Top 20 Most Expensive Desserts

If you’re a foodie and money is no object, there are plenty of decadent desserts out there for the trying. With prices ranging from thousands to several million, you can enjoy everything from a chocolate cake encrusted in diamonds to a white cake wrapped in platinum necklaces and pendants. In addition to a tasty treat, the most expensive desserts in the world will give you enough jewelry to support a small country.

Here are the top 20 most expensive desserts, get to #1 and see the most expensive of them all! How much do you think it will be???

20.) The Royal Wedding Cake

expensive desserts the royal cake

Cost: $600-$800

Location: London, England

When we think of desserts, what comes to mind is a delicious, vanilla-frosting cake.

Visually, it gets the most attention at any reception, but by the time the guests finish their 3-course meal, there isn’t room for cake. And so, most of it winds up in the trash.