Grown Up Drinking Games to Play this Summer

College might be long over for some of us, but fun times drinking with your friends doesn’t have to be! We’ve all heard of popular drinking games like beer pong, flip cup and kings. You probably even played a few when you weren’t so…you know…”grown up”.

The days of drinking until 5am and somehow still showing up to class on time might be over but games don’t have to be! Drinking games aren’t just about getting wasted. They’re also about hanging out with friends, letting your hair down, drunk conversations and uncontrollable laughter.

Adulting can be hard. Just in case you need another reason to drink here’s a break down of five fun drinking games to play with your friends this summer. Cheers!

1.) Drunga

Drinking Game Drunk Jenga Drunga


This drinking game is an upgraded version of Jenga that is sure to get you and your friends more than a little tipsy. Try not to topple the Jenga tower or you’ll have to chug that last drink!

What You Need: 54 Jenga Block Set, Drinks, Sticky Note Pad, Pen

How to Play: 

1.) Start by gathering your supplies. You’ll need 54 Jenga blocks, a group of friends, drinks of choice, a sticky note pad and a pen.

2.) Divide the Jenga blocks evenly. Each player writes down one drinking rule on each block. Unless you want to write them directly on the blocks use your sticky pad. Examples: “take a shot” or “take 3 sips”. Make sure you mix up the rules so you don’t all get wasted in two or three turns!

3.) Once all the blocks have rules written on them it’s time to build the Jenga tower.

4.) Using one hand, players must carefully remove a single block at a time. If the block is successfully taken out, the written rule on the block must then followed.

5.) If the structure falls, then the player responsible for the demolition must finish their drink and the game begins again.

Good Luck!