The Top 5 Most Expensive Cars on Earth

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For some people, a vehicle is just a tool. That can be true if you drive a pickup used for hauling or towing, or if you drive a sedan that gets you to and from the office and ferries around groceries and kids. For other people, a car is more than a mere implement of daily life, it is part of life’s very essence. For the moneyed and vehicular-inclined individual, a car can be a piece of artwork, a symbol of power and even an object of affection. Any serious collector with serious wealth would be proud to add one of these five vehicles to his or her garage, because these cars are the top of the pile … the money pile.

5 The Model T

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The first year Ford Motor’s famous Model T cars were sold, 1909, the standard model sold for $850. The price actually dropped to around $500 in the next few years, falling as low as $250 by the early ‘20s thanks to the efficiency of the assembly line. If you want to buy a Model T in decent condition today, though, you can plan to spend anywhere between 20 and 120 thousand dollars!

4 Rimac Concept One

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The Tesla Roadster might be a beautiful driving machine that can go almost 250 miles on a single charge, but it’s got nothing on the Rimac Concept One electric car in terms of power or price. Rimac Automobili (a Croatian company, by the way) plans to soon begin sales of its $1 million electric supercar. The Concept One looks sleek and sexy, and purportedly boasts almost 1,100 horsepower!

3 Bugatti Veyron

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If you want to drive the world’s fastest production car, you’re going to need about $1.75 million, give or take, depending on the options in your Bugatti Veyron. For example, one option is to purchase a model electronically restrained to a top speed of 258 miles per hour. Or you could spring for one of the five Veyrons built without a governor’s chip and top out a bit faster, at a street-legal car’s record-setting pace of 268 MPH.

2 Lamborghini Veneno

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If you see one of these cars, it’s one of … three. That’s right, only three of this car, the world’s most expensive modern vehicle, were ever built. You would be forgiven for confusing this $4 million car with the Bat Mobile. In fact, the Veneno looks cooler than many versions of Batman’s ride! All three of the Venenos built were sold before pictures of them had even been revealed, so unfortunately you’re going to have to settle for a Spyder or Aventador J model.

1 1962 Ferrari LM 250

If you bought a Ferrari 250 LM back in 1962 and kept it in mint condition for the past four decades, then congratulations are in order: You own a car worth at least seven million bucks today! Of course, seeing as fewer than three-dozen of these fine vehicles were produced, the chances are good that you … don’t … own one. Sorry.

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