Stranger Leaves Note And Cash At Auto Shop After Teen Couldn’t Pay For His Car Repairs

This young teenager experiences an act of kindness unheard of when he can’t pay his car repair bill. It's this kind of authentic kindness we need.


This young teenager experiences an act of kindness that is unheard of when he can’t pay his car repair bill.

It’s this kind of authentic, random act of kindness that we need more of in this world.


A teenager at West Omaha Auto Service could not pay the bill for the repairs to his car.

It must have surely been an embarrassing, uncomfortable moment for him. And then the situation turned around unexpectedly.


The manager of West Omaha Auto Services, Anthony Oxtal, told Bowen to take his car home.

This would give him the opportunity to figure out how he was going to make the payment for the repairs.


When Bowen took out his credit card to make the payments to the Auto Service center, the payment failed to go through.

Unbeknown to him, someone was watching this episode unfold.


The costs were a lot more expensive than the teen had anticipated, but he went home with his car in any case.

On Monday morning, the teen’s mother, Sherry, called the auto shop to make the payment but was floored by what Oxtal told her.


An anonymous donor, who witnessed the episode on a Friday afternoon, made the kind gesture of leaving a note and $200 towards Bowen’s car repairs.

Sherry told KMTV-TV “I was definitely in tears.” How did this make Bowen feel?


Bowen was moved by this kind gesture and told KMTV-TV: “You guys are a prime example that there is still kindness in this world.”

He continued: “It really touched me, and now I’m eternally grateful. I’m definitely going to frame this envelope.”

Pay It Forward

Shelly said she would be looking for opportunities to pay it forward so that this kind of authentic act of kindness would continue to spread.

An incredible story for those who can help others, and humbling at the same time — all thanks to this anonymous gesture!