Teen Who Bought 25 Vending Machines Cashes Out


Tricky Addition

He unlocked the coin drawer and dumped his earnings into a scuffed bucket. Next was the cash drawer that was packed to the brim with bills.

It wasn’t a glamorous job, but it made better money than most conventional employment. However, what most people didn’t realize is that he made even more money from a tricky addition he had set up in the background. It was this combination that would make his family eat crow.

Grim Future

YouTube/Jamie Ibanez

For 18-year-old Jamie Ibanez, the job prospects coming out of high school were rather grim.

Granted, he had big plans for a post-secondary education in real estate, but even then, there was no guarantee of a secure future. The ever-present stress was only made worse by his judgmental father. There wasn’t a week that went by without having to sit through the same, insulting lecture.

“Work Hard”

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Work hard, save every penny, take any job you can, make sure you have an education – this was the infuriating equation that his dad presented over and over.

Jamie tried explaining that things weren’t the same in his generation. Dumping thousands into university no longer guaranteed a prosperous career. And taking fast food or retails jobs paid pennies – and certainly wouldn’t cover the cost of living. But his dad wouldn’t hear any of it.

Sudden Inspiration

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One day, Jamie was browsing online and found an interesting video.

It was about a guy who had bought a group of vending machines and how he made decent money from it. The idea was intriguing – especially since he had already worked in snack and drink jobs before. But there was an even more surprising revelation in the video.

Unknown Facts

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Apparently, vending machines weren’t owned by any corporation. They were private purchases under a private business. It was then a wonderful lightbulb went off in his head.

Jamie eagerly pulled up every article and guide he could find – anything to help him with the first stage of his plan. He was going to buy a vending machine … and when his father found out, the argument would be akin to World War III.

Waste Of Money

YouTube/Jamie Ibanez

He sat at the table, pushing his potatoes around the plate as his father yelled about the abhorrent waste of money.

Jamie calmly reminded him that his bank account was his own money from past jobs, and he could do what he wanted with it. He was an adult and his father had no say in the matter. He was determined to prove every naysayer wrong.


YouTube/Jamie Ibanez

After his first machine purchase, it didn’t take long for him to make enough to buy a few more.

A clear schedule also quickly formed. He would wake up a 6am, check his app that told him which snacks were sold out. Then he would rush to the wholesale club to buy whatever was missing. After a few hours of driving around, he would come home at 4pm with money in hand. Soon, he had a whopping 25 machines! But how much did he make from them all?

Still Not Happy

YouTube/Jamie Ibanez

Between gas, restocking losses, and the occasional repair cost, Jamie would come home with $3000 a month. But even with this current success, his father still spit on the entire business plan – saying it was going to fail.

However, Jamie had another business trick up his sleeve – one that would make serious cash and set him up for life.

YouTube Videos

YouTube/Jamie Ibanez

While others were dumping thousands in the university classes, and stressing about exams, Jamie would bring his camera along as he did his buying and restocking.

When he wasn’t tending to his 25 machines, he would edit videos to load onto YouTube. He knew from other channels it would do pretty well, but he had no idea how much his videos would explode.


YouTube/Jamie Ibanez

It seemed that people found the restocking sequences very “satisfying.” Also, seeing a teen holding a wad of bills drew in thousands of viewers.

Having his camera rolling in the background quickly created a new revenue stream that brought in a minimum 10 grand each month! But what did his dad think?

Moving Out

YouTube/Jamie Ibanez

As Jamie had built up savings, he moved out from his home to his own apartment.

Family dinners were rare, mostly because he didn’t want to hear any more garbage from his father, but the few times he was there, it seemed his dad was still steaming from rage – but now because Jamie was making a six-figure salary.

Bitter Father

YouTube/Jamie Ibanez

One day, they were quietly eating dinner when Jamie saw his mother shoot a strange look at his dad.

“What?” Jamie asked, preparing for yet another yelling match about his job choices. His father looked at him coldly and said, “We need to get a new car.” He saw his mother coax again. Every word that came out of his dad’s mouth seemed laced with a bitter taste. “We need a loan.”

Asking For Help

YouTube/Jamie Ibanez

His mother rolled her eyes, clearly tired of the ridiculous war that was still raging – at least on her husband’s side.

“Could we borrow some money, dear?” she asked in a far kinder tone. Jamie leaned back, trying to stifle a very satisfied smile. He had been waiting so long to be able to say his next words.

Another Job

YouTube/Jamie Ibanez

“Why can’t you just take an extra job and work hard, Dad? You should be able to make the money,” he said, throwing his father’s past words right back at him.

Steam shot out of his dad’s ears, but a kick from under the table from the mom quickly stopped any yelling. Jamie was sure of two things…

Dose Of Reality

YouTube/Jamie Ibanez

First, of course he would help his parents – well, mostly his mother.

Second, he was never going to forget this moment. Life was so different now. Jobs weren’t what they used to be. It was so satisfying to see his dad get a healthy dose of reality. It was perfect.