People Share Stories Of Spot On Gut Feelings


Exposed By Text

John knew the text style his girlfriend used. He knew it so well that he could even tell when someone else replied. So one Friday night after John left her place, John received a text that just felt weird. So he went into panic mode and drove back to see her, just to make sure she was okay.

He unlocked the door and walked up to the bedroom, only to find his beloved locking tongue with someone else. His gut feeling was right but right about exposing Sheila’s true colors.

No NightCap


Sarah met this attractive guy on a dating app, and immediately they had a connection. They shared similar interests and even liked the same books. She felt at ease and comfortable around him. The date was going so well that she decided not to invite her back to her place, but something more was telling her to end the date at the restaurant.

When she went home, her friend had sent her a link about how her date is a criminal who lures his way into his date’s place and steals everything while they sleep.

Medical Emergency


Josie had a headache reaching the third day, and she kept saying it could be the heat. However, something kept telling her to just go to the hospital to double-check, so she did.

When the Dr examined her and found nothing wrong, he requested a cat scan done, which made him realize that Josie had a tumor in her head that may have gotten bigger if she had come in a few days late.

I Quit, Immediately!


Amy was miserable with her job, and deep down, she felt like she deserved better and was not using her skills entirely. So her friend told her to apply for this job overseas, which needed people immediately, and so she did and rendered her resignation letter as well.

The deadline for the new job went over, and she became worried; just as she was about to ask for her career back, Amy got the call that she got the job and was starting in a week.

Mechanical Issues


My sister kept telling me that my car was making this funny sound, but my radio was so loud that I never really paid attention to it. She kept insisting that we get it checked, and so to shut her up, I obliged her request.

When we went to the gas station, the attendant told me that my left tire had a giant screw inside, and if I had not stopped, it might have been worse off than before. My sister’s nagging feeling turned out to be a lifesaver.

Online Scam


Joy decided to sell his printer, so he went on Facebook and posted an advertisement there. Within a few minutes of the ad going live, she received a message from someone wanting to purchase the printer immediately.

She was so excited and suggested that they meet somewhere public; the guy kept changing the agreed place and time to a point where Joy felt suspicious and decided to cancel the entire sale. It turns out these guys were stealing gadgets under the disguise of buying.

Danger Lurking From A Mile


My friend and I were walking from the mall, and as we crossed the street to get to where we parked the car, I noticed two strange guys walking towards us. Something in me screamed, so I told my friend that we should run and said ‘you are being crazy’.

One of the guys took out a knife as they got closer, and I ran into cars driving by. The guys panicked and asked me not to kill myself, which I was not going to, and ran away instead. My crazy tactic ended up saving us.

Saving Jess


My high school best friend Jessica called me Friday evening like she usually does, but this call felt a little strange. The conversation did not contain our usual banter. Instead, she told me how grateful she was to have me in her life and how much she loved me and hung up.

I then called her sister and asked her to check on Jess, and they found her on the bathroom floor with a bottle of pills just in time to call the paramedics. My call saved her life.

Escaping Traffic

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My sister Eve had an interview on Tuesday and asked me to drive her. She told me that she had mapped out the route and the time we needed to leave the house at eight to arrive there at nine and beat the traffic.

When we woke up, something kept telling me to leave early, so I told her we should go earlier instead. We left around 7:30 and found traffic. However, we managed to get there early because I made us leave before time.

Parental Guidance


Everyone at home called my mom ‘panic mechanic’ because she always wanted to know what we were up to and going. So my naughty sister decided to lie about some party and said it was a movie night.

However, when she got there, she forgot to check in, and my mom made us drive to the house; of course, she found alcohol and dragged my sister out. As we left, the police arrived. My mom’s overbearing tendencies saved my sister from getting arrested.

Violent Outrage


My little sister Ammie and I decided to attend a concert together, she was paying me to drive her there, so I did not mind. The first artist performed, and I enjoyed it. However, when preparing for the second stage, I told her that we should leave, and she said no.

Within seconds people started beating each other up and getting violent, lucky for me I was already by the door and away from the insanity.

Do Not Talk To Strangers


When we were kids, my mom used to say that we should not talk to people we don’t know or eat anything from a stranger. My friend James and I were playing outside when our ball fell into the yard of the guy nobody liked. When we got to his house, he offered us a drink and candy.

My friend took it, and I declined. Later that night, my friend had terrible tummy aches. He learned his lesson that day, and I thanked my mom for her teachings.

Free Drinks


Nothing makes an adult happier than the word ‘free.’ So my girl Robin and I went clubbing that night, and when we got to the bar to get our drinks, some guy offered to buy us drinks. I told Robin that this was a bad idea, but she told me to loosen up.

So she drank mine and hers. Within 5 minutes, she told me that the room was spinning and feeling nauseous. The guy kept offering to drive her to the Dr, but little did he know I was a medical student and knew what was going on.

Someone Is Behind Me


Suzy was driving home from lunch and enjoying the scenic route home. She realized that there was a red car behind her, because it was the same car driving behind her from the mall.

So she went into survival mode and drove the way her dad taught her if she ever got followed. She turned her indicator light to the right and went left instead, and the red car drove off.

Intruder Alert


My parents lived in a gated community, and I would visit them whenever I could, for the pool, of course. My dad was on a work trip when I got home. It was just my siblings and mom. So after the movie ended, everyone went to sleep, excluding me.

For some reason, I could not sleep. It turns out a man was standing behind the curtain waiting for me to leave so that he could rob the house. As soon as I went upstairs, we heard the door open and my brother yelling, ‘stop.’