These “I Am The Manager” Moments Are Hilarious


Last Line Of Defence

The Manager is the last line of defense against an impossible customer. The Manager is in charge of resolving disagreements, preventing escalation, and making everyone happy. It’ll be challenging to fill those shoes.

The following is a collection of amusing stories in which the Manager had the final say. You’ll see indisputable evidence that the customer isn’t always correct, as well as some of the best “I’m the Manager” moments.

The New Colonel


There was a station picnic when I was in the Air Force. I was assigned to the crew in charge of getting everything set up. A young fellow approached us and began conversing with us. He presented himself as the new Commander of the Operations Group. That morning, he arrived at the base.

Our superior (a Major) came over to us a few moments later. “Hey guys, I believe the new Operations Group Commander will be arriving today,” he added. “I’ve heard he’s a complete fool, so be on your best behavior.” “Hi, I’m the moron, but you can call me Colonel,” the Operation Group Commander remarked with a grin and a hand outstretched.

Story Source: Reddit/AZScienceTeacher

Chowder Scam

Public Domain

At the age of 19, I received a promotion as a Manager at a small seafood restaurant I had been working for the last four years. There was a woman who used to come in every week and order clam chowder. She would then proceed to eat all of her food but then claim that there was something wrong with it and ask for a refund. I was working the one shit when she came in and tried to con us again.

I walked over to her table, and she said to me, “You had all kinds of vegetables in this chowder last time! I’m not going to pay for it!” “Ma’am, we’ve been preparing that chowder the same way since the business started, and you know it as well as I do, so pay or get a refund, and you’re never welcome here again,” I said. She then demanded to see the manager, but I was the manager. She debated for a few minutes before paying and leaving.

Story Source: Reddit/Cealdi

Unable To Fire Her

Public Domain

One of my friends was in an argument regarding some problems; after a few moments, the client asked to speak to the manager. She sighed and then went to grab the manager.

The manager walked out with a puzzled expression on his face. The rude client was demanding that my friend get fired. The Manager was perplexed. “However, Ma’am, I am unable to do so… She is the owner.”

Story Source: Reddit/Triangle_Graph


Public Domain

The client was becoming increasingly adamant regarding a coupon. I was waved over by the cashier. Usually, I’d just take the coupon and move on, but she disrespected my cashier. So I declined, and she requested a meeting with the Manager. “The manager is gone for the day, but the supervisor is here.”

“Well, then,” she continued, “I’d like to talk with your supervisor.” “I’m the supervisor, t his coupon is no longer valid.” She stormed out of the store, swearing that she would never come back. I honestly felt relieved.

Story Source: Reddit/Triangle_Graph


Public Domain

A salesman entered the waiting area where I was standing. When I asked if I could assist him, he did not acknowledge my presence. He claimed he wanted to speak with someone more experienced after trying for a few more tries.

By that point, an older employee had entered the room. The salesman approached him right away and requested to talk with someone in charge. “Well, the owner is standing right there,” he added, pointing at me.

Story Source: Reddit/zenic

The Grinch

Public Domain

I used to work as a retail manager a few years ago. During the festive season, one of my seasonal workers became the target of a customer’s rage. We were out of stock of a specific body lotion, and the lady started yelling at her. “I’d like to talk with your boss!”

“Miss, I am the on-duty Manager.  This is a very popular product among our customers. We don’t have any stock laying in the backroom. It’s no longer available in any of our local stores.” She became red and demanded our customer service number so she could file a complaint. It was the 24th of December…

Story Source: Reddit/Compulsive-Gremlin



I received an invitation to a birthday celebration. Because we both worked in the same profession, the hostess introduced me to her spouse and assured me that we would have lots to talk about. He quickly began to disparage a competitor of the company where he worked, claiming that they were conducting unethical business. I inquired as to where he obtained this information.

He seemed to be speechless and could not name his source. I stared blankly at him and said, “No problem, buddy; just take advantage of the fact that you’re currently speaking with the owner of a competitor company to ask whatever questions you have.” The room suddenly grew quiet, and it was awkward, to say the least.

Story Source: Reddit/Murmelurmeli

Too Young

Public Domain

I was not the manager, but a lady contacted the store where I was working during my early 20s. I respectfully introduced myself when I picked up the phone. She immediately requested to talk to an adult as soon as she heard my voice.

“Hold on, I will go get one,” I murmured.  I went back to the phone after a few moments, introducing myself as I had done the first time. “Hello, this is John. How may I assist you?” She was not pleased by my antics, but my manager was.

Story Source: Reddit/ravensray5227

Strange Approach

Public Domain

Whenever a rude customer demanded to speak to a manager, one of my close friends would simply walk to the back room and come back seconds later, asking how he could be of assistance.

Not a lot of customers approved of his behavior. I honestly think he should put on a different hat when he’s in the backroom and then tell people that he really is a different person.

Story Source: Reddit/Dubanx

The Technician

Public Domain

I used to work at a retail store as a cell phone technician. One night, I was the only tech, which made me the acting tech manager. I am a lady.

A man approached the desk with a brash demeanor, demanding that his phone be repaired. I inquired as to how I might assist him. He claimed that his phone had broken down and that he needed to speak with a specialist. “I’m the technician, what’s the matter with your phone?”

Story Source: Reddit/sai_gunslinger

Are You Sure You Want To Do This?

Public Domain

I had someone starting an argument with me in a meeting, and I asked him, “Are you really sure you want to do this?” He said yes because he thought I needed to be put in my place. It was a technical matter in which I am considered an expert.

I calmly listened to him and systematically shredded his arguments. He was older than I am, and I thought his head would explode.

Story Source: Reddit/Truthislife13

Upside Down

Public Domain

I once worked at a printer shop long ago. One dude was so angry even as I started helping him. He asked for a bunch of copies. I made them and set them down in front of him. “How’s that look?” I asked.

“Well, you printed them upside down!” The guy was edgy. So I turned the stack of pages 180 degrees. Some people are determined to be displeased.

Story Source: Reddit/InfiniteChicken

The Burger With Cheese


I was working at a concession stand, running the register. This one night, it was super busy. We ran out of soda, and the deep fryer was acting out. I was at the burger stand, and the line was crazy. This one lady came and ordered a burger with cheese.

Trying to be quick, I yelled back to the cooks, “One cheeseburger!”. She looks at me and huffs. “No, I said a burger with cheese, not a cheeseburger.” So I had to yell back, “Sorry, a burger with cheese, not a cheeseburger.”

Story Source: Reddit/patients

The Drive-through

Public Domain

Back in the day of working at a drive-through, I had a guy in a new car come through and proceed to hit a pole or wall on his way up. He began to yell at me about how the car just cost him $40,000, and he was expecting compensation for the damage.

I told him he should learn how to drive and then rang up his order. He couldn’t believe that I was going to still charge him for his meal. Sorry buddy, I am not responsible for your inability to drive.

Story Source: Reddit/degausser_