These Photos Reveal the Hidden Side of Things


There’re so many beautiful things around us, and we tend to ignore them due to our busy schedules, everyday worries, and struggles. Sometimes, all we need to do is stop for a second and admire the wonderful world we live in. You’ll feel instantly better and more relaxed.

We’ve collected the shots of the most beautiful secrets hidden in plain sight that you need to see in your lifetime. Scroll below to discover the collection of the hidden side of things you probably never noticed before.

Inside A Zippo Lighter


While many people use lighters on a regular basis, not many are aware of what they are constructed with. As you can see in this image of a gold vintage lighter, they are built with a cloth wick for absorbing the light and liquid when metal strikes against the flint and a flammable liquid.

The first Zippo lighter was invented in 1933 and quickly gained popularity during World War II. It’s a simple process yet quite interesting!

 At The Top of Mount Everest


Many of us are aware of the existence of Mount Everest, and perhaps you even know someone who has reached its top. But did you know that there is always a line of about hundreds of people waiting to take a selfie at the peak of the mountain in freezing temperatures?

Yeah, it’s no fun when you have to stand in the same spot for hours. But, hey, you gotta do what you gotta do, right?

The Blood Vessels In Your Hand


Our bodies are incredible. They consist of many biological systems allowing us to live and function normally. Blood vessels are an essential part of our system that flow blood throughout the body.

They carry the blood from and to the heart and are found in different parts of the body, including the hands. This image demonstrates what our hands would look like if they were made up of only blood vessels and nothing else. Frightening and astonishing at the same time!

This is How Driving Scenes Are Filmed


Many movies include driving scenes, where we can observe the actors from all different angles in a matter of seconds. However, most of the time, the actors aren’t actually driving the car during filming. Sometimes, the person who is driving the vehicle is sitting on top of it, or the whole car is attached to the back of a tow truck.

This is how a car looks like while shooting a movie scene. It seems pretty complicated, but much safer than having the actors driving the car. Image having cameras all over you while trying to keep your eyes on the road? Yeah, mission impossible…

The Inside Of A Guitar


While this photo might look like a really fancy apartment that many of us could never afford or the interior of a spacious, luxurious boat, it’s actually the inside of an ordinary guitar.

This photo was taken with a GoPro inserted inside the guitar. The photographer used WiFi to capture this image from their phone. ‘I had to loosen the strings and push them aside to fit my hand through, you can kinda see them spread apart,’ shared the photographer.

A Water Bottle Before It’s Filled

ChiefsPlant Mobile

You’ll never look at a water bottle in the same way again after reading this paragraph. This strange-looking object is actually a bottle that we drink water from on a daily basis.

Believe it or not, this is what a water bottle looks like before it’s filled with water. Its shape is different here because the water that goes inside the bottle moves with a lot of force and speed, shaping it into a water bottle that we see in stores.

A Baby Flamingo

Honest To Paws

Most of us believe that flamingos are always tall and pink, but this is not exactly true. Like any other living being, flamingos grow from small furry babies to big and pink beautiful birds. Adult flamingos feed their babies with bright red milk produced from their digestive tracts.

Baby flamingos begin showing pink feathers as they continue to grow, and eventually, they become entirely pink. Adult flamingos consume blue-green and red algae.

Inside A Pearl


These days, we can buy all kinds of beautiful pearl jewelry. But do you know how pearls actually are formed? Typically, when an irritant gets trapped inside an oyster, a pearl is formed.

Later, a liquid called nacre coats the irritant. Saltwater and freshwater mussels create high-quality pearls that can last more than 50 years. However, pearl farmers are known to jumpstart the pearl formation by inserting an irritant inside the oyster themselves.

Microbes From A Child

Smithsonian Magazine

No, this is not a piece of artwork. You’re looking at the microbes left behind from an 8-year-old boy’s handprint after he came back from playing outside. Note how different all of the particles look! On the bottom right, there’s something that looks exactly like a snowflake while the rest look like bubbles of different colors.

Remember when your parents would remind you to wash your hands? Yeah, you probably should. Otherwise, your handprint will look just like this one, if not worse.

Transparency In Glass Frogs


Who said we need to have an x-ray vision to look inside one’s body? Not with this amphibian! Glass frogs are found in Panama, Costa Rica, Colombia, and Ecuador. Some members of the amphibian family Centrolenidae have translucent and transparent abdominal skin.

You can literally look inside the glass frog and see its organs, such as the gastrointestinal tract, liver, and heart. You can also observe and hear its heart pumping blood and other organs doing their job.

Tigers Have Stripes Underneath Their Fur


Have you ever wondered what tigers look like without their fur? These big cats are ambush hunters who love to swim and be active all the time. Tigers have a beautiful natural orange coat with black stripes on them.

However, unlike cats, dogs, and other animals, if you shave a tiger’s fur, its skin will have the same striped pattern as the one on their coat. Crazy, right?

An Albino Raccoon


As it turns out, humans aren’t the only ones who can be born albino. These little guys with black and white stripes can also be born that way. The raccoon in this image has a congenital disorder called Albinism. It causes a loss of pigmentation and makes the animal look completely white.

It’s rare to spot an albino raccoon in the wild because they can’t survive that long, as they’re more vulnerable to attacks due to their unusual color. According to wildlife experts, there’s only a 1 in 750,000 chance of seeing an albino raccoon in the wild.

An Elephant’s Tail


We all know that elephants have tails, but have you ever seen one up close and personal? In case you haven’t, you’re welcome! Here we have a close-up shot of an elephant’s tail, which they use to communicate with one another and express their mood. Just like dogs, elephants swing their tails when they are excited or happy.

Baby elephants hold the tail of their parents while walking, as they feel more secure and protected that way. Most importantly, their tails make perfect flyswatters!

An Empty Walmart

Toronto Star

An empty Walmart is something we will probably never get to see in real life, but here’s a picture of it anyway. This space is completely empty because the building it was located in was being repurposed for new uses, so they had to remove everything that was inside.

There are no people, shelves, or products except for one lonely shopping cart on the right. It’s strange to see Walmart totally abandoned, as it’s usually filled with shoppers 24/7.

The Surface of a Strawberry


Here we have a close-up shot of two seeds on the surface of a strawberry taken by photographer Alexey Kljatov. He explained that the image was created by: “Focus stacking + averaging (10 groups with a different focus, each group contains eight identical shots for averaging).

The problem with this shot was that the strawberry was too glossy (I put a white plastic bag around the berry to diffuse daylight).” Still, this photograph is quite impressive and beautiful in its own way.

Legs After Tour de France

Cycling Today

This is what a runner’s legs look like after completing the most challenging bike race in the world. The Tour de France, also known as “Le Grande Boucle” or “Le Tour,” is the world’s largest annual sporting event.

This event is held in France every year, taking place in 21 stages and covering around 3,500 kilometers. People from all over the world come to France to take part in this competition for the chance to win a cash prize of €450,000 and the Tour de France Trophy.

Heated Floors

The Balance Small Business

Who doesn’t love heated floors? It feels so nice stepping on a warm floor after coming home from work. It might be – 20ºC outside, but your house feels more like +25ºC, thanks to this lovely invention.

Sadly, not everyone can afford to have heated floors in their home, as they’re pretty expensive these days. The floor heating works by installing an array of heating tubes under the floorboards, which warm up the floor and then your toes.

Inside The Tower of Pisa

Boing Boing

The famous Leaning Tower of Pisa doesn’t actually have any structures on the inside. Moreover, engineers claim that it will be able to withstand another 200 years without any additional renovations.

If you enter the Leaning Tower of Pisa, you’ll see that there is nothing inside but a hollow cylinder from top to bottom. But we have to agree that the contrast between the inside of the tower and the outside is pretty amazing!

The Installation Process of a Power Line Tower


This is how power line towers get installed. The structures are incredibly huge, so using only manpower is just not possible. Luckily, we have helicopters to do the job for us. Workers use them to transport and set up power line towers, and this method is used in many countries. Almost every power line tower was installed this way.

Can you imagine how difficult this task would be if we didn’t have helicopters? Let’s thank Igor Sikorsky, Paul Cornu, and Arthur M. Young for this incredible innovation.

An Old Hedge Cut In Half


At first glance, this object resembles our circulatory and nervous system, while actually, it’s an old hedge cut in half. If you cut it in half, this is how it’s going to look like.

The hedge in this photo has been growing for a decade, if not more, hence why it has such a sturdy, thick trunk. Since the new growth gets chopped off regularly, we can’t really see how old this hedge really is.

The Truth Behind Artichokes

Sunset Magazine

Did you know that artichokes are actually flowers that haven’t bloomed yet? They are the buds of a plant from the thistle family. Each bud includes the meaty core, the heart, and rows of petals that protect the heart.

Once they reach full maturity, they can grow to a height of four feet and a width of six feet. The plant then blossoms into a blue-violet flower if not harvested.

Furby Without Its Fur


We all know what Furbys look like, but would you be able to recognize them without their fur? Probably not. If you thought that these toys look creepy already, then this will change your mind. Look at this pair of huge eyes, open mouth, and all these weird things coming out from its body.

Imagine waking up at night, and this being the first thing you see? Yeah, no, thanks. By the way, Furbys can still talk without their fur.

The Underside of a Lilly Pad


This is what the underside of a Giant Water Lilly pad looks like. Unfortunately, it’s not as pretty as we imagined and looks a lot like a veiny old bathroom mat or a human placenta.

In fact, it does function similarly to the placenta as it takes the nutrients to where they are needed, while the placenta is responsible for moving blood, disposing of waste, and picking up nutrients. Oh, and these guys can grow up to 10 feet across!

The Inside of a Bowling Ball


Most of us have touched a bowling ball at least once in our lives and know just how heavy it can be. But do you know what a bowling ball is made of? No, it’s not made of rocks or cement. In fact, everything is much simpler.

If you ever wondered what’s inside of a bowling ball, there’s your answer. Bowling balls carry heavy weight, just like dumbbells. The weight gets coated in smooth resin and tough plastic and then molded to a specific size.

The Actual Size of Asparagus

Old Farmer’s Almanac

While we know what asparagus looks like in its edible size, not many are aware that if you don’t harvest it, the vegetable will grow huge and can outgrow many trees. It’s a widely growing plant and is popular in many different cultures.

It’s healthy and delicious if cooked and seasoned right. It’s hard to imagine that the strange-looking plant in this photo is, in fact, the same asparagus we eat with our steak.

 A Traffic Control Room In Beijing


This is what a traffic monitor in the capital of China looks like. Beijing is home to more than 20 million people, so it is no surprise that this city had the longest 62-mile traffic jam that lasted 12 days.

The jam started on August 13, 2010, on the Beijing-Tibet expressway and China National Highway. The poor travelers were only able to travel one pile per day. Can you imagine being trapped inside a car for so long? Sounds like a nightmare!

The Dun Briste Sea Stack in Ireland


This chunky tower of rock located in Ireland is called the Dun Briste Sea Stack. In 1393, it drifted into the water during a storm, which is why it was named Dun Briste, or “broken fort” in Gaelic. “As the land surface was flooded ( as sea levels rose) sediments were laid down progressively inland,” McNamara said.

A few remains of buildings have been discovered on the stack before. People hid in them during the storm when this piece of land got separated.

A Visa Credit Card Cut in Half

Kickass Facts

Don’t try this one at home, unless you have a shopping addiction. Just kidding! Surprise, there’s no money or other cool stuff inside your credit card. These cards are made of simple mechanisms that instantly communicate with your bank about your activity.

That’s why when a bank notices suspicious activity on your card, they’ll contact you to ensure that it wasn’t a credit card fraud.

A Night Vision Glance At an Air Mattress

Who knew that the inside of a simple air mattress in night vision looks this creepy. It looks more like a mysterious maze or a hallway in an abandoned house. Every air mattress consists of sealed compartments filled with air.

Luckily, if one of the compartments in an air mattress gets a hole, the mattress won’t be ruined. In night vision, these sections look just like this one. Next time you want to confuse your friends, just show them this image.

The Inside of a Tube of Toothpaste


In case you’re wondering how you’re able to get the perfect swirl of color every time you brush your teeth, this photo should give you a clear answer. This is how toothpaste gets stored in a tube, preventing the colors from blending together.

If you cut your toothpaste tube in half, you will see something just like this. Pretty cool, right?

After a Corneal Transplant


A corneal transplant is a procedure that is used to replace a cornea with a donor’s corneal tissue. This surgical procedure is commonly used when a patient’s cornea thins due to a condition called keratoconus.

In that case, the person will receive a corneal transparent, and their pupil will have black lines around it, similarly to the ones in this photo. Keep in mind that your cornea is very delicate and can be scratched very easily.

An Escalator During Construction


This slowly moving stairway is specifically designed to transport us from one destination to another. The best part is that we don’t have to do anything: just stand and wait until it brings us to where we need to go.

Escalators are usually built in the areas where constructing an elevator wouldn’t be possible, such as public buildings, shopping malls, airports, etc. The United States has approximately 30,000 escalators in different parts of the country, and this is what one looks like before the stairs are added.

Facebook on a 10-Year Old Phone


Remember, when accessing the internet from your smartphone, felt like a miracle? These days, we can pick any kind of smartphone we want: Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, you name it. Smartphones make using social media platforms like Facebook fast and easy, especially if you also have Messenger installed.

But a couple of decades ago, writing a short Facebook status took us ages due to the small buttons and phone screen. Sending a message to your friend was even more complicated with a phone like this one.

A Movie Theatre Auditorium Without Seats and Screens


We are used to seeing movie theaters full or at least half full. Many people love visiting theaters and cinemas to see new movies and plays. Sometimes the auditoriums are packed with people, and it’s very difficult to find an empty seat.

This is what a movie theatre auditorium looks like without screens and seats. The movie theatre manager took this photo after all the seats and screens were removed.

Inside The Redbox Machine

Ars Technica

It’s much easier to get DVDs with a machine like this one. All we have to do is tap the electronic screen located at the front of it and pick the movie of our choice. And just like any wedding machine, the machine will then select the DVD of your choice and deposit it.

The Redbox was founded by McDonald’s Corporation business development team in 2002 and the first DVD rental kiosk was installed in 2004.

Inside A Salt Mine

Science Alert

The salt that we use daily is extracted from salt mines. Mined salt was one of the most dangerous and costly operations due to rapid dehydration caused due to exposure to the salt.

Even now, salt mining is considered to be a dangerous job. Some salt caves are several hundred feet tall and wide.

How M&M Dispensers Get Refilled


M&M’s have been around since September 10, 1941, and are one of the most popular candies worldwide. Nowadays, we have all sorts of flavors of M&M’ ranging from the peanut butter flavor to the original semi-sweet chocolate filling.

Ever wondered how the M&M dispensers in stores are always so full? Well, the containers are actually located behind the displays of candy. Sometimes, the stores can be out of certain colors of the candy, but they will still display them.

A Supermarket in Israel During Passover


Passover is a seven-day holiday of the Feast of Unleavened Bread starting on April 8 and ending on April 16. The first day of Passover is a public holiday, so it’s a day off for the entire population. Almost everything is closed on that day, including schools.

During this period, people in Israel refrain from consuming baked wheat, or Hametz. Every product in stores that contains this ingredient is hidden.

A Globe or The Blind


The first map for blind people was created in 1830 by Stephen Preston Ruggles. Its streets were marked with wooden divots. Then, seven years later, Ruggles partnered with Samuel Gridley Howe, and the two created the first Atlas of the U.S. for the blind constructed with 600 pieces of wood.

Howe has traveled a lot and knew his students would need to learn geography to function normally in society. The glob created by Ruggles and Howe was a major milestone in map-making.

Inside The Can of Shaving Cream


It has a pump at the bottom of it that helps raise shaving cream from the container’s bottom. Sadly, it doesn’t work the same way as a tube of toothpaste does. Once we’re out of the cream, there’s no point in squeezing the can the same way we would with a tube of toothpaste or other types of creams.

The last drop of the cream won’t come out, no matter how hard we squeeze the can.

The Plastic That Legos Are Made of



While most people know what Lego parts look like, not many are aware of what kind of plastic they are made of. The plastic used for Legos resembles the small yellow pebbles in this photo.

Later, they are heated and then pressed into a mold. That’s how the Lego shapes that we know today are designed. Before creating the desired shape, these pebbles are dyed the color matching the final product.

Inside a Traffic Controller


Traffic controls are used to control the traffic lights in cities and towns. Now it’s hard to imagine driving through the city without traffic lights, but back in the days, people had to survive without them. The first two-color, red-green system was invented in 1912 by the head of the city’s traffic squad in Lester Wire of Salt Lake City, Utah.

This machinery automatically prevents traffic lights from displaying the same color at once. Some extra features, like vehicle detectors, can be added to the system as well.

The Moon Passing in Front of the Earth

Universe Today

The Deep Space Climate Observatory shot this image from a million miles away from our planet, showing the dark side of the moon passing in front of Earth.

The image was captured using NASA’s Earth Polychromatic Imaging Camera (EPIC), a telescope on the DSCOVR satellite that orbits 1 million miles from the planet, and a four megapixel CCD camera. This amazing capture looks like something we’d see in a sci-fi movie! 

The Inside of a NASA Spacesuit

The Atlantic

Astronaut Alan Shepard wore the first space suit on May 5, 1961, during Project Mercury. Some spacesuits are capable of holding up to 5.42 cubic feet of air if no one is wearing it. They are designed to keep people healthy and safe in space.

They can also circulate oxygen, regulate the air pressure and the humidity inside. That way, astronauts can see clearly while wearing the suit.

A Blue Whale’s Blowhole


The Blue Whale is the biggest whale in the world. They can reach a maximum length of 98 feet and 190 tons in weight. Blue whales have a grey-blue covered skin, two pictorial fins, and a blowhole, which many people are curious about.

So what does their blowhole actually look like? One photographer managed to capture it from up-close, and here it is! It resembles two huge nostrils.

The Human Nervous System


The intricate network in the image above is an actual nervous system. In 1925, two medical students L.P. Ramsdell and M.A. Schalck from Kirksville, Missouri, spent 1,500 hours dissecting a nervous system from a cadaver while keeping everything intact, and today, their project is worth one million dollars.

They started working from the brain down to the spinal cord while cutting through the tissue, muscle, and skin.

A Turtle’s Skeleton


We all know what turtles look like, but not many people know about how their skeleton works. They assume that their shells are nothing more than just shells, and they couldn’t be more wrong about that.

A turtle’s shell plays a significant part in the structure of their skeleton, as we can see in this image. There’s also a lot of space for organs on the inside. And no, turtles can’t crawl out of their shells, just like humans can’t crawl out of their skeletons.

An Ice Crystal from Switzerland


There’s no doubt that ice crystals are beautiful in all shapes and forms, and this photo is another example of nature’s beauty. This particular ice crystal was found in Switzerland during a snowy season. They come in all sizes and shapes, ranging from tiny to huge. They are formed by heterogeneous ice nucleation and only under certain thermodynamical conditions.

Ice crystals can resemble bullets, needles, columns, pyramids, stellar crystals, dendrites, sectored Hexagon, and Hexagonal plate.

Inside a Fuel Dispenser


On September 5, 1885, Sylvanus Bowser invented and sold the first gasoline pump in Fort Wayne, Indiana. If you decide to remove the covering of a fuel dispenser at a gas station that has screens to display information, you’ll notice a bunch of cords and wires.

They might seem totally random and chaotic, but it will all make sense once they are connected to machines.

The Inside of a Bomb

Bombs are explosive weapons that provide violent and sudden release of energy. Many people wonder what bombs are made of and what’s inside them. In reality, it’s not that complicated. Inside large military bombs are many smaller bombs that are all pressed together.

When the bomb is activated, they will all go off at once. It’s hard to imagine that something that looks like a mini plane is actually a bomb that can destroy pretty much everything.

Photo of a Virus Taken by an Electron Microscope


The creature in this image is actually a virus that appears in human bodies. It was first discovered by Frederick Twort in 1915, and it comes from the bacteriophage family, which means “bacteria eater.” They are also capable of infecting archaea, the single-celled prokaryotic organism.

The infection by this virus results in the release of virions, or virus particles, and the death of the host cell. Let’s not forget to take our vitamins; otherwise, this uninvited guest might show up!

The Inside of Deadmau5’s Helmet

Joel Zimmerman

DJ Deadmau5 always wears this iconic helmet while performing. While it certainly does look creative and cool on the outside, we can’t say the same for the inside of his helmet. Wearing it for a prolonged period must be very uncomfortable and sweaty.

Just look at how many wires and strange-looking buttons it has! Seeing the surroundings must also be very difficult for him. But hey, at least it looks cool!

A Huge Amethyst Geode


Hollow rocks that contain crystals are called geodes, just like the beautiful purple amethyst crystals we see in this image. This geode can be found in China in the Shandong Tianyu Museum of Natural History.

It’s seven feet tall and weighs around 28,600 pounds. While geodes are found in different parts of the world, the most concentrated areas are deserts. Other common geode locations are regions that contain limestone and volcanic ash beds.

A Human Embry

Doris Taylor via Cleveland

Here we have a human embryo in its early stages of development, and the large blue object is actually the tip of a needle. During this period, the organism develops into a multi-cellular organism from a single-celled zygote.

This progress is very complex, and the early stages of embryonic development are also the most important. It’s hard to imagine that at some point, we all looked this tiny. Nature is a beautiful thing!

The Bodies of Easter Island Heads


The ancient Polynesians carved the Easter Island Heads from stone between the years of 1250 and 1500. The statues are known for their large noses, strong chins, and deep eye slits. The average height of each statue is about 13 feet, and the average width is approximately 5.2 feet.

Even though the statues have whole bodes, often people refer to them as “Easter Island Heads.” Their bodies are buried underneath the surface, and most visitors only get to admire their heads.

A Grain of Salt


Here we have a grain of salt under an electron microscope. While some grains are made up of overlapping cubes, others are cube-shaped.

The salt crystals are made of sodium chloride (NaCi), and the molecules that gather to form a crystal arrange themselves in a cubical pattern. This is just one of the many beautiful discoveries scientists made using a microscope.

How The Bricks Are Laid in the Netherlands


Many people believe that bricks streets are laid on the ground by underpaid laborers, and they couldn’t be more wrong about that. This photo was taken in the Netherlands, where a special machine is used to place a whole layer of bricks on the street.

It looks like the Dutch came up with an easy way to lay down brick roads! The machine can also change the pattern of the bricks as it moves along.

A Shuttle Leaving Earth


At first glance, it looks like a needle is poking through wool, but the reality is much different. NASA captured this amazing photo when one of their space shuttles was leaving our planet’s atmosphere during the Space Shuttle Endeavour launch.

The event took place on May 16, 2011, featuring a space shuttle rising from the clouds. The original photo was published on the NASA website, and since then, it’s been all over the internet.

The Inside of a Boeing 787


No, this is not a set from a sci-fi movie; this is the inside of an empty Boeing 787. The Boeing 787 Dreamliner was manufactured by Boeing Commercial Airplanes, and its first flight was performed on December 15, 2009.

The inside of this plane looks so spacious because all the seats were removed. There’re no people, staff, seats, pilots. Who would have known that planes have so much space inside!

Behind a Reporter’s Back

Instagram / @kuyakim_atienza

Reporters always look so perfect and stylish, but did you know that they carry a bunch of cables, transmitters, and clip-on microphones behind their backs? No one gets to see this part, as reporters always face the camera and almost never turn around.

Only some people know what’s going on behind the scenes, but now we’ve uncovered the truth. Hopefully, carrying all of these transmitters is not as uncomfortable in real life as it looks in this image!

The Squared 5-Pointed Starfish


No, these are not grandma’s cookies, although we definitely see the resemblance. Unfortunately, these things are not edible. When we think of a starfish, we assume it has the shape of a star, but that’s not always the case.

There’s a rare birth defect that causes 5-pointed starfish to look square-shaped. Nevertheless, both of the starfish in this photo look incredibly beautiful and delicious!

Inside a Telephone Wire


At first glance, this looks like a bunch of colored straws people use at parties. However, this is actually a telephone wire filled with approximately 100 pairs of 25 gauge wire, and the one in this image is considered a small wire!

Other larger telephone ones have the capacity to hold up to 1200 pairs of wire. The most common telephone cables include four wires inside: yellow, red, green, and black. The black and yellow pair is designed to provide a second line, and the green-red pair is for basic one-line service.

The Truth Behind Gas Stations


When we think of a gas station, we image a shop with all the necessities and a section next to it where we can put some gas in our car. But not many people know that the gas they buy from the station is actually located right beneath their feet, as shown in this image.

The gas is stored in huge containers underneath, which makes it difficult to build additional structures on top of the gas stations in the future.

The Cinnamon Tree


Cinnamon is a common flavoring additive and aromatic ingredient, and while most of us have tried it at least once, not many people have seen it in its original form. The cinnamon we see in shops is already in its powder form, ready to be used.

However, initially, the spice is made up of the bark of a tree. Cinnamon sticks are pieces of cinnamon tree bark. They are mostly used for cooking and decoration purposes.

The Inside of a Firework Shell


Everyone loves firework shows. They’re beautiful and magical. But how do fireworks actually work? A small tube called an aerial shell is the source of most fireworks we use today.

It contains explosive chemicals, and all the sounds, lights, and colors are the result of these chemicals. These chemicals also contain an oxidizing agent, a binder, a fuel, and a metal-containing colorant that keeps all the pieces in place.

The Light Inside of a Lighthouse


A lighthouse is a tower or a building constructed to produce light from a system of lenses and lights to serve as a navigational aid at sea. They mark hazardous rocks, shoals, reefs, and dangerous coastlines and assist in aerial navigation.

This is what the light inside of a lighthouse looks like. It’s called a Fresnel lens, and it covers the light of the lighthouse. The lens also includes concentric circles that direct the light into a narrow beam.

The Lights in the Space Mountain


Space Mountain is an indoor roller coaster located in Tomorrowland at Disneyland in Anaheim, California. It opened on May 27, 1977, and is one of the few rides that leads adults and children on a colorful, unforgettable journey.

But if you turn the lights on, the ride will look like any other rollercoaster in the park. The staff uses the lights to find lost items people drop during their ride.

The Inside of the Biggest Container Ship in the World


HMM Algeciras launched in April 2020, is currently the largest container ship in the world with a cargo capacity of 23,964 TEU. The length of this container ship is 1309 feet. It will take you around 5 minutes to walk along its deck.

This is how the things we order online get to us. Every rectangular compartment on the ship holds a shipping container, which is similar to those we see in semi-trailer trucks.

The Inside of a Frag Grenade


A grenade is an explosive weapon thrown by hand. It consists of a detonating mechanism, an explosive charge, and a firing pin inside that triggers the detonating mechanism.

Once the grenade is thrown, the safety lever releases, and the primer explodes. This image shows how a frag grenade looks like on the inside. As you can see, every part of this dangerous weapon has its own role!

The Backside of a Movie Theatre Screen


We’ve all been to a movie theatre before, but we are only familiar with its front side where the screen and the seats are located. Its backside looks quite different. There’s not much to look at here besides the sound equipment.

There’s also a lot of extra space in case something goes wrong so that the technicians can fix it without disturbing our experience. The front side definitely looks more fun though!

How Coal Gets Unloaded from Freight Cars


Freight cars are large wheeled containers used for carrying goods. The first freight cars were made of wood until all-steel cars were introduced in 1896. These days, freight cars vary in size and shape, depending on their purpose.

The freight cars evolved from three main types: the boxcar, the open-top car, and the flatcar. Once a freight car is detached from the train, this piece of machinery rotates it to remove the coal inside.

A Battleship Out of the Water


Battleships used to be the most powerful type of warship during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Its main battery consists of up to 120 carronades and smoothbore guns, so you can only imagine what a battleship is capable of.

As you can see, battleships have gradually evolved from the 19th century and took on a completely different shape. It’s hard to believe that this powerful machine that has so much control in the water can barely stand on land.

A Ball Inside a Paint Can


Aerosol painting is a form of spray painting that leaves an even, smooth coat, unlike other brushed paints. Marble, metal, plastic, or glass balls are present in most aerosol paints. It’s called “pea” and is used for mixing the paint in the can when we shake it.

While most people know that there’s a little ball bouncing inside their spray cans, not many have actually seen it with their eyes before.

The Water System at an Airplane Hangar


This shot was taken at Toronto Pearson Airport when the fire suppression system was activated. If there’s a fire danger at the location, the fire jets are activated. They swamp the hanger to prevent a possible fire.

Fighting aircraft fires is an incredibly difficult activity, as it almost always includes rescuing people. Plus, aircraft usually contain a lot of fuel, which can result in an explosion in case of fire.

The Inside of a CT Scanner

The Atlantic

The first CT Scanner was invented in 1967 by Godfrey Hounsfield at EMI Central Research Laboratories by using x-ray technology. It was one of the most significant inventions of the decade.

The first patient brain CT was performed in 1971 in England. CT scan works by spinning X-ray machines to produce photos of the human body. It gives more information than a regular X-ray does.

A Cactus After Cross Section


There are more than 1700 species of cactus, and most of them grow in the Americas. They grow in different climates, with most of them in hot and dry regions. Cactuses make excellent landscaping and indoor plants.

If you perform a cross section on a cactus, you’ll notice how dense it is. A cactus also has an inner core that holds the water for an extended period. It keeps the plant alive in hot and dry weather.

The Inside of a Pool Table


In the 1340s, billiard was played outdoors, and it resembled the game of croquet. The first indoor billiard table belonged to King Louis XI of France in 1461- 1483. The game of pool has come a long way since then, and now, it’s one of the most popular types of entertainment worldwide.

Many bars have pool tables inside for people to play a couple of rounds while enjoying a drink, and this is how the interior of a pool table actually looks like.

The Inside of a Bungee Cord


Inside a bungee cord is a core of elastic strands covered in a cotton or a nylon sheath. Nowadays, bungee cords are used in many different activities such as bungee jumping off buildings, cliffs, and bridges.

They are also used to secure and store items in workplaces, households, and vehicles. While a bungee cord can snap during bungee jumping, it will take a lot of time until the entire rope breaks as there are hundreds of snapping cords inside the bungee cord.

A Tumbleweed Before It Dries


If you’ve visited the greater Phoenix area before, then you’ve probably seen a big circular bush moving around the landscape. These plants are called tumbleweeds. They grow into bushy round plants and can reach up to three feet tall.

They’re mostly found in dry fields and along roadsides. At some point, all tumbleweeds look green like the one in this picture.

Fire Hydrant Installation

Reddit / Drawkward79

The connection point that allows firefighters to tap into a water supply is called a firecock or a fire hydrant. Europe and Asia have been using underground fire hydrants since the 18th century.

The above-ground-pillar-type hydrants were invented in the 19th century. As we can see here, the fire hydrants are just the tip of a long pipeline connected to a source of water. The firefighter can also tell how many gallons per minute the hydrant can provide by its color.

This is What Happens Behind the Lanes at a Bowling Alley

Imgur / @buffaloesafterdark

The first bowling alley was opened in 1840 in Knickerbocker Alleys in NYC. Since then, bowling became a popular type of entertainment among people from all over the world.

Many can’t help but wonder if they can accidentally injure staff with the bowling ball. It’s actually not possible to hit someone behind the bowling lanes with the ball even if you throw it with a lot of force. As you can see, each bowling lane is protected.

A Private Bar Entrance for Hipsters


If you ever visit Shanghai, make sure to check out a sandwich shop called The Press. There, you’ll see a Coca-Cola machine that will lead you to another place. We’re not kidding.

Alberto Caiola designed this vintage secret door resembling a vending machine that serves as an entrance to another cool bar and lounge. How cool would it be if more restaurants and bars incorporated this!

The Truth Behind The BMW Logo

Pinterest / Kseniya Kapustsina

There have been two competing theories behind what the BMW logo actually means. One theory is that the blue and white colors represent a propeller, while the other theory claims that the colors are a homage to the Bavarian flag, where the BMW company started launching its products.

No one knows for sure what its logo means, but it indeed adds to brand recognition.

Disney’s Secret Rooms


The Cinderella Castle at Disney World, USA, offers much more than we think. We can walk around there and take pictures, but did you know that the castle also has secret rooms for the guests?

People can win an opportunity to stay in one of the beautiful rooms of the castle. Sadly, it’s not possible to make a reservation at Disney’s Cinderella Castle. The rooms are only offered to Disney VIPs and prize winners.

A Secret Apartment Inside the Eiffel Tower


There’s a secret apartment inside the Eiffel Tower that engineer Gustave Eiffel built for himself in 1889. He’s the only one who could access it at the time. The apartment has been recently restored to its original condition, and the wax models have been placed inside.

However, this isn’t the only apartment in the tower. There is another one located at the top, and you can check it out during the tour.

A Good Hiding Spot


Those who have bad vision would never be able to tell that an owl is hiding in this tree trunk. The colors match so perfectly, and with its eyes closed, the bird looks like a part of the tree.

This owl found the perfect hiding spot where no one would disturb it during the day. While most owls sleep during the day and hunt at night, others do the opposite.

An Innovative Idea


While some homes are big, others are tiny. The rental costs for houses and apartments have been rising in the past few years, especially in some countries in Asia, where you now have to pay a fortune for a tiny studio.

The owner of this kitchen is making great use of his space. Dryers and washing machines take up a lot of space, and not many apartments can fit both of them. This idea solved that very problem.

Sneaking A Drink


Not every place allows people to bring their own alcohol. Bars, restaurants, clubs, raves want you to buy drinks at their bar, so they prohibit guests from bringing their own alcohol.

People come up with different ways to sneak alcohol inside and save some money. For example, this brush is a perfect hiding spot for liquor. No one would suspect that there’s actually vodka inside. The best part is that you can also use it as a brush!

A Secret Hiding Spot


We never know when a burglar decides to break into our home and take all of our possessions and money. We need to come up with a good hiding spot in case a thief ever comes in. Those bad guys are smart, though, so we need to be creative.

Chances are, they will never guess that there’s a secret safe or compartment inside our floor unless they decide to dry up the entire thing.

A Safe For Keys


Hiding the key to our house under a welcome mat or inside a nearby bush isn’t a good idea. Everybody is aware of that trick. All they have to do is lift the mattress and take the key.

But for some reason, we still tend to believe that no one will touch our key anyway. Just think about how easy it is for the thieves! They don’t even need to break into our home; all they have to do is unlock the door. This is an effective and simple way to hide our house key.

An Easter Egg Hunt

Reddit / pizza395jonny

Easter Egg Hunting requires the right balance between easy to find and well-hidden. The egg in this image has been hidden in plain sight, but at the same time, it’s not easy to spot it there. The egg’s color matches the color of the garbage bin it was placed on.

Whoever takes the trash out will find the egg first! Keep this in mind for next Easter!



Amazon has grown into a billion-dollar industry, and its logo has proven to be so successful that it almost didn’t change at all. People love Amazon because we can find pretty much everything there, and all we have to do is provide our credit card information or PayPal, and the item is ours. No more spending long hours shopping.

This is why the arrow in Amazon’s logo goes from A to Z. Initially, Bezos was planning to sell mainly books on there, but then he quickly expanded it to music, games, jewelry, etc.

Hershey’s Kisses


This iconic chocolate brand’s logo might not seem that special at first, but if we look closely enough, we’ll see that the letter “I” and “K” form the shape of one of their chocolates in between.

Most people never thought of the secret presence of the chocolate kiss between the two letters, but once we’ve seen it, we can’t unsee it. While the company’s logo is relatively recent, the shape of the kiss remained the same since the 1970s.

One Times Square is Empty Inside

Atlas Obscura

On New Year’s Eve, more than one million people come out on the Main Square in New York, where the famous One Times Square building is located. It’s hard to believe that the 23-story building is actually empty inside. Nobody lives or works inside the building, even though the square is almost always packed.

One Times Square was owned by a company that went bankrupt in 1992, and now it’s owned by an advertising firm that only uses it for billboards.

The Underground Life in Las Vegas


Thousands of homeless people who call themselves the “Mole People” live in the tunnels beneath the streets of Las Vegas. They’re always at risk of drowning or having their homes washed away because they live in concrete pits designed to drain rainwater after the storm.

The tunnels are completely dark, and there’s always some illegal activities and crimes going on.

A Private Room on Floor 103

Big Seven Travel

While many people know that the Empire State Building has a lookout platform on floor 102, only some know about the secret room with a balcony on floor 103. That floor is not for the weak-hearted. ‘Your feet and hands tingle and sweat when you direct your gaze off the ledge,’ says The Gothamist’s Jen Carlson.

‘When the wind blows it feels like it will take you with it, and it probably could if it were strong enough. It really feels like the most special place to be in New York City.’ Only staff and VIP members can enter this room.

A Tiny Police Station in Trafalgar Square

London Walking Tours

Britain’s smallest police station is located in Trafalgar Square. This tiny room can keep two prisoners at once; however, the station’s main purpose was to hold one police officer.

Built in 1926, the Lilliputian Police Station also has a phone line that connects to Scotland Yard. The police station was built to watch out for the more troublesome demonstrators on the street. Now, the Westminster Council cleaners use this place as a broom cupboard.




Social innovator and Methodist Rev. Edgar J. Helms founded Goodwill in 1902 in Boston. Those who have donated their stuff to Goodwill before or shopped second-hand are familiar with the smiling half-face on their logo.

But how many of us know about the hidden symbolism in here? If you look closely, you’ll see that the “G” in “Goodwill” has the same smiling face as its logo.

Baskin Robbins

Getty Images

The famous ice cream chain has a rather creative, colorful logo with bright colors and font that children would typically choose if it were up to them. While it does look like a kid has scribbled the letters on a piece of paper, it’s certainly not the case.

If you look closely, you’ll see that the “BR” has a number 31 hidden it in, referring to Basin-Robbin’s original 31 ice cream flavors. Children aren’t able to sneak hidden messages that easily, but still, it’s quite impressive!