Three Men Block Grandma At ATM, Find Out They Messed With The Wrong Granny


In A Blink Of An Eye

It had happened in a blink of an eye, and she had no idea what had happened. Had she fainted, or had something worse happened? She was careful as she moved through the pain. She realized the pain was at her side, and that’s things snapped into place.

She felt her heart start pounding in her chest, pumping adrenaline throughout her body. She was beyond angry now as she looked at him and yelled, “My money isn’t yours to take!” She pushed herself, and what happened next would surprise anyone.

An Active Life

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Winifred Peel was a 77-year-old woman like any other. She had wrinkles and the wise eyes that were expected at that age, but very few people knew there was something else about her.

The retired woman lived in a small town in Liverpool and kept herself busy through an active lifestyle. She had played different sports when she was younger, which she had continued through the years, but at a much slower pace. She loved it just the same.

Cake And Tea

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Winifred had been looking forward to some tea and cake and was on her way to the cafe when she heard a loud group of young men. They were arguing and seemed to be looking for trouble.

But perhaps Winifred should have paid better attention to the men than the cake she had in mind. She was nearby the cafe but had forgotten they only took cash and rushed off to find an ATM.

At The ATM


After a while, Winifred eventually found an ATM. She rushed toward it in relief and started sifting through her handbag to find her bank card.

But she couldn’t find it and had to stand still to look better. But then she paused. She had been rummaging through her bag when she heard a noise behind her.

Searching Her Bag


She turned to see a woman who was standing behind her. Winifred realized she was waiting to use the ATM, but she didn’t know she wasn’t the one who made the noise.

Winifred ushered for the woman to step ahead of her, telling her that she would be a while. She continued searching the contents of her bag after the woman thanked her and stepped forward. But Winifred had no idea what danger was coming for her.

Strangers Approaching

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Winifred was the kind of person who saw the good in everyone, no matter their circumstance. She firmly believed she was treated the way she treated others and always sought to be kind.

She was so focused on looking through her bag that she didn’t notice the shadows slowly approaching her. She was adamant about finding her card, and she sighed in relief when her fingers finally held it. But the moment of ease was to be short-lived.

Dazed And Confused

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Winifred made her way to the ATM and inserted her card. She followed the instructions as she knew how to and happily entered her pin. But everything changed when she pressed “continue.”

It was seconds before she was on the floor with blurry vision. She had no idea what had happened and tried to collect her bearings. She was confused, but she knew her life was at risk.


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It had happened so suddenly, and she wasn’t sure if it was a dream. But the pain she felt brought her back to reality, and it wasn’t long before the adrenaline rushed throughout her body.

It was enough to make her forget about the pain, and she locked eyes with the person in front of her. “My money isn’t yours to take!” she screeched. She lifted herself off the ground and did the unexpected.

An Easy Target

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She didn’t hesitate, and her anger had her lunging at the unsuspecting men. She recognized the men from before who were shouting while she was walking to the café. However, there was something she hadn’t thought of before she sprung on them.

She knew they had come after her, thinking she would be an easy target to steal money from. But she was about to prove them wrong.

Self Defense

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Winifred would do whatever it took to protect herself and decided to tackle the closest man to her. She used all her weight to shove him against the wall. She felt a strange calm overcome her, but the fight wasn’t over yet.

Winifred was strong despite her old age, and she thanked her for many years of sports. She was grateful that her lifestyle had aided her in this dire situation. She knew it had just started.

Scary Reflection

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Six pairs of rough hands tried to seize her, but her right hand shot out and landed on one thief’s face. Panicking, the men freed the thief Winifred had and then sprinted down the road.

Still full of adrenaline, Winifred began to chase them, but then the gravity of the situation finally hit her, and her knees buckled to a halt. “It was only afterward that I realized what I’d done and started shaking,” she said, “what if he’d had a knife? I might not be here today.” But it wasn’t over yet.

Rush to Help

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Hearing the fight, people nearby turned the corner to see Winifred looking distressed. Running to her aid, she waved them off, instead insisting they catch the assailants.

While one passerby stayed with her, the other two hurried off around the corner, hoping to catch a glimpse of her attackers before it was too late. And it wasn’t! 



The shameless trio of teenage criminals; Felix Stoica, 19, Piper Dumitru, 18, and Florin Geblescu, 18, were looking for “easy targets” that night but underestimated this old woman’s determination not to be taken advantage of. 

They had driven to Bromborough from Manchester in search of vulnerable prey to target. But they got a lot more than they bargained for.

Following The Evidence

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The chase was short-lived. The good samaritans had been just a touch too late to see where the attackers had run to, but the police weren’t far behind. In her furious counter-attack, Winifred had caused a fair amount of damage.

The wall and floor surrounding the cash machine was marked with evidence from the attack, with a trail leading off around the corner. A trail that could be followed.

Fighting Spirit

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For years, Winifred had visited the gym four times a week. As she grew older, her routine became less intensive, yet her persistence ensured she was still in fighting spirit. 

On the day of her attack, her muscles took control, using every ounce of strength to defend herself. Unleashing her anger, she ensured that her attackers were brought to justice.

No Escape

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It wasn’t long before the police caught the offenders. With a significant wound showing on his head, the man who first pushed Winifred to the ground was tracked down, loitering up the road. 

With no plan of escape, his partners were skulking close by. Once rounded up, they were soon taken to court to be taught an unforgettable lesson. 

Justice Served


Looking back, Winifred remains shaken by the incident. Had she been less fit, the attack may have ended up much worse. After their arrest, the young men quickly confessed to their horrid attack. The case was quickly brought to court, and each of them were sentenced to time in prison.

The judge derided their shameless actions, accusing them of “casting a shadow” over Winifred’s twilight years. But as Winifred went home that evening, another similar yet very different incident took place in her city. 

Loice Perry


This incident occurred the same evening that Winifred’s attackers got served their sentences. A sixty-year-old Loice Perry was making her way out of a local grocery store when two burly men appeared from nowhere. 

Standing alone in the empty parking lot, Loice froze as she realized she might be in danger. She inched back and held her walking stick firmly. She wasn’t going down without a fight. 

Living In Liverpool


Loice had been a Liverpool resident all her life. She’d lived through many phases of the city, seeing new trends come and go. 

She’d been there when Liverpool went from one of the best places to stay to one of the worst and back to one of the best. She’d seen it all, yet nothing could’ve prepared her for what happened that evening. 

Her Life 


Loice was a mom of three lovely boys, each grown with kids and careers. They all lived in different parts of Europe, leaving Loice in Liverpool. 

But although her kids were away, Loice’s life was far from boring. She had decade-long friends by her side daily, with her husband Kenny to fill any lingering void in her heart. But that evening, she would make one grave mistake. 

It Happens 


The day that the event occurred was different for Loice. Instead of having her house hand go to the local store to restock groceries, she decided she’d do it alone. 

She had been cooped up in the house for almost a week. She wanted to enjoy an evening drive and stroll that would take her to the store and back. She didn’t know what a grave mistake she was making. 

A Good Evening


After telling her husband where she was off, Loice took her purse, some cash, and car keys. She hopped into her car and drove off. 

The afternoon was already leaning onto an early evening, and the bright yellow sun was hueing orange. Loice smiled as she drove, her window down and some of her favorite music playing. If only she knew what she was driving to. 

At The Grocery Store


After a few minutes on the road, Loice pulled into the local grocery store’s parking lot. After finding a parking spot, she locked her vehicle and hurried into the building. 

But as she walked into the store, she noticed something that put her on edge. Two large men were talking loudly in the store, laughing, and causing a scene. Something about them made the hair on Loice’s nape stand. 

Tattoos And Piercings 


Loice didn’t pay the men much attention after the initial shock of seeing them. Yes, they were large, with scores of tattoos marking their skin and piercings all over their faces. 

But Loice couldn’t judge them, given she had a few tattoos from back in the day. Her husband also had some piercings, although he didn’t wear any jewelry anymore. Loice should’ve been more vigilant. 

Filling Her Cart 


Putting the men behind her, she fell into doing her shopping. She took the biggest shopping cart and hurried to fill it. 

With everything memorized, Loice was quick to fill her cart. She pushed everything to the checkout, and the cashier rang her up. But as she was making her way out of the store, hands full of grocery bags, she noticed something that made her brows furrow. 



Something within Loice’s chest pinged, sending a wave of pain all over her body. She almost dropped her groceries and had to support herself on the store’s wall.

She took a deep breath, not understanding what was happening. After a quick breather, she started toward her car. She didn’t know she’d be leaving the parking lot in an ambulance. 

An Empty Parking Lot 


Loice was halfway through the now-empty parking lot when she saw one of the rowdy men sitting on the tarmac as if waiting for her. She swallowed a lump of air, straightening her back to look unafraid. 

But as she took her next step, the pain shot through her again, this time shooting down to her feet. She held her walking stick firmly, but her knees buckled. Loice lost her balance. 

What Is Happening?


Loice wasn’t sure what was happening. She didn’t know if someone had attacked her or if her body was failing her. She’d never had such complications before despite her age. 

The only logical explanation would be that someone had attacked her from behind. But as she fell, something happened that changed her view on the matter. 

Coming To Help


Footsteps rang behind Loice as hands reached for her. She expected to hit the ground but floated in the air as someone held her in place. 

“Ma’am?” the person called. It was one of the men she’d seen in the store. His friend, who was walking toward Loice, came over to her. Both men were alarmed. What was happening?

A Lucky Woman


The men called an ambulance for Loice and even accompanied her to the emergency room. One called her family, while the other took her groceries to her house. 

After a few tests, Loice’s doctor shared that she’d had a mild heart attack. Of course, he placed Loice on a healing path. She didn’t know what she’d do if those men didn’t save her in time.  

Disclaimer: To protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events, places, or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.