The Top 5 Most Expensive Items Sold Online

By Dan Rafner September 10, 2013 View all posts (23)
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You might think of the Internet as a place to unload your battered living room sofa for $15. But others use it to move 3,000-year-old vases and set up lunch dates with financial gurus that cost millions of dollars. You might be surprised at the costly items that sellers have auctioned off online; here are some of the most unique, in order of least to most expensive.

5 Lunch Date with Warren

How much would you pay to have lunch with financial guru Warren Buffett? One anonymous bidder paid $2.62 million on eBay for such a meal in 2011. That’s a lot of money, but at least it was for a good cause: Proceeds benefited Glide, a San Francisco organization that helps the homeless. The winner had lunch with the “Oracle of Omaha” at the Smith & Wollensky steak house in New York.

4 Shang Dynasty Vase

In 2010, world-famous auction house Christie’s sold a rare bronze wine vessel from China’s Shang dynasty—that would be the 16th through 11th centuries B.C.—for a whopping $3.3 million to an online bidder. At the time, it set a Christie’s house record for an online auction.

3 Gulfstream II Jet

In 2001, Texas-based business-jet sales company Tyler Jet listed a Gulfstream II—a luxury jet used for private travel—on eBay in its aviation section, which was new at the time. The move paid off: A charter flight company purchased the plane for $4.9 million.

2 Edward Hopper Art

Edward Hopper’s “October on Cape Cod” painting is an iconic piece of American art. It’s fitting, then, that the painting would attract a big price when auction house Christie’s sold it during an online auction in late 2012. The winning bid? Someone paid a whopping $9.6 million for the painting, obliterating the previous record set by the Shang Dynasty vase mentioned above.

1 Gigayacht

The “Gigayacht” is no mere fishing boat. The luxury yacht contains a master suite on its deck level, 16-guest cabins, a cinema room, salon, fitness center, office space and helicopter garage. It also sold on eBay, at a “Buy it Now” price of $85 million, to an anonymous buyer. Just to put things in perspective, though, that could be considered a bargain; it would have cost the buyer a minimum of $170 million to buy the yacht directly from the manufacturer.

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