutes. She was desperately trying to find the perfect doll. She was so proud of her daughter, she had achieved so much in such a short amount of time. Being completely potty trained at two years old was impressive!

She finally found the perfect doll and together they walked to the register. When the cashier saw her chosen doll, she asked her why she had chosen that particular doll. Her answer surprised everyone that heard it.

Her Everything

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Nick and Brandi Benner, along with their daughter Sophia, were a young married couple residing in South Carolina. Sophia was a clever young lady, despite the fact that she was only two years old, and her parents couldn’t be luckier.

Brandi decided to bring her to the local Target for a present after she perfected using the toilet. Sophia was going to alter her life in such a profound way that she had no idea.

Pride And Joy

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Sophia brought Brandi indescribable joy. Her daughter was witty and smart, with a soft heart. Just seeing her daughter smile melted Brandi’s heart.

No matter what Sophia did, Brandi was always bursting with pride. What Sophia did next at Target absolutely blew Brandi away.

The Beginning

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It took Brandi and Nick two months to teach Sophia how to use the toilet. Sophia did a wonderful job of adjusting to this new era of her life, as predicted.

Sophia could properly use the toilet at the end of the second months. Nick and Brandi were so proud of her, they decided to buy her a gift that she could choose all by herself. This is where it all began.

Going To The Store

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Brandi and Sophia got in the car on a beautiful Sunday morning and made their way to the shops. It was early in the morning, so Brandi knew the store would not be as busy so Sophia could browse for as long as she wanted to.

They entered the store, which had lately received a new shipment of dolls. Brandi had a feeling they’d be there for quite a while.

A Dream Come True

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Sophia’s eyes widened as her sight fell on the apparently infinite aisle of dolls. From exquisite princess dolls to enormous plush animals and teddy bears, she was surrounded by a plethora of products.

“Do you need help with your search?” Brandi inquired, imagining how daunting everything must have appeared. Sophia, on the other hand, did the unthinkable.

She Found It

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Sophia answered gently and with the most lovely smile on her face, “No, thanks, mommy.” Brandi knew she’d be OK as soon as she took her first stride down the aisle.

Sophia rummaged for a time, examining each doll as if she were a hawk. She appeared to be aware of the significance of the moment. She gazed up at Brandi after 20 minutes, her smile widening. She’d discovered exactly what she was searching for.

The Doctor Doll

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Sophia was holding a gorgeous doctor doll in her arms. She caressed the doll’s forehead after straightening its hair. “Isn’t she lovely, mom?” she inquired.

Brandi smiled as she responded to her daughter’s query. Sophia naturally, would pick a physician. She’d demonstrated a keen interest in anything involving doctors throughout the previous year. She had even heard of a stethoscope.

Paying For The Doll

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Brandi clasped her daughter’s hand in hers and walked her to the cashier, noting her excitement. As they ran through the many aisles, Sophia beaming with delight. She appeared to be really excited about playing with her new doll.

They arrived at the cash register, ready to pay. But for Brandi and Sophia, what was intended to be a fast procedure turned into an unforgettable experience.

Asking Questions

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Brandi and Sophia waited for a moment in line before approaching the teller. Sophia cheerfully laid her doll on the desk, anticipating the charming lady to scan her new toy.

The employee asked Sophia if she was going to a birthday celebration as she picked up the doll, to which the youngster replied with a shake of her head. Brandi’s jaw dropped when the clerk asked the next question.

Sophia’s Choice

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“Did you pick this up for a friend?” the cashier asked, and Brandi had to tell her that the doll was a gift for Sophia since she’d mastered potty training.

The cashier gasped, quickly hiding her surprise. She faced Sophia and asked, “Are you sure this is the doll you want, honey?” When Sophia eagerly nodded, the cashier said, “We have lots of other dolls that look just like you.” But what was her issue with Sophia’s choice?

Her Answer

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The cashier’s comment was seemingly aimed at the doll’s umber skin color, which Brandi quickly picked up on. She was about to speak her mind when Sophia began speaking.

“Yes, she does,” Sophia responded. “She’s a doctor like I’m a doctor. And I’m a pretty girl, and she’s a pretty girl. See her pretty hair? And see her stethoscope?”

A Daughter Like No Other

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“That’s nice,” the cashier said, her face seemingly heating up. She bagged everything for Brandi and Sophia and bid them a good day.

Brandi walked out of the store with her jaw slackened. She’d been ready to put the cashier in her place, not knowing Sophia had it all under control. Though she couldn’t be prouder, she knew she couldn’t just let it go that easily.

She Was Angry


After leaving the store, Brandi was still frustrated with the cashier’s ignorance. A part of her wanted to report the woman to management, but she wondered if this was too extreme.

She had always raised Sophia to be color blind, just as she had been raised. Knowing that these kinds of incidents weren’t as innocuous as they seemed, Brandi realized she had to do something.

On The Rise

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Brandi always kept in touch with current affairs. She knew that something like this was symptomatic of a more significant problem.

It wasn’t an extreme incident, but Brandi knew that if more minor incidents like this went unaddressed, they could quickly become a breeding ground for worse attitudes. Making up her mind, Brandi decided to test if her anger was justified or not.

What To Do


Brandi was a little worried about whether she was blowing things out of proportion. The cashier was clearly wrong. As she drove home with Sophia, her little girl still beamed with joy for her new doll.

Watching the child from the corner of her eye, she kept her emotions hidden. She was so proud of her but also aware that she was so young. Would it be worth it?

She Still Wasn’t Sure

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The entire drive home, Brandi’s mind was consumed by the events of that day. A part of her wanted justice, while another part of her just wanted to forget the whole experience and move on.

After all, Sophia had dealt with the issue herself, and brilliantly so. But as she thought back to the smug look on the cashier’s face, resentment welled up within her once again.

The Scene At Home

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Reaching home, Brandi busied herself with her other chores for the day. Sophia wasted no time getting her new doll out and adding it to her collection. There was such a beautiful innocence about her.

Before long, Brandi heard a car pull up and knew her dad was home. She wondered how he would react when he learned the news.

Telling Nick

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As he walked in and saw Sophia, pride and happiness sparkled in his eyes as usual. The pair shared a special bond. Noticing the new doll, Nick was overjoyed that Sophia had chosen a Doctor.

He sat down and played with her. After a while, he caught Brandi’s eye, and she motioned for him to meet her in the kitchen. Once there, feeling a little anxious, Brandi told him everything.

Nick’s Reaction

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Nick remained stone-faced as Brandi explained the events of the day. As he listened, his emotions swung like a rollercoaster.

He was overjoyed when Brandi explained that Sophia had begun going potty on her own. As Brandi got to the part about the doll and the store, though, Nick’s mood quickly took a more ominous turn.

Mixed Emotions

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Brandi detailed how spectacular Sophia had been, explaining how she’d stepped in to diffuse an otherwise hostile moment.

Nick was overjoyed at that. He’d always known his daughter was meant to do wonderful things, and it was inspiring how pure of heart Sophia was but also deeply concerned about the cashier and felt that they should do something about her actions.

They Went Public

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After discussing the best action to take, the couple decided to post about their experience on social media. They wanted people to know that these kinds of backward attitudes still existed.

What they did not count on was the reaction they would receive. What started as a simple social media post soon grew much larger than she ever anticipated.

The Response

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After posting about their experience with the ignorant cashier, within no time, the post was shared and reshared thousands of times. It was clear to Brandi that many people out there had experienced similar or worse incidents.

Most of the responses were encouraging and supportive. It was quickly apparent that everyone had an opinion, but not all were positive.

A Sensitive Issue


Despite the majority of responses being encouraging and positive, Brandi was sad to see that there was also a lot of negativity and anger too. On both sides of the spectrum, it seemed people were passionate.

That passion wasn’t always good, and people had taken the issue very personally. Many of the comments began to scare Brandi.

She Doubted Herself

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As the post got more and more attention, Brandi began doubting whether it had been worth all the trouble. In some cases, she and her family faced alarming pushback.

In other cases, despite being on her side, people were growing more hostile and aggressive towards the store and the cashier. As the internet does, the story had taken on a life of its own.

She Had To Take A Stand

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Brandi grew worried when people began using derogatory language towards the store and the cashier. Some even started using threats, and it was all snowballing very fast.

The story soon strayed away from the original message that Brandi had wanted to share. She knew she had to do something before it got completely out of hand.

A New Message

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Brandi’s intention when she went public had never been to stoke more division. All she had wanted was for her daughter’s actions to be seen as an example of how unity could be achieved in the world.

It seemed everyone had lost sight of the main person in the story. Sophia herself was blissfully unaware of everything that was going on around her.

The True Message

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Brandi decided to keep posting about Sophia. She hoped it would set an example by showing how her daughter viewed the world.

Brandi realized there was a purity still present in her, a part untouched by the world’s divisions. The story had reached so many people that even Target themselves soon took notice.

Things Were Changing

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Brandi knew that the world still had a long way to go if it would ever be able to see the world in the pure way that Sophia did.

She was happy to hear that Target had begun introducing better “sensitivity” training for its employees. She hoped that over time, people would start learning to be more tolerant of each other.

Making The World A Better Place

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Brandi lay awake that night, thinking about what her daughter had done. To the world, Sophia had shown a simple truth; kids have the purest hearts.

Brandi hoped her daughter would grow up to be a doctor. Sophia had the drive and passion needed by the profession. Most importantly, she embodied the fighting spirit required to make the world a better place.