Surrogate Assumed She Was Carrying Twins, But Her Belly Wouldn’t Stop Growing


Unexpected Challenges

As her pregnancy progressed, she faced unexpected challenges, enduring a physically demanding and emotionally taxing experience. Her belly continued to expand, pushing the boundaries of what she had anticipated.

She knew that she was carrying twins, but now it seemed like they were just getting bigger with each passing day. Was something wrong?



Casey Fuller was just 23 years old when she made the decision to become a surrogate. It was after she read a magazine article about a woman who had struggled for years to fall pregnant.

After many failed attempts, the woman finally tried using a surrogate and got the baby she and her husband had dreamed of for years. Casey wanted to grant someone that joy.



She contacted a reputable surrogacy agency and soon went in to do the required tests. They had to make sure she met the strict requirements of becoming a surrogate.

She filled in stacks of paperwork, asking questions about her health habits and medical history. She also had to do a physical examination and a home assessment.

Background Checks


Although all of it was invasive, Casey knew that this was what she wanted to do. They ran a background check on her, and she did a mental health evaluation.

She then filled out an application and waited on a surrogacy specialist to contact her. It was a long process, but Casey knew the joy she would give to others would be worth it all.



Soon, Casey joined the agency and was quickly matched with a couple who had been struggling to fall pregnant for years.

It was just like she had read in the magazine, Casey thought. And now she was going to get her chance to finally bring a loving couple the love and joy they so desperately sought.



There were legal and more medical processes to be done, but thereafter, they were cleared to do the procedure.

Casey became increasingly nervous, but with the assurance of the doctor and the couple, Linda and Dave Rosman, everything was put in place for the procedure. But Casey had no idea just how terrifying the whole experience would become for her.

Feeling Unwell


It wasn’t long before Casey began feeling unwell, and she made an appointment to see a doctor. When the doctor gave her the news that she was pregnant, Casey couldn’t wait to share the news with Linda and Dave.

She called them to come over and shared the good news with them. They cried tears of joy. But everyone knew it was just the beginning of the pregnancy and anything could happen.

First Scan


But after the three-month mark, the three of them made their way to the chosen OBGYN, where Casey was about to have her first scan.

As she lay on the bed and the doctor put the cold jelly on her belly, Linda and Dave looked on as the doctor scanned her belly, and the monitor showed signs of life. But that’s not all they saw.



Although Casey was only three months pregnant, her belly was big compared to other pregnant women who were also at the three-month mark.

She felt like she was carrying a huge load, and her back and feet were hurting already. While the doctor was still scanning, she made an audible gasp. Casey knew something was wrong.

Is Everything Okay?


“Looks like we have a surprise guest.” Linda, Dave, and Casey looked at the doctor in confusion.
Then Linda asked, “What do you mean, doctor, is everything okay with our baby?”

The doctor looked at them with a smile on her face. “Everything is perfect with the baby. In fact, everything is perfect with both of them. Congratulations, you are having twins.”



The Rosmans were overwhelmed with joy and proceeded to hug Casey and thank her for everything that she was doing for them.

But Casey couldn’t even believe that she was carrying twins. No wonder she felt extra tired, and her cravings were out of control. But that was not the only thing that would be out of control.

Growing Concern


As the weeks turned into months, Casey’s concern grew along with her expanding belly. It wasn’t just the size that bothered her; it was the rate at which it was growing.

Her doctors reassured her that every pregnancy was different, but Casey wasn’t convinced at all. She couldn’t shake the nagging feeling that something was off.



She shared her worries with Linda and Dave, hoping they would offer some reassurance, but even they seemed puzzled by the rapid growth.

They tried their best to hide their concerns, but their anxious glances didn’t go unnoticed by Casey. She didn’t want them to worry, but what was going on? Was this amount of growth normal?

Mysterious Symptoms


In addition to the alarming growth, Casey began experiencing unusual symptoms. She suffered from intense back pain, severe fatigue, and constant nausea that persisted well into her second trimester. It was more than what was typical for a pregnancy, and it left her feeling helpless and scared.

As she confided in her best friend, Amy, the gravity of the situation became clear. Amy urged Casey to seek a second opinion from a different doctor to ensure that nothing was being overlooked.

On Edge


With Amy’s encouragement, Casey decided to consult another obstetrician, hoping for answers that would alleviate her worries.

The new doctor performed a thorough examination and ordered a series of tests, leaving Casey on edge as she awaited the results.

Casey’s nerves were in tatters. She didn’t want anything to happen to the twins. She just couldn’t shake the uneasiness.

A Problem


When the day of her follow-up appointment arrived, Dave and Linda accompanied her to hear the doctor’s findings. The room felt suffocating as the doctor finally broke the silence, his voice laced with concern.

“Casey,” he began, his voice low and measured, “there seems to be a complication with your pregnancy.” Linda and Casey looked at each other with wide eyes.

The Shocking Truth


Casey’s heart pounded in her chest as the doctor’s words hung in the air. Linda’s grip tightened on Casey’s trembling hand, and the couple exchanged a glance filled with fear and disbelief.

“What… what is it?” Casey managed to stammer, her voice barely above a whisper. This was the last thing that they needed, but Casey knew in her heart that something was not right.

Bracing Themselves


All she ever wanted was to bring happiness and joy to Linda and Dave, and now something was wrong, and she felt like it was all her fault.

She wept as Linda held onto her. She reassured her that whatever it was, they would deal with it together as a team. Casey braced herself for what the doctor was about to say.

Hushed Tones


They waited with bated breath, but before the doctor could do anything, he was called by a nurse, and they were discussing something in a hushed tone.

Casey and Linda tried to listen in but couldn’t make out what they were saying. At one point, both the nurse and doctor looked at them with concern etched on their faces.



When the doctor returned, Casey and Linda sat on tenterhooks trying to figure out what was going on. They couldn’t take the suspense any longer.

Casey couldn’t take the stress of the unknown anymore, and she just wanted the doctor to tell them what to do next. She could see and feel Linda’s anxiousness as well. What they heard was totally unexpected.

Earth-Shattering News


The doctor took a deep breath before delivering the news that would shatter Casey’s world. “You are not carrying twins, Casey. You are carrying triplets. One of the embryos remained undetected during the initial ultrasound.”

The room spun around Casey as she struggled to process the doctor’s revelation. How could this have happened? This was not what any of them had expected.



How could a professional oversight occur in such a crucial moment? The questions flooded her mind, but she couldn’t find the words to articulate her confusion and frustration.

Linda and Dave were equally stunned, their faces drained of color. The joy they had once felt at the prospect of becoming parents now mingled with a sense of overwhelming uncertainty.

Mounting Risks


The doctor went on to explain that the rapid growth of Casey’s belly and her worsening symptoms were likely a result of carrying triplets. The strain on her body was greater than anticipated, putting her health and the health of the babies at risk.

Tears welled up in Casey’s eyes as the weight of the situation pressed down on her.

Difficult Decisions


She had willingly embarked on this journey to bring happiness to Linda and Dave, but now she faced a precarious situation where the lives of three tiny beings hung in the balance.

In the following days, Casey, Linda, and Dave consulted with a team of specialists to assess the risks and explore their options. It was an agonizing process filled with heart-wrenching decisions.



The doctors presented them with two choices: continue the pregnancy, knowing that the risks would increase with each passing day, or consider a reduction procedure to lessen the strain on Casey’s body and increase the chances of a successful outcome for the remaining babies.

Each option carried its own emotional toll, leaving Casey torn between her altruistic intentions and her own well-being.

A Desperate Plea


As Casey grappled with her decision, news of her situation spread throughout the surrogacy agency and the wider community. People were captivated by her selflessness and the unexpected twist that had unfolded.

Letters of support poured in, and strangers reached out, offering their thoughts and prayers. Among the well-wishers was a woman named Emily, who had been unable to conceive herself.

A Connection


She had been following Casey’s story closely and felt an indescribable connection. Emily sent Casey a heartfelt letter, expressing her gratitude for the hope she had brought to Linda and Dave and the love she had shown to their unborn children.

She pleaded with Casey to prioritize her health and make the choice that would ensure the best outcome for everyone involved.

A Ray of Hope


Emily’s words resonated deeply within Casey’s heart. They echoed the sentiments she had held from the beginning—to bring joy and happiness to a couple longing for a child.

But now, that mission was intertwined with the need to protect her own well-being. After days of soul-searching and countless conversations with Linda and Dave, Casey made her decision.

The Bittersweet Resolution


She would undergo the reduction procedure, sacrificing two precious lives to increase the chances of a successful pregnancy for the remaining baby.

On the day of the reduction procedure, Casey clutched Linda and Dave’s hands, finding solace in their unwavering support. As tears streamed down her face, she whispered words of love and apology to the two little lives she had to let go.

Emotional Wounds


The procedure was performed, and although it brought relief to Casey’s body, it couldn’t heal the emotional wounds that would forever mark her journey as a surrogate.

As her belly began to gradually shrink, Casey found solace in the knowledge that she had made the choice that offered the best chance of bringing Linda and Dave the child they had longed for. But the scars of her sacrifice would forever remind her of the unimaginable drama and suspense she had endured throughout this extraordinary experience.

Disclaimer: In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.