The 10 Weirdest-Themed 5K Runs

Weird 5K runs are fun. That’s a fact.

Even those who love to run sometimes find normal running activity a tad too repetitive: Lift the left foot, take a step forward. Lift the right foot, step forward. On and on. Wouldn’t it be more exciting if you were wearing butterfly wings, or covered in foam or chased by monsters? Lots of runners think so, which is why themed races proliferate. They’re especially popular with the 5K crowd; the magic of a costume wears off well before the 26-mile mark for the average marathoner.

Here are 10 weird 5K runs you should probably try out.

10.) The Bubble Run

weird 5k runs - Bubble Run

Berkeley Running Company

If you’ve ever been to a foam party, the Bubble Run is one of those weird 5K runs that wouldn’t feel completely strange to you. Besides the novelty of running through bubbles, the Bubble Run ups the ante by adding different-colored dyes to foam at various checkpoints along the race route.

It’s a fun, all-ages event that’s reminiscent of the Color Run. Hope for a summer day; the bubbles will feel refreshing while doing this weird 5K run.