Best 25 Summer Pajamas for Women 2024: Cute and Comfortable

Discover the top 25 summer pajamas for women in 2024! From luxurious silk sets to cozy cotton pajamas, find your perfect sleepwear for a restful night's sleep.

As the weather warms up, it’s time to trade in those winter pajamas for something more breathable. Investing in some high-quality summer sleepwear is essential, whether battling night sweats or just looking for an outfit. Whether you choose a cotton set or indulge in a silk ensemble, you’ll stay calm, relaxed, and comfortable all night.

Here are the top 25 summer pajamas for women in 2024, featuring cute and comfortable styles.

1. Victoria’s Secret Satin Pajamas:

Victoria's Secret Satin Pajamas

Indulge in the ultimate luxury with Victoria’s Secret Satin Pajamas. These luxurious summer pajamas are incredibly soft and shiny, giving them a sensation on the skin. Ideal for wearing throughout the year, they offer comfort in the summer and snug warmth in the winter. Available in colors and designs, Victoria’s Secret Satin Pajamas make for a timeless choice for any sleepwear collection.

2. Cozy Earth Bamboo Viscose Pajamas (Short Sleeve):

Cozy Earth Bamboo Viscose Pajamas (Short Sleeve)

Crafted from the finest natural fibers, Cozy Earth’s Bamboo Viscose Pajamas are renowned for their exceptional comfort and breathability. Oprah has endorsed these pajamas as one of her picks, highlighting their high-quality design. Specifically designed for those who feel hot while sleeping, the bamboo viscose material helps regulate body temperature, ensuring a comfortable experience during the night. Known for their silky texture against the skin, these summer pajamas provide a sense of relaxation for a peaceful night’s rest.

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3. P.J. Salvage Modal Pajamas:

P.J. Salvage Modal Pajamas

Experience the luxurious feel of a modal fabric with P.J. Salvage Modal Pajamas. Modal fabric is famous for its touch and ability to keep you cool and cozy all night. These summer pajamas offer a fit and a trendy look, making them ideal for unwinding or getting some shut-eye. Whether you’re chilling at home or catching some Zs peacefully, P.J. Salvage Modal Pajamas provides the perfect blend of comfort and fashion.

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4. Victoria’s Secret’s Pink Pajama Shorts:

Victoria's Secret's PINK Pajama Shorts

Embrace summer nights in style with Victoria’s Secret Pajama Shorts. These shorts are made from airy materials, making them ideal for keeping cool and comfy on nights. Could you match them with your preferred tank top or camisole for a well-coordinated bedtime outfit? Victoria’s Secret provides a selection of colors and patterns to cater to your style and tastes.

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5. Victoria’s Secret Cami Set:

Victoria's Secret Cami Set

The Victoria’s Secret Lace & Modal Cami Set delivers a pleasant wearing experience. It features a design snugly crafted from modal and delicate lace materials. The short camisole top is tailored to accentuate curves with its seams and adjustable shoulder straps. In contrast, the accompanying waisted shorts offer just the right amount of coverage at the back. This set is fashionable and eco-friendly, incorporating recycled materials in its production. Its laid-back appeal and elegance make it perfect for lounging or bedtime wear. Elevate your game with the Victoria’s Secret Lace & Modal Cami Set that you can easily toss into the washing machine for hassle-free cleaning.

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6. Eberjey Pajamas:

Eberjey Pajamas embody a sense of elegance and coziness. These summer pajamas are perfect for lounging or sleeping. Offering a range of styles, such as sets for warmer evenings, Eberjey pajamas provide both fashion and comfort. Whether you’re starting your day slowly or unwinding at night, these summer pajamas are the perfect choice for relaxation.

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7. P.J. Salvage Essential Short PJs:

P.J. Salvage Essential Short PJs

Experience the ultimate in summer relaxation with the PJ Salvage Essential PJ Short Set. Whether you’re enjoying the morning or winding down for the night, this timeless yet stylish set includes a top with a notch collar and shorts with handy pockets. You can easily pair these summer pajamas with sneakers for an outing or unwind at home, striking the perfect balance between fashion and comfort. Made for softness, they promise a snug feel wherever your day takes you. This cozy outfit adds a touch of sophistication and coziness to your summer wardrobe.

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8. Cozy Earth Rib-Knit Boyfriend Sleep Dress

The Rib Knit Boyfriend Sleep Dress from Cozy Earth showcases the brand’s focus on luxury and sustainability. Crafted from their signature bamboo-based fabric, this sleep dress offers a breathable feel against your skin, ensuring a good night’s sleep. Its rib knit texture and boyfriend-style cut provide a pleasant wearing experience for everyone. The design includes a v-neckline. Elegantly cuffed sleeves strike a balance between comfort and stylish simplicity. Perfect for those who value eco-friendly options without sacrificing style or comfort, this sleep dress reflects Cozy Earth’s commitment to producing top-notch sustainable sleepwear that is both comfortable and fashionable. Whether you’re relaxing or getting ready for bed, it adds a touch of luxury to your routine.

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9. Petite Plume Silk Cosette Nightgown


The Petite Plume Silk Cosette Nightgown epitomizes both luxury and comfort, crafted with elegance at its core. Constructed from silk, this nightgown offers a velvety feel against the skin, ensuring a lavish slumber experience every evening. Featuring lace embellishments and a graceful silhouette that not only enhances comfort but also complements the body beautifully, its design exudes timeless sophistication. Enhancing comfort and ideal for those who appreciate life’s finer pleasures, the Cosette Nightgown balances style and cozy wearability, turning bedtime into a lavish ritual. Reflecting Petite Plume’s commitment to creating sleep attire through silk fabric and meticulous artisanship, this nightgown presents itself as a luxurious choice that elevates any nightly routine with its unparalleled softness and exquisite charm, whether it serves as your indulgence or as a thoughtful gift for someone dear.

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10. Savage x Fenty Sleep Short:

Enhance your pajama collection with the Savage x Fenty Sleep Shorts. These shorts are made from ribbed fabric featuring an all-over print offering a mid-rise fit, an elastic waistband, and the iconic Savage X Fenty logo drawstring. Enjoy a look with side slits on the legs and a subtle X logo tag on the side. These shorts combine style and comfort seamlessly, created from a blend of 96% rayon and 4% elastane. Indulge in the essence of luxury.

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11. Savage x Fenty Essentials Cami:

Enhance your collection with the Savage x Fenty Cotton Essentials Cami. Featuring a V neckline and side slits, this cami offers both fashion and comfort. The silky cotton jersey fabric ensures a soothing feel against your skin for a night’s rest. The adjustable elastic logo straps provide a fit, while the ‘Savage X’ embroidered tab on the side adds a touch of luxury. With nylon-coated hardware for lasting durability, this cami is machine washable and crafted from 95% cotton and 5% elastane. Elevate your sleep routine with this must-have piece. Get yours now for comfort and style.

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12. SKIMS Short Sleeve Set:

Indulge in the luxury loungewear experience with the SKIMS Short Sleeve Sleep Set. Made for comfort; this matching set is essential for your downtime. The timeless button-up shirt has sleeves, a chest pocket, and stylish contrasting piping accents for a hint of elegance. Teamed size-to-size with a drawstring inside, it guarantees a super comfy fit customized to your liking. With shorts And a size-to-size design, this set delivers style while keeping you snug and content.

13. Petite Plume Women’s Silk Nightshirt in Pink Stripe

The beautiful blend of style and luxurious comfort shines through in the Petite Plume Women’s Silk Nightshirt in Pink Stripe. Crafted from silk, this nightshirt feels incredibly smooth and gentle on the skin, ensuring a night of elegance and coziness. Its elegant stripe design adds a touch of sophistication to your bedtime wardrobe, combining timeless elements like a notched collar and front buttons for practical appeal. Besides offering a touch of opulence, the silk material helps regulate your body temperature, keeping you cozy in the winter and cool during summer nights. Designed with care for those who seek comfort without compromising on style, this silk nightshirt from Petite Plume elevates every evening experience, whether you’re unwinding at home or preparing for a night’s sleep.

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14. Eberjey Modal Shortie Short Set:

The beautiful Eberjey Malou Shorty Short Set offers comfort and sophistication. Crafted with TENCELTM fabric and delicate lace details, this set radiates elegance. Drawing inspiration from Gisele PJs Malou, it boasts temperature-regulating properties to keep you cozy throughout the night. Its soft texture makes it an ideal choice for lounging or getting ready for an event. Removing the button-down top is effortless, ensuring your hair and makeup stay flawless. Elevate your collection with the Eberjey Malou Shorty Short Set for an experience.

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15. P.J. Salvage Textured Essentials Short Lounge Set:P.J. Salvage Textured Essentials Short Lounge Set

The P.J. Salvage Textured Essentials Short Lounge Set perfectly combines cozy comfort and relaxed style. Ideal for unwinding at home or enjoying a night’s sleep, this set features soft, textured fabric known for its comfort and breathability. The set includes a matching pair of shorts and a snug short-sleeve top designed to provide a fit. The elastic waistband on the shorts ensures a fit, while their subtle textured design and gentle color choices add a fashionable flair to your loungewear collection.

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16. P.J. Salvage Peachy Party PJ Set

The P.J. Salvage Peachy Party PJ Set brings a touch to your collection, perfect for those who appreciate a blend of style and coziness. Its ultra-soft fabric ensures a snug feel, making it ideal for relaxing or sleeping. Crafted from P.J. Salvage’s signature material, this set offers warmth and breathability for year-round wear.

This set’s captivating design adds color and fun to your bedtime routine. The emphasis on comfort is evident in the fit of the sleeved top and coordinating leggings, which allow for unrestricted movement. Featuring a waistband, the pants accommodate body shapes while providing a secure yet comfortable fit.

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17. Victoria’s Secret: I Love Me, Ophelia Babydoll:

Victoria’s Secret’s I Love Me Ophylia Babydoll combines the brand’s signature allure with touches to create a captivating and elegantly comfortable piece. This babydoll pays attention to detail, showcasing lace and mesh fabrics that gracefully drape over the body, offering a hint of mystery while shaping a flattering silhouette. The design of the Ophelia Babydoll includes elements like straps for a custom fit and softly lined cups for gentle support, ensuring an appealing look and a comfortable feel.

Perfect for occasions or as nighttime attire, this garment reflects Victoria’s dedication to designing lingerie that boosts women’s confidence and elegance. The ADORE ME collection, renowned for its romantic styles, brings this baby doll to life with its sensuality and ease. The Ophylia Babydoll stands out as a symbol of the brand’s commitment to excellence and fashion, making it a coveted addition to any lingerie collection. Whether you’re looking to treat yourself or surprise someone dear, this baby doll guarantees an infusion of sophistication and elegance that Victoria’s Secret is known for.

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18. Petite Plume Women’s Pima Camille Short Set in White:

The Petite Plume Women’s Pima Camille Short Set in White is a timeless representation of charm and ultimate comfort. Made from Pima cotton, renowned for its softness, durability, and breathability, this set is crafted to deliver a luxurious and peaceful sleep experience. The white hue exudes simplicity, making it a versatile choice for any sleepwear collection.

This ensemble comprises a sleeved top and coordinating shorts, both of which boast a fit that prioritizes comfort while maintaining an element of style. The intricate button accents on the top and the snug elastic waistband on the shorts provide practicality and a hint of elegance. Thanks to the quality of Pima cotton, this set is perfect for nights, offering a refreshing and gentle feel against your skin.

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19. Cozy Earth Long Sleeve Pajamas:

The Long Sleeve Bamboo Pajama Set from Cozy Earth blends luxury and comfort. Made from top-notch bamboo viscose, this pajama set is known for its softness, breathability, and ability to regulate temperature, making it an excellent choice for all sleepers. With its snug yet breezy feel, the fabric guarantees a night’s sleep, whether it’s a hot summer night or a cold winter evening.

This set comes with a sleeve top and matching pants, both designed in a contemporary style that prioritizes comfort while still looking sophisticated. The top has a fit for movement, while the pants feature an adjustable drawstring waist for a personalized fit. Thanks to the fabric’s moisture-wicking properties, you’ll stay dry and comfortable all night, avoiding getting too hot and ensuring you get high-quality sleep.

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21. Lake Pajamas Relax Pants Set in Conifer:

The Lake Pajamas Relax Pants Set in Conifer showcases the brand’s commitment to creating sleepwear that blends comfort with style. This set, featuring the conifer color green, similar to tranquil forest shades, aims to deliver ultimate relaxation and a feeling of tranquility before bedtime. Made from premium cotton, this pajama set ensures breathability and a gentle touch on the skin, making it perfect for unwinding after a busy day or enjoying a peaceful night’s rest.

The Relax Pants Set includes a long sleeve top and matching pants, designed for maximum comfort with a relaxed fit while maintaining style. The simple design of the pairs with the cozy elastic waistband pants provides an ideal fit and effortless wearability. With meticulous craftsmanship and detail ensuring durability, this pajama set will become your go-to choice for bedtime comfort for years to come.

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22. Eberjey Inez Washable Silk Printed Short PJ Set:

The Eberjey Inez Washable Silk Printed Short PJ Set combines practicality and luxury, offering the feel of silk with the convenience of being machine washable. It embodies Eberjey’s dedication to creating functional sleepwear that’s as beautiful as it is, catering to those who value both sophistication and ease of care. The Inez set showcases a print that adds a touch of charm and individuality, setting it apart in the world of summer pajamas.

Made from silk that can be easily maintained at home, this PJ set blends silk’s softness and natural temperature-regulating properties with a simple cleaning routine. The sleeved top and coordinating shorts are designed for a fit, ensuring you feel at ease while sleeping or lounging at home. The set style is both classic and contemporary, featuring pajama details like piped trim and a button front closure while offering a snug yet comfortable fit with its elastic waistband on the shorts.

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23. Victoria’s Secret 3-Piece Pajama Set:

Elevate your relaxation moments with the Victoria’s Secret Modal 3-Piece Pajama Set. This ensemble includes a flowing long robe with a self-tie waist for a personalized fit, paired with a comfortable camisole and matching pants for the ultimate downtime luxury.

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24. Victoria’s Secret Cotton Tank Tee-Jama Set:

The Victoria’s Secret Cotton Tank Tee Jama Set, embodies a cozy vibe with a hint of elegance. It’s perfect for those who love the touch of cotton on their skin, providing a breezy and light choice for bedtime or chilling at home. This set usually consists of a tank top paired with coordinating shorts or pants, making it adaptable for different times of the year and individual comfort needs.

Tank Tee-Jama Set

25. P.J. Salvage Choose Happy PJ Set:

The P.J. Salvage Choose Happy PJ Set truly captures the essence of the brand’s dedication to creating sleepwear that feels good and lifts your spirits. This delightful set is about spreading positivity and encouraging a mindset even during those relaxing moments. Designed with the blend of comfort and style that P.J. Salvage is known for, the Choose Happy PJ Set features a breathable fabric that promises a cozy night’s sleep or a laid-back lounging session at home.

Typically, it includes a sleeve top and matching pants, both adorned with prints or uplifting messages that align with the set’s optimistic vibe. The fabric is carefully selected for its softness and durability, ensuring you can move around freely while staying warm – ideal for evenings or leisurely mornings on weekends. The loose fit complements the waistband of the pants flawlessly, offering both style and comfort in one chic package.

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To wrap things up, investing in quality summer pajamas for a night’s sleep is essential, particularly if you tend to feel hot when sleeping. Whether you are cotton, silk, or modal material, there are choices to cater to your preferences. With cute patterns and luxurious silk options available, this lineup has something for everyone. Bid farewell to perspiration. Welcome peaceful slumber with these top selections for summer pajamas in 2024.