This Is What Cleopatra Actually Looks Like


 What They Looked Like

Every time someone accomplished anything significant enough to be remembered, a statue or picture was erected in their honor. This has been the only remaining reminder of their appearance for hundreds of years.

Their physical appearance usually is only known to those who lived during their lifetime. But these days, technology had advanced to the point where we can use 3D visualization to get a better idea of what they looked like when they were alive. Look at the pictures below for a glimpse of how some historical figures looked as they lived.

Annie Oakley

Public Domain

Annie Oakley may not have been one of history’s most well-known individuals, but she lived a fascinating life. The woman born during the end of the wild west insisted to everyone who crossed her path that gender didn’t matter.

She beat the then-champion Frank Butler at sharpshooting, making her one of the best sharpshooters of her day. Despite being beaten by her, the pair eventually got married and had a long and happy marriage. As you can see, she was a very beautiful woman.

Dante Alighieri

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Dante Alighieri’s The Divine Comedy revolutionized how heaven and hell were perceived by the world in the late 13th century. He completed the writings only a year before his untimely death in 1321.

The only way to understand how Dante Alighieri appeared in the twenty-first century is through his artworks. Fortunately, rendering now allows us to see what he might have looked like.

Emily Dickinson

Public Domain

Emily Dickinson may not have been well-known during her lifetime, but her poems became well-known and well-loved after her passing. Photography has not progressed to the point where it could capture a good picture of her at that time.

Her 3D rendering, however, shows her appearance in her twenties during this time period. Many consider her to be one of the most prominent American poets.


Public Domain

Nero was not a popular figure during his lifetime. His early rise to power prompted accusations that he was greedy and unfit to lead. It is believed he was responsible for the Great Fire of Rome.

Sculptures and statues dated to his reign provide the only glimpse into what he looked like as a young man before he died at the age of thirty. This 3D rendering of his appearance in real life sums up his character well.

George Washington

Public Domain

There is no need to introduce George Washington. A notable figure in American history, George Washington is considered to be one of the most influential presidents. Because his face appears so often throughout history, he’s also the most recognizable figure in American history.

So, despite the fact that most people have a fairly decent image of what George Washington looks like as he appears on every $1 bill. But how about a 3D representation of him? It’s no surprise that he looks remarkably identical in all of the depictions of him.

Johann Sebastian Bach

Public Domain

Johann Sebastian Bach is regarded as one of the most significant composers of all time. His popularity grew all through the 18th century as he continued to compose classical music that is still being enjoyed by people from all over the world today.

It’s no wonder that the rendering looks eerily similar to contemporary Bach pictures. It’s easy to establish who he is due to his round facial features and distinctive hair.

Julius Caesar

Public Domain

Most people are familiar with the name Julius Caesar. He is considered one of, if not the greatest, Roman rulers. He is commemorated in and around Rome in numerous statues and busts.

What was the degree of accuracy of those statues? Caesar looks to have a slightly different appearance in 3D models than in the statues. He does look like a world conqueror, however.

King Henry IV

Public Domain

King Henry IV, often known as Henry The Great, is reputed to have ruled with an authoritarian regime. He made a lot of enemies after assuming the crown. The result was that many people despised him.

Despite 13 failed attempts, he was finally assassinated. Despite his death, the render does all the portraits of his justice.

10 Mary, Queen Of Scot

Public Domain

Mary, Queen of Scots, reigned the United Kingdom as the youngest monarch in history. Her father’s death swiftly led to her becoming the sole heir to the throne. Nevertheless, she was just six days old when her father died.

Although we don’t know if Mary’s portraits were made by the painters alone, their portrayals seemed unfavorable. In 3D rendering, she appears much more elegant and fit as a queen.

Marie Antoinette

Public Domain

While she was alive, Marie Antoinette was never hesitant to voice her mind. Regrettably, this was also the primary reason for her execution in France during the French Revolution.

There are many portraits of Marie Antoinette, and she appears to be quite concerned about her appearance in each one. However, she appears to be a stylish woman in line at Starbucks in this 3D rendering of what she would look like today.


Public Domain

Although Copernicus is not as well-known as Leonardo Da Vinci or Albert Einstein, he was one of the most influential scientists of his day. After years of research, he determined that the Sun, not Earth, was at the center of the galaxy.

The 3D rendering of him simply confirms what others have said about him. He lived to be 70 years old despite the fact that he spent most of his life making discoveries and working rather than being lazy and enjoying the fun.


Public Domain

Nefertiti was an ancient Egyptian queen. There is just one surviving bust of her that is as well known as she is, and it is at a museum in Germany. The bust is richly detailed and has been the only indication of her appearance until now.

With modern technology, we can see that whoever sculpted the bust was incredibly talented because it completely matched the 3D image. Her lovely eyes are the only thing we get to glimpse for the first time.

Richard III

Public Domain

Richard III was the king of England for a short time, but he’s definitely remembered, especially after being immortalized in one of Shakespeare’s plays. But other than the portraits of him, not too much else is known about the king.

The portrait is now backed up by 3D rendering, with the 3D model encapsulating many of the same features that can be seen in Richard III’s portraits. We do think the 3D render showed the ambition behind his eyes as a king.


Public Domain

Cleopatra is, without a doubt, the most powerful woman in ancient history. She inspired art and literature as well as being known to have beauty beyond imagination. Her relationship with Mark Antony is also well documented.

She was also known for being a clever individual. There are many busts of her, and the 3D render now can show us what she would have looked like in the flesh. The queen of Egypt will still always be the most powerful woman in ancient history.