Things That Improved Redditors’ Live So Much They Wish They’d Done It Sooner


Small Improvements

Have you ever felt like you needed a small improvement in your life to make everything a little better? Well, lucky for you, a few Redditors decided to share their “life hacks” on how to achieve this. They have told the world what they did to improve their lives and we’re all ears!

From exercising to cutting out addiction, or even just looking at the sky, here are a few of the best that might work for you.

Waiting For The Weekend


I stopped living my life just waiting for the weekend. When you work five days a week and have just two off, it’s not good to be always waiting for those two days. You can plan something meaningful or fun every day, even if it’s just a small thing.

I stopped living my life just waiting for the weekend. When you work five days a week and have just two off, it’s not good to be always waiting for those two days. You can plan something meaningful or fun every day, even if it’s just a small thing.

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Managing Anxiety and Depression

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Exercise every day. Anxiety and depression are much easier to manage, and I got some confidence I haven’t had in years.

The thing I didn’t anticipate from regular exercise was how much exercise would become recreation. I am exercising about three hours per day and only one of those hours is “I have to go to the gym” mentality (actually lifting, which I enjoy but have to force myself to start). The other two are de-stressors and relaxing (running and swimming). I do all three back to back and love it.

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Flower Gardening

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I started flower gardening. Really relaxing. You will see results all summer, lots of successes and failures, but failures bring improvements. And I listen to audible books while I’m at it sometimes. Especially great if you have a desk job.

I’ve been growing produce on my apartment balcony for the past couple of years, and it’s been a fun learning experience! Plus, eating food picked a whole 15 feet away from your kitchen is kinda cool too!

Story credit – Reddit/Laura9624

Hygiene Routine


Flossing. (Actually, I use a water pick now.) Now my hygiene and cleaning visits are a breeze, and I haven’t had a cavity in years!

I used to brush, then floss, but flossing then brushing is definitely the way. It allows you to get a better brush in between your teeth since any food particles should be out.

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Packed Up And Moved


Just packed up and moved thousands of miles away. Left everything behind and just started over. Besides some debt, a suitcase, and contacts for only the non-toxic people in my life, it’s been an extremely liberating experience.

And looking back, nothing was really preventing me from doing it sooner, no real reasons at least. I just kept coming up with excuses not to do it until one day. I couldn’t think of one.

Story credit – Reddit/SpicyRiceAndTuna

New Language


Learned Spanish. Now I have a lot of amazing new friends, and I got a lot of great gigs and opportunities because of it. Learning Spanish has changed my life. I have friends all over the world now. I’m going to Europe for the first time this year.

I feel like the world has opened up for me. Now I’m back in school, learning how to teach English to Spanish speakers, and I’m learning French. Plus, it was a huge confidence booster.

Story credit – Reddit/Stratford79

Closer To Work


My commute went from 45 miserable minutes in traffic glaring in hatred at the tail lights in front of me to a pleasant 15-minute bike ride. I got an hour of free time every day and better health.

Absolute game-changer. I took a 20% pay cut, but we sold my commuting car, and with the price of fuel what it is, we’re actually considerably better off. The 3 hrs saved commuting means extra time with my wife and kids. I’m very happy.

Story credit – Reddit/Esky_Peroo

Proper Medical Advise


Got a proper diagnosis. I think a lot of people who for years questioned themselves, “what’s wrong with me?” when they finally got diagnosed, it’s a big relief and changed a lot in a better way.

Getting diagnosed with ADHD at 36 and then following through on treating it was one of the best things I could have done for myself in the middle of the pandemic

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I went to school for nursing in my 40s and am about to complete my master’s, and it’s been amazing! I was a SAHM for 20 years. After five years of school, I almost match my husband’s salary (after 23 years in his field).

I doubled my salary in 4 years, from just getting by to being on track for retiring at 60. All thanks to a little bit of tertiary education.

Story credit – Reddit/socinfused

Appreciating How Beautiful Things Are

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When I was told that I would lose my eyesight, it made me pay more attention to how beautiful the sky was. I can still see, and I enjoy watching the clouds on a level I can’t even explain. Same here. Last week I was diagnosed with a benign tumor behind my eye that is compressing my optic nerve.

Currently receiving treatment and awaiting surgery. I began to try to memorize every part of my children’s faces and looked back over every camping trip where we woke up to beautiful sunrises and views.

Story credit – Reddit/DaniB3

Quitting Alcohol

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Quitting drinking is the best thing I’ve ever done for my mental and physical health, and it’s done nothing but improve my relationships. The last year and a half have been the best I’ve ever had.

I quit when I was 29, and my whole life changed for the better. I remember all my nights and celebrations. I no longer had to make a list of people to apologize to every morning after a get-together or party.

Story credit – Reddit/TLB1023

Setting Boundaries


Learning to set boundaries and say no. It’s so important to be able to do this, and while most people realize the benefits for yourself, it’s so much nicer to have a partner you know will say no, and set boundaries.

It feels so wrong at first. People get so angry when you quit being a doormat. But if you keep it up, you’ll soon know when things aren’t reasonable.

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Doing One Chore A Day


Doing at least one chore a day. You would be amazed at how well getting something done, even if you hate it, can fight back against certain depressive mentalities, particularly the ones that convince you you’re useless or are a burden.

Every day spend 30 minutes cleaning/chores, 30 minutes exercising, and 30 minutes of self-improvement, which could be anything (e.g., practicing guitar). Get home from work, knock off the triple 30 in 1.5 hours, and oh man, the sloth after that feels so good and so earned. And what’re 1.5 hours? Nothing. Highly recommend it.

Story credit – Reddit/pescarojo

Reading Books


Reading books way more. I started reading science fiction and fantasy books instead of everything I read being “great” or “literary,” and I found I like reading things I enjoy more than things other people deem relevant or worthwhile.

I’ve even gotten really into audiobooks. I got rid of satellite radio because it’s basically all I listen to in the car anymore. Makes chores go by much easier too.

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